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High Cholesterol With Low Triglycerides

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What natural ways to lower high cholesterol & triglycerides levels? – Ms. Ranjani Raman

When your triglyceride levels are too high, you may not have symptoms. Its a silent problem with big implications, such as a four-fold increase in the likelihood of having a heart attack or stroke.

A simple blood test is all it takes to check your triglyceride levels. If theyre too high, you can get them back under control, often by changing your daily habits.

If you already know that your triglyceride levels are too high, the actions you take now might even save your life.

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High Triglycerides And Low Hdl Cholesterol Can Be Caused By Many Reasons

If your Triglycerides is in between 0 mg/dL and 150 mg/dL and your HDL cholesterol is in between 40 mg/dL and 60 mg/dL then you need not worry as these are the normal ranges for Triglycerides and HDL cholesterol respectively. But if your levels are lesser or greater than the above values, then there may be some problem in your body.

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My Cholesterol Is Normal But My Triglycerides Are High: Why Is That

So both your HDL and LDL levels are where they should be, but your triglycerides are still high why is that?

Triglycerides become elevated due to excess calories that do not get burned off, and in turned get stored in fat cells. Statins are medications that primarily lower LDL cholesterol, but depending on the medication dose, can lower Triglycerides from 20 to 40 percent, Sai Hanumanthu MD, with the TriHealth Heart Institute explains.

There are steps you can take to lower your triglyceride levels while promoting good cardiovascular health, including:

  • Losing 5 to 10 pounds if overweight
  • Avoiding alcohol
  • Avoiding foods high in saturated fats
  • Limiting simple carbs that have high processed sugars .
  • Participating in 30 minutes of exercise per day

All these suggestions and routine follow up with a medical professional will lower you triglyceride level, even despite a low total cholesterol, Dr. Hanumanthu says.

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Why Is Tg/hdl Important

TG/HDL is important because it is an important predictor of risk for heart disease. It is also a marker of insulin resistance, and insulin resistance is the major cause of prediabetes, metabolic syndrome, and type 2 diabetes.

The Womens Ischemia Syndrome Evaluation study studied 544 women referred for CV disease evaluation . The TG/HDL ranged from 0.3 to 18.4. It was a powerful predictor of all mortality and cardiovascular events.

This chart shows the WISE study range of TG/HDL. Individuals with lower TG/HDL had lower CV disease risk.

What Is The Most Common Cause Of High Triglycerides

Pin on Cholesterol

A poor diet is by far the most common cause of high triglyceride levels, says Freeman. I consider high triglycerides as a marker that someone may not be eating as well as they should, he says. Excess calories and sugar are turned into triglycerides before being stored as fat, notes Cleveland Clinic.

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Why Is There Tg In The Blood

The most common reason for elevated triglycerides is prediabetes. Chronically high insulin stimulates adipokines and hormone-sensitive lipase. This results in the release of too many fatty acids from fat cells. These excess fatty acids take up space in HDL and LDL particles.

TG can also become elevated in several inherited diseases.

Choose Healthy Fats Over Saturated Fats

Another way to lower triglycerides and cholesterol naturally is by eating healthy fats. Omega-3 fatty acids lower triglycerides and bad cholesterol by increasing fat metabolism, according to the AHA. Omega-3 fatty acids are found in oily fish, such as salmon and herring, olive oil, and dietary supplements. For people with high triglycerides, the AHA recommends prescription-strength omega-3 fatty acid supplements at a dose of 4 grams per day, although its still best to get it from foods. Saturated fats, which come mainly from meat sources, should be limited to no more than 5 to 6 percent of your total daily calories, and your daily intake of cholesterol should be no more than 300 mg, according to the AHA.

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What Do Low Triglyceride Levels Indicate And Can They Be Too Low

In general, having low triglyceride levels is not considered a problem. If your triglyceride levels are less than 150mg/dL, you have a lower risk of cardiovascular diseases, such as heart attack or stroke.

