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What Supplements To Take To Lower Cholesterol

Warnings For Other Groups

Best Supplements for Lowering Cholesterol

For pregnant women: Niacin is a category C pregnancy drug. This means two things:

  • Research in animals has shown adverse effects to the fetus when the mother takes the drug.
  • There havent been enough studies done in humans to be certain how the drug might affect the fetus.
  • Talk to your doctor if youre pregnant or planning to become pregnant. This drug should only be used if the potential benefit justifies the potential risk to your pregnancy.

    For women who are breastfeeding: Niacin passes into breast milk and may cause side effects in a child who is breastfed. Talk to your doctor if you breastfeed your child. You may need to decide whether to stop breastfeeding or stop taking this medication.

    For seniors: Older adults may process drugs more slowly. A normal adult dose may cause levels of the drug to be higher than normal. If youre a senior, you may need a lower dosage or a different dosage schedule.

    For children: Niacin hasnt been studied in children. It shouldnt be used in children younger than 16 years.

    All possible dosages and drug forms may not be included here. Your dosage, drug form, and how often you take the drug will depend on:

    • your age
    • how severe your condition is
    • other medical conditions you have
    • how you react to the first dose

    The Need For Vitamin D

    When on Statins, if you have a deficiency of Vitamin D, this has been linked to some myopathy , as well as myalgia , however the studies are few in number. It has been suggested by a , that Vitamin D could be tried as a supplement to statins, to be used with patients who have reduced Vitamin D levels. Considering that a significant proportion of the population have a Vitamin D deficiency in general, with the Vitamin D council estimating that is it the most common medical condition in the world with 50% of the global population suffering from a deficiency, then it seems like a wise supplement to take for heart health in general, and definitely if you are on Statins.

    Natural Ways To Lower Cholesterol

    1. Chicory.Often thought of as a weed, the extensive root systems of chicory can be made into a beverage that closely resembles coffee. When consumed in this way or as a supplement, it works to fight off high levels of cholesterol by ramping up the bodys natural metabolism to regulate cholesterol levels.

    2. Ginger.One of the key qualities of ginger is that it helps to control nausea in people very effectively, reducing the symptoms of motion sickness and other nausea-causing issues. It also helps to reduce overall cholesterol levels while making your food taste awesome too. When brewed as a tea, you can get a double dose of healing action because it will help fight off a sore throat. Whether you add it to your diet as a supplement or just throw in some ginger powder to your meals, youll get the cholesterol busting qualities that you want.

    3. Green Tea Extract.What youre looking for in the green tea that you consume is a substance that has a long name: epigallocatechingallate. It is found in all teas, but it is in its highest concentrations in green tea of the extract that you can take as a supplement. It is an antioxidant that has been shown to reduce high levels of bad cholesterol without really affecting your good cholesterol, and as an added bonus, green tea also helps to boost your metabolism up so that you can burn more calories throughout the day.

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    Supplements To Take With Statins

    The drugs known as statinsthe most widely prescribed drugs in the USstake their claim to fame on their ability to reduce LDL cholesterol.

    Thats the kind that gunks up your arteries and increases your risk of congestive heart failure and heart attack, among other bad situations.

    Lowered LDL is a good outcome for many people. But statins arent a good way to get it.

    When the warnings on the label include a heightened risk of type 2 diabetes and elevated blood sugar levels, youre looking at a claim to infamy, not fame. Thats deadly serious stuff.

    Nevertheless, millions of people remain on statins. Even though they are also linked to:

    • Tripled risk of artery calcification, making heart disease more dangerous, not less
    • Depletion of essential nutrients, including vital coenzyme Q10
    • Erectile dysfunction
    • Heart attack, abnormal heartbeat, and stroke
    • Hardening of the arteries
    • High blood pressure

    EPA and DHA, working together, can help prevent them, reduce their severity, or even reverse some of them.

    On statins belongs on the list of problems above.

