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Natural Remedies For Lowering Cholesterol And Triglycerides

Hyperlipidemia High Cholesterol High Triglycerides How To Treat

Remove Cholesterol & Triglycerides, Burn Fat / Samyuktha Diaries

The treatment of hyperlipidemia, high cholesterol, and high triglyceride is mainly divided into two parts: drug treatment and adjustment of daily eating habits.

If the necessity of medication is not reached, most doctors will generally recommend starting with non-medication.

Improve by adjusting the patients life and eating habits. If the blood lipids do not return to normal after 3-6 months, medical treatment should be performed.

The general treatment drugs are Statins, cholic acid-binding resin, nicotinic acid, and fibrate derivatives four kinds, to achieve control to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease caused by arteriosclerosis.

The treatment of drugs still needs to be discussed with the doctor, so in the next paragraph, I will mainly focus on the second focus of treatment, which is also the root of the daily diet and life maintenance.

Note. Taking the relevant therapeutic drugs requires taking the medicine according to the instructions of the doctor. All kinds of drugs have side effects.

You should discuss with the doctor and design a prescription label according to your own situation. Do not judge the consumption by yourself.

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Natural Supplements Proven To Lower Cholesterol And Triglycerides

james meschino, DC, MS, ROHP


The Natural Cholesterol-Lowering Game PlanHigh cholesterol and/or triglyceride problems are very common in modern society and are known to increase risk for heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases. Individuals should strive to achieve a fasting blood cholesterol level below 3.9 mmol/L and a fasting triglyceride level below 1.13 mmol/L to maximize their protection against heart attack and stroke. Eating less high fat animal products and consuming foods high in cholesterol-lowering fiber is most beneficial in this regard . In addition, there are two natural agents that have proven cholesterol and triglyceride lowering effects that can be used to complement a diet and lifestyle plan aimed at lowering these two cardiovascular risk factors. These two natural agents include Gugulipid and Artichoke Leaf. When taken at the right dosage and standardized grade these two supplements work synergistically to lower cholesterol and/or triglyceride to a significant degree, in persons with elevated blood levels

Gum Guggul or Gugulipid is derived from the mukul myrrh tree, which is native to India. Upon injury, the tree exudes a yellowish gum resin known as gum Guggul, Gugulipid or Guggulu. The extract isolates ketonic steroid compounds known as guggulsterones that have been shown to be the active constituent that accounts for its cholesterol-and triglyceride-lowering effects.


Can You Lower Cholesterol With Exercise

Exercising is a reliable way to lower your cholesterol fast. Theres no single-best exercise for lowering your cholesterol, but the two main categories of exercise that do the trick are cardio and strength training. Both are also key components in managing diabetes, lowering blood pressure, and reducing your risk for heart disease, cancer, and many other health problems.

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Home Remedies For Triglycerides And Cholesterol


Cholesterol is a wax-like substance produced in the liver and plays an important role in the normal functioning of the body. It keeps the walls of cells of the body flexible and needed for the creation of several hormones. but when cholesterol production is more than normal then it leads to health problems. High cholesterol levels can lead to many health-related issues like severe heart diseases, Hypertension, Respiratory disorders, and many more.

How does cholesterol affects your health ?

There are mainly two types of cholesterol High density lipids and Low density lipids . High density lipids takes the cholesterol away from the blood vessels and prevents heart diseases. Thats why known as good cholesterol .On the other hand low density lipids results in cholesterol deposits in blood vessel walls . This leads to clogged arteries , strokes, heart attacks. So known as bad cholesterol.

While triglycerides are an important energy supply for your body, having too many triglycerides in your blood can increase your risk for heart disease.

Daily diet plan helps in attaining and maintaining your health goals. High levels cholesterol and triglycerides can be prevented and effectively controlled by a combination of a good diet, exercise , ideal body weight and an overall healthy lifestyle.

Here are some home remedies that will help you to control your high cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

How to take


How to use

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Chew On The Good Fiber

  • The consumption of fibrous foods like green vegetables, fresh fruits, and whole grains are incredibly beneficial to lower triglycerides levels in the blood. But do you know that an average American eats only 10-12 grams of fiber daily when the recommended dosage is 25-30 grams? Thats the reason behind such a hike in patients with triglycerides.
  • The other foods that are high in dietary fiber include legumes, cereals, and nuts.
  • The inclusion of the right amount of fiber in the diet is good for the body. Fiber helps in decreasing the absorption of sugar and fats in the small intestines, thus contributing to the lowering of the level of triglycerides in the blood.
  • The consumption of rice bran fiber helps in bringing down the level of triglycerides in the blood by about 7-8%.

