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What Is Cholesterol Hdl Ratio

What Is Normal Cholesterol Level For A Woman

Understanding HDL & LDL Cholesterol Cholesterol Ratios Explained

normalcholesterol levelHDL cholesterol levellevelwomenAdd these foods to lower LDL cholesterol

  • Oats.
  • Barley and other whole grains.
  • Beans.
  • Apples, grapes, strawberries, citrus fruits.
  • Foods fortified with sterols and stanols.
  • Here are 7 high-cholesterol foods that are incredibly nutritious.

    • Eggs. Eggs are one of the most nutritious foods you can eat.
    • Cheese. A 1-ounce serving of cheese provides 27 mg of cholesterol, or about 9% of the RDI .
    • Shellfish.

    Below are 10 natural ways to improve your cholesterol levels.

  • Focus on Monounsaturated Fats.
  • Use Polyunsaturated Fats, Especially Omega-3s.
  • Avoid Trans Fats.
  • Who Needs To Get Checked

    Everyone should get their cholesterol checked, starting at age 20 and then every 4 to 6 years after that if their risk remains low.

    After age 40, your doctor may want to check your levels more often. Typically, people assigned male at birth who are ages 45 to 65, along with people assigned female at birth who are ages 55 to 65, should have their cholesterol checked every 1 to 2 years.

    Everyones risk for high cholesterol goes up with age. This is because the older we get, the harder it becomes for our bodies to filter out cholesterol.

    A family history of high cholesterol can also increase risk.

    While its impossible to control aging and family history, there are some behaviors that increase the risk of developing high cholesterol that can be changed

    Individuals living with obesity and type 2 diabetes are more at risk for an increase in bad cholesterol and a dip in good cholesterol.

    Its important to work with your doctor, who can provide support and resources, to help you adhere to their recommendations on how to lower your risk. Recommendations may include losing excess weight and focusing on finding what works best for you in managing your diabetes.

    Other behaviors that may put you at a higher risk include:

    • smoking, which can damage blood vessels and may lower good cholesterol
    • eating a diet high in saturated and trans fat, which includes foods like fatty meats and dairy-based desserts
    • not getting enough physical movement throughout the week
    • drinking an excess of alcohol

    What Is An Optimal Cholesterol Ratio

    The optimum ratio of total cholesterol to HDL cholesterol is 3.5 according to the American Heart Association. So if your total cholesterol is 200, you would need an HDL of at least 57 to achieve the optimal ratio of 3.5. Anything less than 3.5 is even better, while anything greater than 3.5 is considered a less-than-optimal cholesterol ratio, which increases your risk of cardiovascular disease.

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    Ways To Reduce Cholesterol Ratio Aka Eliminate The Bad Cholesterol Itself

    Do not Consume Unhealthy Fats

    Healthy and Unhealthy Fats have a significant contribution to the total cholesterol level of the body and also to our well-being. Unhealthy fats generally refer to Trans fat and Saturated Fat. Both these kinds of Fat are found primarily in packaged food.

    Almost all processed foods like bread, chips, burgers, tacos, and wafers contain Trans fat. Trans fat and saturated fat are sources of Low-Density Lipoprotein in the body. To lower LDL levels in the body, lower the consumption of packaged food.

    How The Chol Hdl Ratio Test Is Done :

    Whats good cholesterol level ~ How to lower cholesterol naturally

    If your doctor wants Chol HDL ratio test on you, you may need a Chol HDL ratio blood test. During the Chol HDL ratio blood test, a pathologist will put a needle into your veins and take out a small quantity of blood. A pathologist is a physician in the medical field who thoroughly studies the causes and effects of disease. Within a few hours you will get your Chol HDL ratio Test report by your pathologist.

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    How Is High Cholesterol Treated

    There are several ways to lower high blood cholesterol , including lifestyle changes or medication, or both. Your healthcare provider will work with you to determine which therapy is best for you.