    Genius Heart And Cardiovascular

    Best Supplements To Lower Cholesterol

    As you might have guessed from the name of this supplement, it achieves more than just lowering your cholesterol levels. It lowers your blood pressure effectively, reduces the risk of heart disease, promotes the supply of fresh oxygenated blood throughout your body, enhances the endurance of your cardiovascular system by supplying more oxygen and last but not the least, it boosts your cognitive functions. This supplement literally puts a check in all departments. As such, this amazing supplement rounds up as an ideal product for people aiming for good overall health and wellness.


    The Genius Heart and Cardiovascular serves its functionality by virtue of its 4 potent ingredients which are present in the most optimal amounts.

    • Pantesin Pantethine: This is one of the most supreme ingredients to support healthy lipid levels and contribute towards the overall cardiovascular health.
    • MenaQ7 Vitamin K2: It paves the way for a healthy heart and also prevents the clotting of blood.
    • Grape Seed Extract: It supports cognitive function, lowers blood pressure and maintains a healthy heart.
    • MicoActive CoQ10: Improves the health of your heart, reduce stress and support the tissues.

    How does the Genius Heart and Cardiovascular work?

    The ingredient Pantesin Panthethine is primarily responsible for the functionality of this cholesterol lowering supplement.

    Directions for usage

    You should ideally take 1 capsule, twice a day along with your meals.

    Side effects

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    Make Sure You Take These Supplements If You Are Taking Statin Pills To Lower Cholesterol

    Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin D and C among key supplements needed to protect against the side effects of statin drugs that are taken to lower cholesterol but often have other damaging consequences

    If you, or someone you know, are one of the 1 in 3 people over 45 taking Statins to lower your cholesterol, then you will benefit by knowing the specific mechanism that statin drugs interrupt in the body this is the mechanism that reduces cholesterol production, but it also reduces other important biochemical reactions that you need. This knowledge will then immediately suggest that you need to supplement yourself with a few things in order to prevent heart disease. diet designed specifically to reduce your cholesterol naturally. This is what I have done over the last year, without the need for drugs and the dangerous side effects that come with them.)

    If you just want the cheat sheet , then scroll down to the bottom for a bulleted list.

    Find Out If These Supplements Work And If They’re Safe To Take

    If youre worried about high cholesterol or have already been diagnosed with it, you may be considering taking red yeast rice, a dietary supplement touted to lower cholesterol. Maybe you’re even thinking about taking red yeast rice pills instead of your prescription cholesterol-lowering statin drug.

    Red yeast rice supplements are popular: Americans spent some $49 million on them in 2015, according to Nutrition Business Journal. And a recent Consumer Reports investigation found them on the shelves of mainstream pharmacies and stores that sell supplements, including Costco, CVS, GNC, and Whole Foods.

    But taking these pills is not a good idea, says Consumer Reports chief medical adviser Marvin M. Lipman, M.D.

    Heres what the research shows red yeast rice can do for your healthand the risks associated with taking it.

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    Lycopene Supplements Lower Cholesterol

    Lycopene is a red, carotenoid plant pigment which lowers cholesterol and reduces hardening and furring up of the arteries.

    Lycopene is found in tomato skins, where it is locked away inside cells. Cooking tomatoes releases the lycopene so it becomes five times more bioavailable than in raw tomatoes. Tinned tomatoes provide around 3mg lycopene per 100g, for example, compared while tomato ketchup supplies around 17mg/100g.

    Lycopene is also found in pink guava, watermelon, red and pink grapefruit, tangerines and papaya, where lycopene is stored in a liquid, crystal form that is also readily absorbed.

    Results from 12 trials suggests that taking lycopene in doses of at least 25mg per daily reduces LDL-cholesterol by around 10%.

    Having a good lycopene level is also associated with reduced thickness of artery walls. Lycopene also has beneficial effects on the prostate gland.