However, if your triglyceride levels are extremely low and less than 40mg/dL, then you may have a medical condition or disease, such as liver problems or inflammation. Your risk of dying from heart failure is also higher if triglycerides are too low.

Other causes of very low triglyceride levels include:

  • Very low-fat diets
  • Certain rare genetic conditions that affect how your body converts fat to energy

Know Your Triglyceride Numbers

Forget LDL-Cholesterol, Low Triglycerides More Important (here’s why)

A blood test called a lipid panel checks both your triglyceride and cholesterol levels. Usually, your doctor will ask that you fast, or not eat or drink anything other than water, for 9-12 hours before the test. Youâll get blood taken from a vein in your arm. Some labs offer non-fasting lipid panels, or they may prick your finger for blood.

Here are the levels, based on a fastingblood test.

  • Normal: Less than 150 mg/dL
  • Borderline: 150 to 199 mg/dL
  • High: 200 to 499 mg/dL
  • Very High: 500 mg/dL or above

Anyone over age 20 needs to get regular tests to track their cholesterol and triglyceride levels, according to the American Heart Association.

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What Raises Your Triglycerides The Most

What Foods and Drinks Cause High Triglycerides? Sugary food and drinks, saturated fats, refined grains, alcohol, and high-calorie foods can all lead to high levels of triglycerides. If you have high triglycerides, avoiding these food categories can help bring your levels down.

High Triglycerides: The Latest Recommendations

Consult A Doctor For Your Hdl Cholesterol Problem

High HDL cholesterol and low Triglycerides can be caused by a lot of reasons. If you take HDL cholesterol and Triglycerides blood tests and the results are higher than 60 mg/dL for HDL cholesterol and lower than 0 mg/dL for Triglycerides, your physician may recommend more tests to figure out the problem. You might also get these tests if your physician thinks you have some other disease.

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Metabolic Syndrome Risk Factors

High triglyceride levels are associated with a collection of disorders known as metabolic syndrome. A person with metabolic syndrome has an increased risk of developing diabetes, stroke or heart disease.A person is classed as having metabolic syndrome when they have any three of the following factors:

  • Central obesity excess fat in and around the stomach
  • High blood pressure
  • High blood triglycerides.

Normal Range Of Triglycerides : 0

Many of the same lifestyle changes and medications can lower both ...

Ideal values of Triglycerides depending on age :

> 100 years 67.029

If you want your blood test report to be interpreted by Triglycerides specialist, then you can upload your report. Our Triglycerides expert will provide you with the most accurate interpretation of your blood test results and treatment within 12 hours. Upload blood test report now

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Know The Dangers Of Trans Fats

Trans fats are dangerous for your heart, because they raise low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and triglyceride levels. The chief culprit youll see on product labels is partially hydrogenated oil. Trans fats are the result of adding hydrogen to liquid vegetable oils to increase shelf life. This may make some baked and fried foods taste better, but trans fats are very unhealthy, particularly for people with high triglycerides. In fact, trans fats should make up less than 1 percent of your total calories, according to the World Health Organization. Check your food labels: If a food contains trans fats or hydrogenated oils, leave it on the shelf.

How Is A Lipid Disorder Diagnosed

To check your cholesterol levels, your doctor will order a blood test called a lipid profile, or lipid panel. This test measures your total cholesterol and triglycerides. Before this test, your doctor will likely ask you to avoid eating and drinking liquids other than water for at least 8 to 12 hours.

The lipid profile measures cholesterol in milligrams of cholesterol per deciliter . Your total cholesterol level should be no higher than 200 mg/dL. Learn how to understand your cholesterol results.

A combination of medications and lifestyle changes is a common treatment plan to correct high cholesterol and triglycerides. Your doctor may also suggest certain supplements.

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Lower Triglyceride Levels Are Associated With Better Endothelial Function

FMD values were highest in the group with extremely low levels of triglycerides.

Lower triglyceride levels are associated with better endothelial function.

The group with extremely low triglycerides had fewer atherosclerosis risk factors.

