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How To Control Cholesterol Naturally In India

Get More Physical Activity

Ayurveda Tips | Reduce High Cholesterol

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , exercise is an important way to lower cholesterol. That’s because exercise can raise HDL levels, Ferentz says.

For example, a 2007 scientific review of 25 studies found that people who exercise, even without diet changes or medical intervention, increased HDL levels by 2.53 mg/dL.

Overall, Ferentz says that for people trying to lower cholesterol naturally, you should get the normally recommended 150 minutes of exercise per week. And every little bit can help.

“Any exercise even taking a brisk walk at lunchtime has health benefits,” Ferentz says.

For more information, learn about the best exercises for heart health.

Ayurvedic Treatment For High Cholesterol And Triglycerides

Here are a few Ayurvedic hat-tips that can help to lower cholesterol and restore normal body function of the body:

  • Medicago Satina: Best ayurvedic remedies for high cholesterol levels, they are better known as Alfalfa and is famous for their ability to deal with artery-related diseases. They are capable of clearing arteries that are congested with cholesterol. They can be consumed daily as a whole or by mixing them in juice.
  • Arjuna: Arjuna is yet another powerful Ayurvedic herb that is mighty powerful in dealing with cardiac conditions such as heart blockages, heart attacks etc. The bark of the Arjuna tree can be taken and consumed in the form of powder. This ayurvedic herb ‘ Arjuna’ has the capability to dissolve cholesterol and prevent heart blockages. This should be consumed earlier in the morning, before breakfast with lukewarm water.
  • Coriander: Coriander is considered to be one of the best herbal diuretic agents. It can revitalize the kidneys and help them perform better in terms of excretion of waste. The kidney, therefore, can flush the excess cholesterol from the body. Coriander can be consumed along with food on a daily basis.
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    Top Foods To Lower Cholesterol

    Intake of foods that lower LDL levels, i.e., the harmful cholesterol-containing element that causes artery-clogging atherosclerosis, should not be consumed. Furthermore, one must reduce intake of foods that boost LDL. Therefore a balance is essential. Below mentioned are 10 super foods that lower cholesterol levels and reduce other risk factors causing common heart diseases.

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    Cholesterol Level For Adults

    • A healthy adult would have a total cholesterol level below 200mg/dL. Total cholesterol content between 200-239 mg/dL is considered borderline high, and a measurement exceeding 240mg/dL is considered high and a cause for concern.
    • The LDL content in an adult should be within 100mg/dL. A reading up to 129mg/dL is considered alright for individuals with no predisposal to heart conditions. When the LDL measurement falls between 129mg/dL and 159mg/dL, you are considered to have borderline high LDL content. 160-189mg/dL is thought to be high, and reading beyond 190mg/dL is believed to be very high LDL blood cholesterol concentration.
    • Adults should aim to keep their HDL content at a minimum of 40mg/dL. Any lesser is thought to contribute to a risk of developing heart disease. An HDL reading of 41-59 mg/dL is considered borderline low in adults. Ideally, as an adult, you should have HDL content around 60mg/dL or higher.

    Indian Diet To Reduce Cholesterol & Triglyceride : Tip 6 Fish/ Chicken / Meat Can Be Added As A Part Of Meal

    How to reduce cholesterol naturally indian home remedies ...

    Fish/ meat/ chicken are great sources of first-class protein, vitamins, and minerals. Even if you have high cholesterol and triglyceride level, a moderate amount of fish/ chicken can be a part of your regular diet.

    Having a medium piece of fish or 3-4pieces of chicken is fine for a day.

    Red meat consumption needs to be more restricted, may be taken once or twice a month in limited amounts. Try to choose the lean part of the meat/ chicken.

    Try to bring variety to your fish plate. You may consume small to medium size fish for 3-4 days and large fatty fish for 2 days a week. Its a great source of omega 3 fatty acids.

    The problem arises when you go beyond your limit and start overconsuming. Avoid having processed meat like sausage, salami, etc.

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    Make Fruits Your Friends:

    Apples and berries are known to help keep cholesterol levels under control. While consuming fruits in general is good, do try and ensure that you have at least one fruit a day, she says. According to this report by Harvard, apples, grapes, strawberries and citrus fruits are rich in pectin, a type of soluble fibre that lowers LDL .

