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How To Test Cholesterol At Home

Which Home Cholesterol Kit Is Best

Here’s How to Test Cholesterol At-Home

An online search for the best home cholesterol kits will yield lists from a variety of sources like Best Reviews, All Top Guide, and VeryWell Fit. Heres a look at 3 top-ranking kits.

  • CardioChek offers starter kits as well as deluxe models. A starter kit comes with an electronic analyzer and 3 total cholesterol test strips, 3 HDL test strips, 3 triglyceride test strips, and 9 lancets. It sells for just over $140 on .

  • Solana Healths Best Home Cholesterol Test measures LDL, HDL, and triglycerides. It includes everything you need, plus a postage-paid return envelope which is sent to a lab. The kit sells for about $46 on Solana Healths website.

  • Everlywell manufactures an entire line of at-home health tests from thyroid to food sensitivity. The companys cholesterol test measures total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, and triglycerides, and includes a pre-paid shipping label and envelope. For $49 on Everlywells website, you get the kit plus a follow-up report with insights to your heart health and next steps.

  • Taking A Test Or Sample At Home

    If you do choose to take a cholesterol test or sample at home, follow these tips to help you
  • Read the instructions carefully. They should encourage you to make sure your hands are clean, and especially from the area you take your sample from.
  • Make sure the sampling area is dry leftover water, moisture or soap can alter the blood sample and could make your results inaccurate.
  • Try not to squeeze your finger excessively this can affect the results.
  • Always dispose of sharps safely. Follow the instructions in the kit.
  • Key information about cholesterol tests

    It is important to remember that most home cholesterol testing kits using a solid statement monitor will only give your total cholesterol and not the full breakdown of your results. Samples that are sent to a laboratory are more likely to give the full breakdown.

    This breakdown is important as it could greatly affect the advice youre given about what action to take.

    You can check your results against our suggested healthy ranges. Always follow up a home sample with a proper blood test taken by a healthcare professional.

    How Do Home Cholesterol Tests Work

    Some home cholesterol tests measure total cholesterol while others measure total cholesterol plus HDL, LDL, and triglyceride levels. Make sure to read labels closely to know exactly what your kit will measure.

    You can get a cholesterol test kit with or without a meter. Heres how they work:

    • Cholesterol kit without a meter: Cholesterol kits come with test strips and a lancet. A lancet is a small, fine blade or needle. You use it to prick your finger to draw a drop of blood. Place the drop of blood on a test strip. The strip will change colors after a minute or two. Compare your test strip color with the color guide that comes with your kit. It will tell you your cholesterol level.

    • Cholesterol kit with a meter. Newer cholesterol kits have an electronic meter much like blood glucose meters used for diabetes. Instead of waiting for your test strip to change colors, you insert it into your meter to measure your cholesterol. These kits cost more than the kits with paper strips only.

    • Mail-in kits. Some kits come with a pre-paid mailer like the American Diabetes Associations CheckUp America Cholesterol Panel. You take your blood sample at home and then send it to a lab. The lab delivers your results either by phone or on a secure website. One CheckUp America kit costs about $40.

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    What Causes High Levels Of Bad Cholesterol

    Foods that are high in cholesterol are not the only contributor to bad cholesterol levels.

    Instead, typically a combination of various lifestyle factors is to blame. Obesity, lack of exercise, diabetes, alcohol and cigarettes all play a role. Some people are also genetically predisposed to have high cholesterol levels.

    How Do They Work

    Curo L5  Blood Cholesterol Test Kit  At Home Testing Meter &  Strips

    Many home cholesterol tests can measure total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, and triglycerides from a blood sample. Some also measure LDL cholesterol. These tests can be purchased online or at your local pharmacy.

    There are three basic types that work in different ways:

    • Test strips: These involve paper test strips that you read visually. You add a drop of blood from a finger prick and read the color change after several minutes.
    • Electronic meters: This type requires purchasing a small analyzer that is similar to a glucose meter. After placing a drop of blood on a test strip, the strip is inserted into the analyzer for a reading.
    • Mail-in tests: The third type of test requires sending a blood sample to a laboratory where health professionals do the analysis. You have to wait for them to contact you with your results.

    If you decide to use a mail-in service, opt for labs that are part of the Cholesterol Reference Method Laboratory Network certified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention . You can also check online to see if the lab is on the CDC-certified list.

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    Manual Blood Pressure Monitors

    Technically called “sphygmomanometers,” manual blood pressure monitors consist of an arm cuff, a squeeze bulb, a gauge , and a stethoscope or microphone. To use them, you strap the cuff onto your arm, squeeze the bulb, and listen for the sound of your pulse starting and then fading away again.

    Manual blood pressure monitors cost between $20 and $30 and can be difficult to use, especially if you’re not used to using a stethoscope, if you have impaired vision or hearing, or if you have trouble with manual dexterity.