The odds ratio for a lower quartile of FMD remained independently lower.

Study Design And Participants

Lowering Triglycerides – Mayo Clinic

We performed a nested casecontrol study among subjects participating in the PREVEND cohort. This study investigates vascular and renal damage in a predominantly Caucasian population. Details of the study have been described elsewhere. In summary, in 199798, all inhabitants of the city of Groningen, aged 2875 years, were sent a short questionnaire on demographics and cardiovascular morbidity and a vial to collect an early morning urine sample. Altogether, 40 856 subjects responded . Pregnant women and diabetic subjects using insulin were excluded. All participants with urinary albumin concentration > 10 mg/L were invited to our clinic together with randomly selected subjects with a urinary albumin concentration < 10 mg/L. So, the PREVEND Study consists of a population enriched with subjects with microalbuminuria. The study population comprised 8592 subjects who completed the total screening programme. The study was approved by the local medical Ethics Committee. All participants gave written informed consent.

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What Are Normal And High Triglyceride Levels

The National Cholesterol Education Program sets guidelines for triglyceride levels:

  • Normal levels: Less than 150 milligrams per deciliter
  • Borderline high:150 to 199
  • High: 200 to 499
  • Very high: 500 or more

Elevated levels may lead to heart disease, especially in people with low levels of “good” cholesterol and high levels of “bad” cholesterol. The same is true if you have type 2 diabetes.

Experts once debated how important triglycerides are, but it now seems clear that higher levels are linked to problems such as heart disease.

One thing is clear, though: A good diet and exercise plan can lower triglyceride levels, improve cholesterol, and decrease the chance of heart disease.

High Total Cholesterol Normal Ldl High Hdl Normal Triglycerides

In this case, the high total cholesterol is less troublesome since its largely due to elevated HDL . The fact that HDL is high and LDL is normal also makes for a favorable HDL:LDL ratio. Although, extremely high levels of HDL cholesterol can be due to genetics. Generally, HDL levels shouldnt exceed 116 mg/dL for men and 135 mg/dL for women.2

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Consult A Doctor For Your Triglycerides Problem

High Triglycerides and low LDL HDL ratio can be caused by a lot of reasons. If you take Triglycerides and LDL HDL ratio blood tests and the results are higher than 150 mg/dL for Triglycerides and lower than 0.5 Ratio for LDL HDL ratio, your physician may recommend more tests to figure out the problem. You might also get these tests if your physician thinks you have some other disease.

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Pathologies Linked To High Triglycerides

Keeping it Simple (KISBYTO): National Cholesterol Education Month

When it comes to the consequences of high triglycerides, special attention should be paid. This condition can be followed by various cardiovascular diseases, even potentially fatal: the reference is in particular toheart attack and tostroke, which can be favored by the deterioration of the health of the arteries and other blood vessels.

The effects on blood pressure should also not be underestimated , to the development of the condition known as fat liver, to the manifestation of high levels of glycemia even on an empty stomach and also with the increase in the values of bad LDL cholesterol.

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Causes Of High Triglycerides

In many cases, habitual overeating causes high triglycerides. Occasionally, the trigger is an underlying condition such as:

  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Some types of liver disease
  • Some types of kidney disease
  • Some genetic disorders, including the inherited disease familial hypertriglyceridemia and familial combined hyperlipidemia .

What Is Remnant Cholesterol

Weve talked about TG, HDL, and a bit about LDL. Theres another thing we ought to coverremnant cholesterol.

Remnant cholesterol is the most dangerous type of cholesterol particle. Its also called triglyceride-rich lipoproteins , which consists primarily of VLDL and IDL .

Image from the Cholesterol Code by Dave Feldman.

Remnant cholesterol is short-lived in the plasma of a healthy person. RC particles appear only briefly after a meal. They are then metabolized into other lipoproteins by the breakdown of triglycerides inside an RC particle. This breakdown is accomplished by lipoprotein lipase lining the luminal surface of capillaries.