    Lifestyle modifications

    Healthcare providers like to start with the least invasive treatments when possible, such as lifestyle changes. Youll be advised to:

    • Avoid tobacco. If you do smoke, quit. Smoking is bad for you in many ways, and reducing your level of good cholesterol is one of them.
    • Change the way you eat. Limit the amount of trans fats and saturated fat. Eat heart-healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, poultry, fish and whole grains. Limit red meat, sugary products and dairy products made with whole milk.
    • Get more exercise. Try to get about 150 minutes of physical activity every week, or about 30 minutes per day for most days of the week.
    • Keep a healthy weight. If you need to lose weight, talk to your healthcare provider about safe ways to do this. Youll see results even before you reach your ideal weight. Losing even 10% of your body weight makes a difference in your cholesterol levels.
    • Reduce the effect of negative emotions. Learn healthy ways to deal with anger, stress or other negative emotions.
    • Control blood sugar and blood pressure. Make sure you follow your healthcare providers instructions for blood sugar levels, especially if you have diabetes, and for keeping blood pressure in the healthy range.


    • Pitavastatin .

    Are Home Cholesterol Testing Kits Accurate

    The answer is yes if the tests are labeled CDC-certified. This means that the contents have been approved by the Cholesterol Reference Method Laboratory Network, a group that works with test makers, laboratories and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to make sure tests are accurate.

    For home tests, you will still need to fast for 12 hours and to obtain blood for testing. Some kits come with packages for mailing to a lab for results. Other kits have a monitor so you can get the results at home. The cost of such home kits varies.

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    Another Type Of Fat Found In The Blood Mainly From The Food We Eat

    Whats healthy? Less than 1.7 mmol/L ideally on a fasting sample, or less than 2.3 mmol/L on a non-fasting sample.

    What should I do? Very high triglyceride levels can cause a painful condition called pancreatitis. People can have raised levels for many reasons, but the most common reasons are lifestyle-related:

    • Being apple-shaped .
    • Developing or having type 2 diabetes.
    • Excessive alcohol consumption.

    You can keep your triglyceride levels low by losing weight, being more active and eating sensibly, especially by cutting back on alcohol, sugary foods and saturated fats, and eating more fruits, vegetables, pulses and wholegrains.

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    Hdl Vs Ldl Cholesterol

    More Important than LDL Cholesterol? The TG/HDL Ratio (Part 2)

    LDL cholesterol is often called bad cholesterol. If there is too much LDL cholesterol in the blood, it builds up in the walls of the blood vessels, causing them to narrow and stiffen.

    A buildup of LDL cholesterol reduces blood flow and can increase the risk of heart attack or stroke.

    HDL or good cholesterol can move LDL cholesterol from the blood to the liver, which breaks it down for disposal as waste. HDL cholesterol is referred to as good cholesterol because it reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood.

    Higher HDL levels are linked to a reduced risk of heart attack and heart disease.

    for healthy cholesterol levels are as follows:

    • total cholesterol below 200 mg/dL
    • LDL cholesterol less than 100 mg/dL
    • HDL cholesterol above 40 mg/dL

    Different regions and countries may have varying guidelines, so it is wise to speak to a doctor about the most accurate and up-to-date ranges.

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    What Number Is High Cholesterol Uk

    In the UK, the average total cholesterol level is 5.7mmol/l. High cholesterol levels are considered: too high: between 5 and 6.4mmol/l. very high: between 6.5 and 7.8mmol/l.

    What is the ideal cholesterol ratio?

    According to StatPearls, you should try to keep your cholesterol ratio below 5, with the ideal cholesterol ratio being 3.5. That said, the ideal cholesterol ratios for men and women may differ. The ideal total cholesterol level for an adult is 200 mg/dL or less . Women typically have higher levels of HDL than men.

    Good Cholesterol Vs Bad Cholesterol

    In order to understand cholesterol ratios, its good to know a bit more about the different types of cholesterol.

    Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance that is crucial for the body to function properly, according to the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health. You may think that all cholesterol is bad. But the truth is that only some kinds of cholesterol are a health concern, and then only in high quantities.

    Low-density lipoproteins are the so-called bad kind of cholesterol, according to the American Heart Association . If there is too much LDL in the bloodstream, it can combine with other substances like calcium and form deposits on the artery walls. These deposits called plaque narrow and stiffen the arteries, a condition called atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis significantly increases the risk of heart attack, stroke and cardiovascular disease.

    High-density lipoproteins are the good kind of cholesterol, per the AHA. HDL moves through the bloodstream and picks up excess LDL particles before returning them to the liver for disposal. In this way, HDL helps prevent plaque buildup and heart disease.