    What Do I Need To Know Before Getting Screened

    A cholesterol test is a simple blood test. Your doctor may tell you not to eat or drink anything except water for 9 to 12 hours before the test. The results give you four measurements:1,3

    • Total cholesterol. Less than 200 mg/dL is considered normal.
    • LDL cholesterol. Less than 100 mg/dL is considered normal. LDL is sometimes called bad cholesterol, because it can build up and clog your arteries, eventually leading to heart disease or stroke.
    • HDL cholesterol. It is best to have more than 40 mg/dL. HDL is sometimes called good cholesterol, because it can help clear arteries of cholesterol buildup.
    • Triglycerides. This is a type of fat in the blood. Normal levels are typically below 150 mg/dL.

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    What Do The Results Mean

    It is important for someone to know their cholesterol levels to make certain lifestyle changes to get to a healthy range. Numbers outside the desired level may mean a greater risk of cardiovascular disease.

    Additional risk factors, such as smoking and being overweight, also play a role in a persons risk of cardiovascular disease.

    The lists the following desired cholesterol levels:

    Total cholesterol

    Food and Drug Administration , home cholesterol tests have an accuracy level similar to doctors tests. But user error can affect the results.

    It is essential for people to follow all manufacturers directions to get the most accurate results. The accuracy can also vary from brand to brand. When choosing an at-home cholesterol test, people should check it is affiliated with the CDCs tracking program. This means the test meets the programs standards for accuracy.

    People that have cholesterol levels outside the desired ranges should consider talking to their healthcare professional. Different cholesterol values determine what type of treatment plan is most appropriate.

    A doctor can recommend lifestyle changes and medications to help manage and lower high cholesterol.

    lifestyle changes for high cholesterol include:

    • maintaining a moderate weight via a balanced diet and regular exercise
    • avoiding tobacco products and smoking

    What Happens During The Cholesterol Test And Check Up

    How to test & monitor your Cholesterol levels at home

    The service will be delivered in the consultation room, the pharmacy colleague will check that you are eligible for the service. You will also be asked questions about your lifestyle, including:

    • Whether you smoke
    • Your alcohol consumption
    • Your activity levels

    The results of your check-up will be available immediately, and you will receive a personalised action plan highlighting the simple steps you can take to keep your heart and cholesterol levels healthy, such as:

    • Increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables you eat
    • Reaching a healthy weight
    • Having a medicines check-up if you are taking any new medication for any other condition

    You may then be asked to attend a follow-up appointment to assess your progress against your action plan. If appropriate, you may be referred to your GP.

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    Comparing And Contrasting Laboratory And At

    Whether conducted in a laboratory or at home, cholesterol tests rely on a blood sample. Virtually all tests measure total cholesterol, but the other components can vary depending on the specific test that is being taken. In addition, fasting may be required in some cases for both kinds of tests. In most cases, accuracy of at-home and in-lab tests is comparable.

    A principal difference between these tests is how the blood sample is obtained. Blood drawn from a vein is usually analyzed in tests that are conducted at a doctors office, lab, or hospital. At-home self-tests and self-collection tests rely on a smaller amount of blood obtained with a fingerstick.

    Another difference is insurance coverage. When a standard blood draw and cholesterol test is ordered by a doctor, some or all of the charges are often covered by insurance. In contrast, most at-home cholesterol tests are not covered, requiring you to pay the full cost out-of-pocket.

    A Brief Overview Of The Top Current Options For Testing From Home And Their Benefits

    After so many years of being forced to visit a doctorâs office or laboratory to check your cholesterol, itâs a real breath of fresh air that there are now several reliable options for checking cholesterol at home. You will likely need to take a small blood sample regardless of the test you choose, but modern testing kits make all of this quite easy. Weâll explore your options below.

    Before checking your cholesterol at home, it is important to make sure that the test you choose not only checks your Total Cholesterol, but also the breakdown of Total Cholesterol into the healthier HDL cholesterol, less healthy LDL cholesterol, and Triglycerides, or fats in the blood. Some tests will give you a result after a few minutes of processing your sample, while others will have you mail in your sample.

    As said, there are several options now available for at-home cholesterol monitoring that wonât require some people to visit a doctor or a lab. Here are some common testing solutions that may work for you.

    • Some drug stores, such as CVS and Walgreens, now offer cholesterol tests that you can purchase for use at home. Common home testing brands include HomeAccess and FirstCheck. The cost varies depending on how complete the test is, as many of these tests only check Total Cholesterol, and do not include a breakdown of the markers .

    And as always:

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    Most Comprehensive Home Kit: Sdbio Curo L7 Professional Grade Lipid Blood Cholesterol Test Home Kit

    • Provides your full blood lipid panel on one strip with just one blood sample

    • Pro level electronic monitor is sleek and compact, ideal for traveling

    • Limited 1-year warranty

    • High cost compared to similar electronic analyzers

    Another electronic monitor, the Curo L7 cholesterol test kit, provides the best range of cholesterol test options. It reports six data points with just one blood sampletotal cholesterol, HDL, LDL, LDL/HDL, non-HDL, and triglycerides. It uses profile cholesterol test strips that are capable of reporting your entire blood lipid panel instead of requiring a different type of test strip for every type of cholesterol.