    Lifestyle And Dietary Recommendations For Your Cholesterol

    Nutritional Supplements : How to Take Fish Oil to Lower Cholesterol

    Now that we know the most prevalent risk factors when it comes to high cholesterol, we can move on to some great lifestyle and dietary changes that can help reduce your LDL and increase your HDL cholesterol levels. Many of these will involve reversing the risk factors enumerated above.

    1. Exercise Regularly

    As we briefly touched on above, regular exercise is one of the best ways to improve your cholesterol since it raises your HDL levels and simultaneously reduces your LDL and triglyceride levels in your bloodstream. For the best effects, it is recommended that you try to work out for at least 30 minutes, 4 to 6 times a week and that you consult a doctor when you are coming up with your workout plan.

    2. Lost Weight

    As we noted above, being overweight can lower your HDL levels and increase the LDL and triglyceride levels in your bloodstream. In general, if your body mass index is between 18 and 25, you are at a normal weight and are in the safe zone when it comes to the way that your weight interacts with your cholesterol levels. If your BMI ranges from 25 to 30, you are considered overweight, and if your BMI is over 30, then you are considered obese.

    3. Quit Smoking

    Given the harmful effects that smoking has on the lining of your arteries and that it lowers your HDL levels, quitting smoking can be a great way to improve your cholesterol.

    4. Eat A Heart Healthy Diet

    5. Take Supplements that Help Lower Your Cholesterol

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    Which Vitamins Reduce Cholesterol

    Can vitamins lower cholesterol levels? There is evidence to suggest that its possible. Heres a breakdown of the best vitamins to lower cholesterol however, its important to note that these should be taken as part of a healthy lifestyle. The clues in the name its a supplement for a bit of extra help, not an alternative to eating well and exercising.

    Supplements That Dont Work For High Cholesterol

    Based on the available scientific research, the following supplements were determined to have no good evidence to support claims that they may help lower cholesterol levels:

  • Selenium: A research study of 501 adults found unreliable data to justify the use of selenium supplementation as an additional or alternative therapy for abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels.

  • Calcium: Research results have been mixed, but studies have found no substantial or significant impact of calcium supplementation on total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol levels, or blood pressure.

  • Garlic supplements: No type or form of garlic supplements were shown to have any effect on cholesterol levels.

  • Policosanol: This is a substance extracted from sugar cane wax and has been advertised for its cholesterol- and triglyceride-lowering effects. However, research has shown no significant difference between policosanol and a placebo, meaning it is not a reliable method to improve cholesterol levels.

  • Coconut oil supplements: Coconut products have been all the rage for the past few years. While observational evidence suggests that consumption of coconut in the context of traditional dietary patterns does not harm heart health, the findings are believed to not be applied to a typical Western diet due to significant differences in diet and lifestyle patterns. Evidence suggests that replacing coconut oil with unsaturated fats would improve lipid levels and reduce the risk of heart disease.

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    Supplement Myth #: Theres No Harm In Trying Different Supplements To Lower My Cholesterol

    While fish oil, red yeast rice extract, and garlic are a few of the supplements cardiologists get asked about most often by their patients, you will likely hear about plenty of other over-the-counter products that claim to naturally reduce cholesterol. Theres berberine , green tea extract, artichoke extract, soy protein, psyllium , and many more. At best, says Dr. Eckel, some of these supplements may be minimally effective at controlling cholesterol. At worst, they cause unwanted side effects and prevent you from getting effective treatment.

    Now Supplements Cholesterol Pro

    Lower Cholesterol Supplements (60capsules ...

    Check the lowest price

    If youre worried about your cardiovascular health, this supplement may be a great choice. It contains two ingredients that may be beneficial to your heart health. Plus, it is also soy-free and non-GMO.

    It is made in a GMP-quality assured lab, so you can rest assured that the quality is fantastic. They are also packaged in the USA.