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What Is A Good Tg: Hdl Ratio

A lower TG/HDL is better. In the discussion of science, studies, and treatment, there has been a tendency to go with higher ratios to show the largest impact on CV disease risk and death.

Here are the typical cut points for risk :

  • In US less than 2 is ideal above 4 is too high
  • In Europe less than 0.87 is ideal above 1.74 is too high

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Home Remedies To Reduce Triglycerides

Triglyceride is the most common type of fat found in the blood, with almost 95% of the total body fat falling under this category. The body converts calories that it doesnt need to use right away into triglycerides.

Triglycerides are stored in the fat cells and are circulated in the blood to provide energy for your muscles to work. Even though both triglyceride and cholesterol are lipids, the former is fat and the latter is not.

Moreover, triglycerides serve the function of providing energy, whereas cholesterol is needed by the body for hormone synthesis and cellular structure.

Despite the fact that triglycerides are essential sources of energy and necessary for the proper functioning of cells, elevated levels can pose many health risks.

What Other Lifestyle Changes Help Lower Triglycerides

5 Natural Ways to Lower Triglyceride Cholesterol

Lifestyle strategies are a way to lower triglycerides naturally.

Weight loss has a positive effect on triglycerides. For every 5% to 10% weight reduction, triglycerides may be lowered by 20%. Another way to look at this: For every kilogram lost, triglycerides may be reduced by 2%.

Increasing physical activity lowers triglycerides.

  • Aerobic activity of any kind, especially when done after a meal, uses up triglycerides that are in the blood ready to be used as fuel. This not only lowers triglycerides but also helps with abdominal obesity.
  • Exercise is most effective for lowering triglycerides when they are very elevated. If triglycerides are optimal , exercise will not further lower the level.

All together, intensive lifestyle strategies can reduce triglycerides by 50% or more over a year. Lifestyle strategies can enable people to effectively reduce triglycerides without medicine or drugs, plus there are many other positive effects on other aspects of health and well-being. This is the recommended approach of the American Heart Association for anyone with triglycerides greater than optimal .

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Choose Healthy Fats Over Saturated Fats

Another way to lower triglycerides and cholesterol naturally is by eating healthy fats. Omega-3 fatty acids lower triglycerides and bad cholesterol by increasing fat metabolism, according to the AHA. Omega-3 fatty acids are found in oily fish, such as salmon and herring, olive oil, and dietary supplements. For people with high triglycerides, the AHA recommends prescription-strength omega-3 fatty acid supplements at a dose of 4 grams per day, although its still best to get it from foods. Saturated fats, which come mainly from meat sources, should be limited to no more than 5 to 6 percent of your total daily calories, and your daily intake of cholesterol should be no more than 300 mg, according to the AHA.

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What Are The Causes Of High Cholesterol

The tendency toward high cholesterol appears to be genetic although diet also influences cholesterol levels. Other factors that can influence cholesterol levels include being overweight and being physically inactive. The older you get, the more likely your cholesterol levels are to rise. Before menopause, women tend to have lower cholesterol levels than men of the same age, but after menopause, womens LDL levels often increase.

There is considerable controversy over whether high cholesterol is in itself a cause of heart disease , or a symptom of an inflammatory condition that is the true cause of heart disease . According to the latter theory, chronically high levels of inflammation creates small lesions on arterial walls the body sends LDL to heal those lesions, but it ultimately accumulates and oxidizes, causing blockages. From this perspective, the best lifestyle approach to lower cardiovascular disease risk is to lower inflammation in the body rather than LDL levels.

The two theories are not mutually exclusive they may both be true to some extent.

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What Can I Use To Lower My Blood Pressure Naturally

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grenadine antihypertensive drugs are used as a combination of natural treatment for high cholesterol and triglycerides blood pressure pills clonidine therapy natural treatment for high cholesterol and triglycerides with other drugs and calcium-2 antagonists.

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Preventing High Triglyceride Levels

Home Remedies for High Cholesterol
  • Shedding the extra pounds can go a long way in reducing your triglyceride levels. If you are overweight, losing 5% to 10% of your body weight will do wonders for your health in general and triglyceride levels in particular.
  • Substitute saturated fats with healthy polyunsaturated fats such as safflower, corn, and soybean oils or healthy monounsaturated fats such as canola and olive oils.
  • Because the excess carbohydrate in your diet is what gets later converted into triglycerides, it is essential to follow a low-carbohydrate diet.
  • Minimize alcohol consumption, because even a small amount can cause significant damage as far as triglyceride levels are concerned.
  • Follow a disciplined and regular eating pattern, broken down into six small meals over the course of the day rather than 3 large meals.