RC is also higher in the serum of those with CV disease risk . It is calculated by subtracting LDL and HDL cholesterol levels from total cholesterol number .

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Which Medications Improve Tg/hdl

  • Statins. The major impact of statins on TG/HDL is to lower TG. But usually, statins are given to lower LDL. Sometimes they can also increase HDL levels but still not as much as how they lower TG. They can lower TG by as much as 50% .
  • Prescription-strength niacin
  • Prescription-strength omega-3s. Icosapent ethyl , Epanova, and Lovaza are prescription forms of omega-3s

Follow A Lower Carb Diet

Dr. Berg’s Wife Has Crazy High Cholesterol of 261..

Much like added sugar, extra calories from carbs in your diet are converted into triglycerides and stored in fat cells.

Not surprisingly, low carb diets have been linked to lower blood triglyceride levels .

A review of 12 randomized controlled trials found that people following reduced carb diets typically saw a reduction in triglyceride levels at 6, 12, and 24 months. Across these studies, triglyceride levels decreased the most 6 months after starting a reduced calorie diet .

A 2020 review compared low fat and low carb diets. Researchers found that 612 months after starting their relative diets, those on the low carb diet had greater decreases in triglyceride levels than those on a low fat diet .


Following a low carb diet can lead to a significant reduction in blood triglyceride levels, at least in the short term, when compared with a low fat diet.

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How Are Triglycerides Different From Cholesterol

Triglycerides and cholesterol are both fatty substances called lipids. But triglycerides are fats cholesterol is not. Cholesterol is a waxy, odorless substance made by the liver. It is used to build cell walls, helps the nervous system and plays an important role in digestion and hormone production.

Baseline Clinical Characteristics Of The Study Population

In the overall study population, the mean value of TG/HDL ratio was 2.78±2.37 and the median value was 2.095 . Demographic and clinical characteristics, cardiovascular risk factors and medication use are detailed in Table . In the whole population, mean age was 60±9 years and 59% of patients were men. Family history of CAD was present in 33% of patients and the majority of the population had atypical chest pain , hypercholesterolemia and hypertension . Diabetes was diagnosed in 112 and metabolic syndrome in 118 patients. In the different TG/HDL ratio quartiles, the frequency of male gender, diabetes, smoking habit and of the metabolic syndrome significantly increased from the I quartile to the IV quartile. Male patients and patients with diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome showed significantly higher TG/HDL ratio as compared with female patients or patients without diabetes, obesity and the metabolic syndrome, respectively . A significant increase across quartiles was found for BMI, the use of beta-blockers, diuretics and glucose-lowering agents.

Table 1 Clinical characteristics of the study population and of groups defined by TG/HDL-C quartiles. .Figure 1

TG/HDL-C ratio and cardio-metabolic risk. Relationship between baseline TG/HDL-C ratio, specific cardiovascular risk factors , and relevant bio-humoral variables .

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Preventive Steps For High Cholesterol And Heart Health

When you have high cholesterol, staying heart-healthy requires more than a regimen of statins. Even if youre on medication, it is absolutely essential to make lifestyle changes: Stop smoking , drink alcohol only in moderation, eat well, build exercise into your life, and get to a healthy weight, Dr. Rocco says. Smoking cessation alone can boost HDL 5 percent, while for every 7 pounds you lose, youll see a 1 mg increase in HDL. Regular moderate-intensity exercise raises HDL as much as 6 percent, he adds.

Contrary to prior nutritional information, there is not a clear link between dietary intake of cholesterol and increased cardiovascular risk the focus is on lowering saturated fat and trans fat in the diet. The new 2015 dietary guidelines by the U.S. government removed the limitation on cholesterol in the diet.

Features of a Mediterranean diet include:

  • Eating primarily plant-based foods
  • Using olive oil in place of butter
  • Enjoying fish and poultry at least twice a week

Adopting this kind of diet, along with exercise, pays off not just in terms of heart disease, but overall, Andersen says. Its really an anti-aging plan.

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