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    How Do I Get Ready For This Test

    You will need to not eat or drink anything but water for 9 to 12 hours before this test. Also let your healthcare provider know if:

    • Your diet has changed a lot in the past week

    • You’ve been drinking alcohol in the last 2 days

    • You’ve had a heart attack in the last 3 months

    Be sure your provider knows about all medicines, herbs, vitamins, and supplements you are taking. This includes medicines that don’t need a prescription and any illegal drugs you may use.

    Normal Waist: Men: < 40in Women: < 35in

    Cholesterol Charts: Explaining Your Cholesterol Levels

    A waist circumference measures belly fat. Too much belly fat is associated with a greater health risk than fat located in the hips, thighs, or buttocks. Too much belly fat is an independent risk factor for high cholesterol and heart disease, regardless of your Body Mass Index or BMI score, which could be normal. A large waist circumference is also associated with an increased risk for type 2 diabetes and hypertension. See how to measure your waistline.

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    What Is Cholesterol Ratio

    Your cholesterol ratio is the ratio of your total cholesterol to your HDL cholesterol level. Cholesterol ratio can be easily calculated and is often abbreviated TC/HDL-C. This ratio is so commonly used, and has been so extensively studied, that it is fairly routine for most labs to do the calculation for you and to report this along with your other cholesterol findings. Depending on what laboratory your doctors office uses, you may or may not see your cholesterol ratio reported along with your other results. To calculate it on your own, just divide your total cholesterol by your HDL.

    What The Cholesterol Numbers Mean And What You Should Shoot For

    Doctors use these numbers both as a guide to predicting a persons risk of heart disease and as blood tests to monitor the effects of treatment. Rather than using absolute numbers, cardiologists use ratios, both of LDL to HDL and of total cholesterol to HDL. An ideal ratio is 3.5 to 1 or less. For example, if your LDL is 130 and HDL is 40, your ratio is 3.3 to 1. As the ratio rises above 3.5 to 1, the risk of coronary artery disease increases. The number that seems to be the most predictive of heart disease is the ratio of total cholesterol to HDL. For example, a cholesterol of 200 and HDL of 50 would give you a cholesterol-to-HDL ratio of 4 to 1. A cholesterol-to-HDL ratio greater than 4.5 to 1 increases a persons risk of coronary artery disease. The risk doubles at a ratio of 5 to 1 and doubles again at a ratio of 7 to 1. Best is a ratio of less than 3.5 to 1.

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    Normal: < 120 And< 80 Mmhg

    When your heart beats, it pumps blood through blood vessels called arteries and creates pressure in them. The higher number represents the pressure while your heart is beating. The lower number represents the pressure when your heart is resting between beats. Your blood pressure can change from minute to minute when you change your position or during physical activities, or when you are stressed or sleeping. High blood pressure can damage the walls of your arteries. If your first reading is high, your doctor may take several more readings before deciding whether your blood pressure may be a health concern.

    Which Cholesterol Is Good Ldl Or Hdl Understand Levels And Ratios

    What Does a Low LDL/HDL Ratio Mean? : Fresh Kitchen

    High cholesterol is a regular phrase in the present world. People are either already arrested in the clutches of the high cholesterol levels or are beginning to control their diet, fearing it. And why not? High cholesterol is not a mere figure on the lab reports. Its also an indication that your body is ready to face some fatal diseases soon. Its a huge red flag that nobody wants to see.

    Having said that, are we aware that cholesterol is also good and bad? Yes, you neednt be worried about all the high figures of cholesterol. Some of these high figures may be beneficial to your body. However, low cholesterol isnt something to be taken lightly.

    Our article shall shed some light on good and bad cholesterol. We shall help you understand adequate cholesterol levels and how to keep them under control. Lets begin-

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    What Is The Normal Range For Cholesterol Hdl Ratio

    4.8/5cholesterolHDLcholesterol ratioratioideal cholesterol ratio

    Keeping this in view, is a 2.5 cholesterol ratio good?

    If your number is between 60 and 74 mg/dL, your risk for coronary heart disease is below average. Your total-cholesterol-to-HDL ratio can be figured out by dividing your total cholesterol number by your HDL cholesterol number. A ratio below 3.5:1 is considered very good.