    Cholesterol Levels For Children

    • Children should ideally have a total cholesterol level below 170mg/dL. A reading of 170 to 199mg/dL is considered borderline and upwards of 200 is thought to put them at serious health risk.
    • LDL levels in children should not exceed 110mg/dL. A reading of 110-129mg/dL is considered borderline. LDL amounting to above 130mg/dL is considered high.

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    The Link Between Dietary And Blood Cholesterol

    The liver produces as much cholesterol as your body needs. It packages cholesterol with fat in whats called very low-density lipoproteins .

    As VLDL delivers fat to cells throughout the body, it changes into the more dense LDL, which carries cholesterol wherever it is needed.

    The liver also releases HDL, which then carries unused cholesterol back to the liver. This process is called reverse cholesterol transport, and it protects against clogged arteries and other types of heart disease.

    Some lipoproteins, especially LDL and VLDL, are prone to damage by free radicals in a process called oxidation. Oxidized LDL and VLDL are even more harmful to heart health .

    Although food companies often advertise products as being low in cholesterol, recent research has shown that dietary cholesterol actually has only a small influence on the amount of cholesterol in the body .

    This is because the liver changes the amount of cholesterol it makes depending on how much you eat. When your body absorbs more cholesterol from your diet, it makes less in the liver.

    Current guidelines by leading U.S. health organizations for lowering risk of heart disease no longer contain specific recommended levels for dietary cholesterol, including the:

    • American Heart Association (
    • 7 )

    The guidelines do recommend moderating cholesterol consumption, but this is more to limit the saturated fat that often accompanies cholesterol in foods than to limit intake of cholesterol itself .

    Healthy Foods To Lower Your Cholesterol

    Tips to lower Cholesterol naturally – Dr. Sreekanth Shetty

    Pintrest# 1 Oats and oat bran # 2 Beans and legumes –# 3 Avocados# 4 Nuts # 5 Barley and other grains – # 6 Eggplant and okra –# 7 Fruits # 8 Soy – # 9 Fatty Fish –# 10 Vegetable oil – # 11 Rice bran oil # 12 Tomatoes – # 13 Fenugreek seeds # 14 Lemons # 15 Ginger –# 16 Garlic –# 17 Ispaghula husk # 18 Green Tea –# 19 Coriander –# 20 Cluster beans # 21 Cinnamon # 22 Celery # 23 Broccoli and other vegetables – # 24 Apple cider vinegar weight loss# 25 Brown Rice –

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    Recipes For Lowering Ldl Cholesterol

    Adding foods every day that are naturally rich in fiber, like beans and brown rice, are an excellent way to lower your LDL cholesterol without drugs. The recipe below combines two great foods into one healthy cholesterol-lowering dish. Dont like beans or rice? Check out these other great cholesterol-lowering meals.

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    Indian Diet To Reduce Cholesterol & Triglyceride : Tip 7 Relax You Can Have Egg

    Egg especially egg yolk is always under controversy with its cholesterol content. However recent study suggests dietary cholesterol has hardly any link with blood cholesterol level.

    Therefore having a whole egg in a day is absolutely fine even if you have high cholesterol and triglyceride level. Dont just think of cholesterol when it comes to egg yolk. It also contains a good amount of vitamin A, D, E, and other essential minerals.

    So stop throwing the egg yolk and also dont start consuming 3-4 whole eggs every day. Remember, the egg is just a part of your diet along with other foods from the rest 12 categories.

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    Focus On Monounsaturated Fats

    As opposed to saturated fats, unsaturated fats have at least one double chemical bond that changes the way your body uses them. Monounsaturated fats have only one double bond.

    Some recommend a low fat diet for weight loss, but research is mixed on its effectiveness in controlling blood cholesterol.

    One research report acknowledged that lower fat intake is an effective way to reduce blood cholesterol levels. However, researchers were concerned over potential negative effects of low fat diets, such as lowering HDL and increasing triglycerides .

    In contrast, research has shown that a diet high in monounsaturated fats, such as the Mediterranean diet, helps reduce levels of harmful LDL and increase levels of healthy HDL .