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    Vitamin D And Statins

    There has been some debate around whether statins could stop us making enough vitamin D because statins lower cholesterol. In reality, we have more than enough cholesterol to make vitamin D, even if you take statins. Its more important to make sure youre getting enough time in sunlight or getting enough vitamin D from foods or supplements.

    Therefore The Supplements You Should Take If On Statins To Reduce Dangerous Side Effects And Support Heart Health Are:

  • Coenzyme Q10: : Take 60mg / day
  • Vitamin D: Dr. Mehmet Oz recommends getting 800 IUs of Vitamin D a day if youre younger than 60 and 1,000 IUs if youre over 60, which is similar to the Mayo Clinics recommended dose.
  • Vitamin C:Studies have shown that a minimum of 500mg/ day helps lower LDL cholesterol levels. Personally I take 1500 mg / day. Also, when Finnish researchers looked at studies involving nearly 300,000 people over 10 years, they found that taking more than 700 milligrams of C supplements daily reduced the risk of cardiovascular disease by 25 percent. And a recent study from Harvard University researchers hints that women who take a combo of 500 milligrams of vitamin C daily and 600 IU of vitamin E can cut their risk of stroke by 30 percent.
  • Vitamin E: 400IU / day
  • Selenium: The amount in a standard multivitamin is sufficient
  • And of course, as the Mayo Clinic reminds us, supplement programmes like the one above does not give you the excuse to eat whatever you want. The best recommendation for heart health is to eat a heart friendly diet and exercise 3 to 5 times a week.
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    Vitamin B3 Niacin For Lowering Cholesterol

    Niacin, or vitamin B3, actually works by raising your HDL cholesterol levels whether you take it alone or with another cholesterol-lowering medication.

    Niacin works in the liver by affecting the production of blood fats, and it has been well-researched. Several well-designed double-blind, placebo controlled studies have found that niacin can reduce LDL cholesterol by approximately 10 percent and triglycerides by 25 percent while raising HDL cholesterol by 20 percent to 30 percent.

    High LDLs lead to atherosclerosis and then cardiovascular disease, warns Nadia Chariff, Health Advisor & Registered Dietitian at Coffeeble. Make no mistake, dietary & lifestyle factors such as high saturated fat intake & lack of exercise definitely play a part! Besides recommending alternative diets & increased activity, I recommend niacin to my patients.

    Certain Herbs Vitamins Minerals And Other Compounds May Help Control Cholesterol Blood Pressure And Anxiety

    3 supplements to help lower LDL Cholesterol

    High cholesterol, high blood pressure, and anxiety are three common conditions that are often treated with medication. But sometimes people can’t tolerate those drugs or are reluctant to use them. In these instances, dietary supplements may be an option, says Dr. Donald Levy, medical director at the Osher Clinical Center for Integrative Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and assistant clinical professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School.

    Studies have shown that some herbs, vitamins, minerals, and other substances, alone or in combination with traditional treatments, may be effective in treating these conditions, and are largely safe to use provided your doctor approves.

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    Beware Of One Whose Ingredient Varies Wildly

    LDL cholesterol is known as the bad cholesterol because having high levels can lead to plaque buildup in your arteries and result in heart disease and stroke, two leading causes of death in the United States. It makes up the majority of the bodys cholesterol.

    There are no signs or symptoms of high LDL cholesterol, so its important to get your cholesterol checked. If your LDL is high, your doctor may recommend changes in diet and activity habits to control it.

    Your doctor may also prescribe medication, such as a statin. Stains slow down the livers production of cholesterol and increase the livers ability to remove LDL cholesterol that is already in the blood.

    Several supplements can also help, though theyre not as effective as prescription drugs and shouldnt be substituted for the drugs without consulting your physician.

    Genius Heart And Cardiovascular Health Supplement

    Check the lowest price

    These supplements contain a variety of ingredients, including grape seed extract and vitamin K2. This pill may help you maintain healthy cholesterol levels and improve your cardiac function and health.

    It also contains several other ingredients to improve your heart health, making it an excellent choice for those worried about their heart health.

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