    Furthermore, what is the normal range for HDL and LDL? Men age 20 or older:

    Type of Cholesterol
    40mg/dL or higher

    Furthermore, what is normal cholesterol ratio?

    Doctors calculate an individual’s cholesterol ratio by dividing their total cholesterol by their high-density lipoprotein level. The optimal ratio is between 3.5 and 1. A higher ratio increases the risk of heart disease.

    Is 4.3 a good cholesterol level?

    As a general guide, total cholesterol levels should be 5mmol/L or less for healthy adults or 4mmol/L or less for those at high risk. However LDL levels should be 3mmol/L or less for healthy adults or 2mmol/L or less for those at high risk. âThis is your total cholesterol level divided by your HDL level.

    Do You Need To Lower Your Cholesterol And Triglycerides

    If you have high cholesterol, high triglycerides or an unhealthy balance of blood fats, your doctor will probably recommend bringing these levels down with lifestyle changes and sometimes treatments.

    Your doctor should look at your results in relation to any other risk factors for heart disease you may have such as high blood pressure, being overweight or smoking, as well as other health conditions such as diabetes.

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    Cholesterol Levels For Men And Women

    HDL levels differ for men and women

    Women naturally have higher HDL cholesterol levels than men due to differences in the genes. Women should aim for an HDL cholesterol level above 1.2mmol/L while men should aim for above 1mmol/L.

    Cholesterol levels can rise during pregnancy

    During pregnancy, both cholesterol and triglyceride levels can significantly rise. We don’t recommend getting a cholesterol test during pregnancy because your results won’t be accurate. Our advice is to wait until at least 6-8 weeks after your baby is born or after you stop breastfeeding to get a cholesterol test. This means you don’t need to worry unnecessarily. Find out more about pregnancy and blood fats.

    Cholesterol levels rise during the menopause

    Women may also find their cholesterol levels rise during the menopause.

    How Is An Hdl Cholesterol Test Different From A Total Cholesterol Test

    My LDL Cholesterol is High, But I

    A total cholesterol test measures the sum of all cholesterol found in different kinds of lipoproteins. The total cholesterol number includes HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and VLDL cholesterol.

    Because these kinds of cholesterol have distinct implications for cardiovascular health, tests of total cholesterol often measure HDL cholesterol as well so that more information is provided about the ratio of HDL to non-HDL cholesterol in the blood.

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    The Difference In Cholesterol Ratio Based On Gender

    As already discussed, the cholesterol ratio should be below 4-5. But the cholesterol ratio and also the normal standards for cholesterol in the blood vary among men and women. Women usually possess a high HDL level than men. In women, the HDL level is generally close to 50 mg/dL. In men, it is close to 40 mg/dL. In women, the cholesterol ratio is also significantly high, which is always 4 to 5. Whereas in Men, the ratio is below 4.

    Cholesterol is a necessity for the body. There are various crucial functions in the body. The most important part is that our body biosynthesizes cholesterol. Even if we do not take plenty of cholesterol externally from food sources, our liver can naturally produce ample cholesterol to take care of the bodys functions.

    Is My Cholesterol Ratio Healthy

    There are several types of cholesterol tests, sometimes called a lipid panel. One test measures a person’s total cholesterol level. A healthy total cholesterol is less than 200 mg/dL, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine. But if a person has high HDL cholesterol , it can cause elevated cholesterol overall. This is why measuring different types of cholesterol is so important.

    A ratio is simply a comparison between two numbers. A cholesterol ratio compares a person’s HDL cholesterol to the total cholesterol in the body, according to the Mayo Clinic.

    How to Calculate Cholesterol Ratio

    This number is found by dividing the total amount of cholesterol by the HDL number. For example, if a person has an overall cholesterol level of 225 mg/dL and an HDL of 80 mg/dL, his or her cholesterol ratio is 2.8-to-1, also written as 2.8:1 or simplified to cholesterol ratio 2.8.

    A healthy cholesterol level is no more than 5:1, according to the University of Rochester Medical Center. But the lower the ratio, the better. A ratio of 3.5:1 or lower is considered very good.

    However, Robert Eckel, MD, professor of medicine, emeritus, at the University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus, former president of the American Heart Association and president of the American Diabetes Association, doesn’t think cholesterol ratios are the most accurate way to determine a person’s risk for cardiovascular disease.


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