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Will A Keto Diet Lower Triglycerides And Cholesterol

No, keto diets have been shown to increase cholesterol levels. The Mediterranean diet, however, has been shown to lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of cardiac events.

The Mediterranean diet promotes eating vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and healthy fats daily eating fish, poultry, beans, and eggs weekly reducing portions of dairy and limiting red meat.

Incorporate Cinnamon In Your Diet

Cinnamon may help lower your triglycerides.

According to a 2003 study published in Diabetes Care, cinnamon improves the glucose and lipids in people with type 2 diabetes. Intake of 1 to 6 grams of cinnamon daily helped people with type 2 diabetes lower their triglycerides and LDL cholesterol.

A 2016 study published in the Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine found that supplementation with 500 mg of cinnamon extract for two months engendered a positive impact on the fasting insulin, blood glucose, total cholesterol, and LDL cholesterol levels while simultaneously enhanced the insulin sensitivity of subjects with elevated blood glucose.

  • Add ¼ teaspoon of ground cinnamon to your morning oatmeal. You can also sprinkle ground cinnamon on smoothies, soups, and salads.
  • Cinnamon is also available in capsule form at most drugstores and health food stores. Take the supplement after consulting your doctor.

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Natural Tips Of Treatment For High Triglycerides In Blood

Triglycerides are a kind of lipid found in the blood. Calories converted by the body have not used right away into triglycerides. They are found in the fat cells circulated in the blood to give energy for your muscles to act. Triglycerides are not similar to cholesterol that the body needs for cellular structure and hormone synthesis. The pertinent amount of triglycerides is important for correcting the functioning of cells. However, the excess triglycerides are unhealthy. The cause of high triglycerides can be a sedentary lifestyle, obesity, poorly controlled diabetes, kidney disease, genetic factors, etc. The level of high triglycerides usually does not have symptoms but it can cause a high risk for high blood pressure, heart disease, strokes as well as cholesterol problems. Our VKool page, today, will show you top 14 tips of natural treatment for high triglycerides in blood. With these tips, you can easily lower your triglyceride level by lifestyle changes, an appropriate diet, and several simple remedies at home. They are natural and safe treatments that you can do them yourself at home. However, we recommend you to consult your doctor to have the proper diagnosis before applying any of them.

Do High Triglyceride Levels Affect Hdl And Cholesterol Levels

Natural Home Remedy for Cholesterol And High Blood Pressure (low cholesterol And triglycerides)

Triglycerides are involved in the transport of fatty acids to muscles and tissues for energy.

  • HDL particles are involved in the transport of excess fatty acids from the periphery back to the liver for elimination. Because of these competing roles, it is very difficult to increase HDL, the healthy good cholesterol, without first addressing triglycerides.
  • HDL not only transports excess lipid to the liver for disposal, but it also transports cholesterol to organs such as the adrenals, ovaries, and testes for steroid hormone synthesis.
  • Many of the strategies discussed here that lower triglycerides are also known to raise HDL.

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Medically Reviewed on 5/6/2022Journal of Microbiology and BiotechnologyPoultry ScienceCirculationEuropean Journal of Clinical NutritionCanadian Journal of Physiology and PharmacologyPhysiological Research

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Is It Possible To Lower Triglycerides Naturally

Similar to cholesterol, triglycerides come from the food we eat and our liver. When levels are normal, triglycerides are used for energy. The problems arise when levels are high, explains Dr. Nissen. When we make more triglycerides than we use, the rest are stored as fat. Thats why many people who are overweight or have type 2 diabetes have high levels.

Poor diabetes control is a major factor in causing high triglyceride levels, Dr. Nissen says. He stresses the importance of watching your carbohydrate consumption. Eating a low-carb diet and getting plenty of exercise are often effective in lowering triglyceride levels.

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Natural Cholesterol Lowering Remedies Supported By Science

Around 38% of U.S. adults are struggling with total cholesterol of over 200 mg/dl. About 12% of them are in their 20s.

While a staggering 7% of affected are adolescents and children between the ages of 6 and 19.

The higher the cholesterol, the bigger the risk of heart disease. Decreasing the cholesterol doesnt necessarily mean you have to take statin medications.

Relying on natural cholesterol remedies can also help. They can ave a beneficial impact on improving your cardiovascular health and overall well-being.

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Health Conditions Related To Triglycerides And Cholesterol

High blood lipid levels may increase your risk for plaques to develop in your arteries or thicken the walls of your arteries .

Other health conditions related to high triglycerides or cholesterol include:

  • High blood sugar levels or diabetes
  • Metabolic syndromea cluster of conditions that increase your risk for heart disease
  • Genetic conditions


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