    Monounsaturated fats may also reduce the oxidation of cholesterol, according to research. Oxidized cholesterol can react with free radicals and contribute to clogged arteries. This can lead to atherosclerosis or heart disease .

    Overall, monounsaturated fats are healthy because they decrease harmful LDL cholesterol, increase good HDL cholesterol and reduce harmful oxidation (

    • olives


    Monounsaturated fats like those in olive oil, canola oil, tree nuts, and avocados reduce LDL cholesterol, increase HDL cholesterol, and reduce the oxidation that contributes to clogged arteries.

    Ayurveda The Ancient Science Suggests Some Diet Tips To Control And Regulate Cholesterol Levels In Your Body To Ensure Keeping Your Heart Safe Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Keeping Your Cholesterol Levels In Check

    Cholesterollevels How To Increase Hdl Cholesterol ...

    Excessive amounts of bad cholesterol may leave you at a higher risk of heart disease

    Your liver is responsible to make cholesterol, which is a substance that protects nerves, cell tissues and produces certain hormones. You can also get cholesterol directly from the foods that you eat, some of which include eggs, meats and dairy products. Too much cholesterol in your body can have negative impact on your overall health. Heart ailments are getting increasingly common these days. Excessive amounts of low-density lipoprotein or bad cholesterol may leave you at a higher risk of heart disease or stroke. According to Dr. Vasant Lad in his book ‘The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies,’ high cholesterol mean increased lipids in the blood. Ayurveda, the ancient science, suggests some diet tips that you may practice to regulate cholesterol levels in your body to ensure keeping your heart safe.

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    Where The Real Danger Lies

    When LDL and VLDL react with free radicals, the process of oxidation which is initiated poses the real threat to your cardiac and overall health. While many dietary recommendations suggest that you go off fat as far as possible to lose weight it is dangerous to do so because both LDL and HDL levels get lowered. Your body gets most of its LDL from saturated fats like butter, cream, ghee, ice cream, hydrogenated oils like Dalda, chicken with skin, and prime cuts of beef. It frankly doesnt matter whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian. You are at risk anyway, unless you eat only fresh greens, whole grains, nuts, skimmed milk, loads of fresh fruits, and fish.

    What Are Triglycerides

    Triglycerides are a type of fat or lipid found in your blood. Excess calories consumed are stored as body fat or triglyceride cells.

    When your body is not optimal in using using glucose . Then, during periods of starvation, hormones release triglycerides for energy. You may have hyper triglycerides if you consume more calories than you burn.

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    Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    To maintain low cholesterol, it is crucial to keep the saturated fat intake below 20g and 30g for women and men respectively. Furthermore, whats important is to replace this saturated fat with modest amounts of unsaturated fats such as those found in olive, sunflower, corn and other vegetables, nut and seed oils. Therefore, extra virgin olive oil is an excellent food to lower cholesterol. It is a rich source of monounsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants that raise HDL good cholesterol levels and lower LDL bad cholesterol. Another added benefit is that it is also rich in polyphenols which may reduce the inflammation triggering heart ailments. One should, therefore, strive to avoid butter, lard and use olive oil instead.

    Other Foods that Lower Cholesterol In India includes:

    • Tea: Rich source of plant compounds along with Catechins and Quercetin altogether work towards lowering total cholesterol and LDL levels.
    • Foods Fortified with sterols and stanols: These two compounds are an additive to foods such as margarine, granola bars and orange juice. They are extracted from plant gum contributing towards absorbing cholesterol from food. An intake of 1.5-2.4g plant sterols every day has been shown to reduce cholesterol by 7-10% within 3 weeks.

    Should I Try The Mediterranean Diet

    Control cholesterol with diet and exercise in Hindi | How to Reduce Bad Cholesterol Naturally |

    The Mediterranean diet is 90% plant- based, with the inclusion of some meat. It incorporates the Mediterranean region’s traditional flavors and cooking methods. Numerous studies confirmed that the Mediterranean diet prevents heart disease and stroke. When compared to the plant- based diet, however, it is not superior.

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    Ayurvedic Strategies To Lower Ldl And Improve Hdl

    Dr Jayaprakash, the Ayurvedic healer and Managing Director of Dharma Ayurveda in Trivandrum, India, believes that people whose blood cholesterol is low become just as atherosclerotic as people whose cholesterol is high.

    Only when LDL is converted into a toxic form of oxidized LDL by oxygen free radicals in the blood, does it become truly dangerous. And it can occur in a person with low LDL too. Ayurveda remedies intervene at the very genesis of atherosclerosis, blocking the toxic transformation of LDL. Thus it is not only beneficial to the ones with high cholesterol, but everyone who is keen in preventing atherosclerosis and its grave hazards.

    Following are the Ayurvedic measures to control and maintain optimum cholesterol levels:

    Ayurvedic remedies to fight cholesterol:

    • Boil water with 2 tsp coriander seed. Strain and drink this water twice daily. It helps reduce cholesterol, flushes out toxins, and improves digestion.
    • Guggulu is effective in lowering cholesterol. Buy it from any reputed Ayurvedic store and use it as per instructions on the container.
    • Grill 1 or 2 small cloves of garlic and take it daily with your main meal.
    • Take 1 to 2 capsules per day of Arjun extract available in a capsule form. Arjun is rich in co-enzyme Q-10 that helps lower LDL cholesterol and enhances HDL recovery.

    Lifestyle Tips To Cut Cholesterol

    Changing some of your lifestyle habits may also help to reduce your cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Suggestions include:

    • Cease alcohol consumption or reduce your alcohol intake to no more than one or two drinks a day. Avoid binge drinking. This may help lower your triglyceride levels.
    • Dont smoke. Smoking increases the ability of LDL cholesterol to get into artery cells and cause damage.
    • Exercise regularly . Exercise increases HDL levels while reducing LDL and triglyceride levels in the body.
    • Lose any excess body fat. Being overweight may contribute to raised blood triglyceride and LDL levels.
    • Control your blood sugar levels if you have diabetes. High blood sugars are linked to an increased risk of atherosclerosis , heart attacks and strokes.

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    Ayurvedic Supplements Used To Treat High Cholesterol

    Ayurvedic medicine uses medicinal herbs to treat high cholesterol. The herbs most commonly used are garlic, guggul , and arjuna .

    These herbs can be used alone but are commonly added to concoctions that contain turmeric, ginger, shilajit, licorice, Pushkarmool , Cyperus rotundus, Tribulus terrestris, punarnava , Nigella sativa, garcinia, triphala, and other ingredients .

    These ingredients are often combined to create Ayurvedic medications like Mustadi Ghanavti, a mixture that contains Cyperus rotundus, turmeric, Tribulus terrestris, and other Ayurvedic substances .

    Ayurvedic medicines come in different forms, such as juices, powders, tablets, extracts, and concentrated herbal preparations called decoctions (

    • shilajit
    • Terminalia bellerica

    Triphala is another popular Ayurvedic multi-herb formulation containing Indian gooseberry, Terminalia bellerica , and Terminalia chebula . While animal studies indicate that it may treat high cholesterol, human studies are needed .

    Still, human studies have examined Mustadi Ghanavti, an herbal mixture containing Ayurvedic ingredients like turmeric and Indian barberry.

    Notably, in a 30-day study in 50 people with high cholesterol, taking 3 grams daily of Mustadi Ghanavti not only decreased total cholesterol by 22.4% and LDL cholesterol by 18.2% but also increased HDL cholesterol by 5.6%, compared with a placebo group .

    , 20).

    Here are a few effective methods for reducing cholesterol:

    Home Remedy For Lower Cholesterol #14 Ditch Transfats Don’t Smoke And Eat Less Processed Food

    highcholesterolmedication is 109 total cholesterol too low ...

    What you shouldn’t eat is as important as what you should eat. The FDA has *finally* admitted that transfats are bad, after allowing them to dominate the market for years.

    Of course, manufacturers are likely to come up with some other modified goobledegook that is equally as nasty.

    When choosing fats , look for less processed options. As the saying goes, I trust cows more than chemists, which is why I eat butter.

    Shop around the edges of the grocery store, and look for minimally processed items.

    Buy real vegetables and fruit, fresh meat and dairy. Learn to bake your own bread. You can check out our Recipes page for a wide assortment of homemade fare.

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