    The monitor itself is sleek and compact, making it an ideal choice for folks who travel a lot or seem to always be on the move. The kit comes with the meter, 10 profile testing strips, lancets, capillary rods, and a one-year warranty.

    Test Type: Test strips and electronic analyzer | Type of Cholesterol Measured: Full blood lipid panel: total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, LDL/HDL, non-HDL, and triglycerides | Result Speed: Three minutes

    • Budget-friendly price and easy to use

    • Provides results quickly in under 5 minutes

    • Can incur user error with manual analysis

    • Results limited to 5 mmol/L range

    Test Type: Manual cholesterol test | Type of Cholesterol Measured: Total cholesterol | Result Speed: 3 minutes

    • Results available for review on the Choose Health app

    • Provides additional stats for cardio and general health

    Who Is At Risk Of High Cholesterol

    CardioChek Cholesterol Meter Deluxe Test Kit

    If you fall under any of these risk factor categories, you may be at risk of having an abnormal cholesterol level:

    • Having a family history of high cholesterol or heart disease
    • Having diabetes, kidney disease, polycystic ovary syndrome, or underactive thyroid gland

    The biomarkers of cholesterol include measured total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, and triglycerides.

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    Why Should I Have A Cholesterol Check

    Cholesterol is a fatty substance and is essential for the normal functioning of the body. High cholesterol itself doesnt usually cause any symptoms, but it increases your risk of developing serious health conditions such as heart disease and stroke. If you are concerned about your heart and, in particular, your cholesterol levels, visit us for our cholesterol check service.

    What Are The Benefits

    Home cholesterol test kits provide a fast and easy way to measure your cholesterol from the convenience of home. The Food and Drug Administration says the home kits can be as accurate as the tests your healthcare provider uses. However, accuracy varies from one brand to another.

    While some healthcare providers no longer ask patients to fast for 8 hours or more before a cholesterol test, many still require it. Depending on the kit, you may not have to fast at all.

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    To Take This Cholesterol Test Kit:

    Order the Everlywell kit online.

    Once it arrives, register the kit online using the unique ID that comes inside the kit.

    Use the lancet in the kit to prick your finger and follow the collection instructions inside the kit.

    Place your sample inside the sample pouch included with the kit. Then, put the sample pouch back inside the kit box.

    Send the box back in the return envelope using the prepaid shipping label provided.

    After the lab tests your sample, check your results on our secure, online platform.

    After you take any at-home sample collection test, it is recommended that you discuss test results with your healthcare provider for appropriate follow-up. They can discuss your medical history and personally evaluate your risk for specific medical conditions.

    If you…

    • Have a family history of heart disease before age 50 in male relatives, or age 60 in female relatives
    • Have a personal history of coronary heart disease or non-coronary atherosclerosis
    • Have a personal history of diabetes
    • Have a personal history of high blood pressure
    • Have a BMI > 30

    Buying Guide For Best Home Cholesterol Test Kits

    How to Test Cholesterol Level at Home | Curo L5 Instructional Video

    If your cholesterol levels dont fall within normal ranges, you are at risk for strokes and cardiovascular disease. To stay healthy, lipid profile blood testing as prescribed by your healthcare provider is important. But, in between doctor visits, how do you know if youre keeping your levels in check?

    Home cholesterol test kits provide an easy way to test various forms of cholesterol and triglycerides. Many tests available on todays market offer a high degree of accuracy, and some are even approved by the Food and Drug Administration . And while home cholesterol testing should never take the place of thorough lipid testing performed by your doctor, its a good tool for monitoring your numbers before your next visit.

    Whether this is your first time shopping for a home cholesterol test kit or you are browsing different options to find the best one for your needs, youve come to the right place. We have selected the top kits available based on reliability and results and put together a handy shopping guide below to help you choose the right kit for your needs.

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    How Accurate Are They

    The Food and Drug Administration states that at-home tests they have approved are about as accurate as the tests done by your doctor if you follow the instructions correctly. These tests have information about the test’s accuracy printed on the product label.

    However, note that for the majority of these devices, there is little published research about their accuracy.

    The biggest challenge associated with home cholesterol testing is user error. This can lead to an inaccurate result.

    Here are just a few of the things that can go wrong:

    • Instructions: Were any of the instructions confusing?
    • Fasting: Was fasting required and did you comply?
    • Blood sample: Did you get an adequate drop of blood on the strip?
    • Timing: Did you read it at the right time?
    • Storage: Was the test kit stored at the right temperature?
    • Expiration date: Was the kit within the expiration date?
    • Reading: Was there any confusion about the colors on the test strip?
    • Interpretation: Do you know what the results mean and whether you need to speak with your doctor?

    This should not suggest that tests are excessively complicated. But you should know that one or two errors can lead to false results or misinterpretations.

    If you get inconsistent results, see your doctor, who can check the values of your device or kit against an in-office test.

    There are four at-home cholesterol tests currently approved by the FDA:

    • Accutech CholesTrak
    • Home Access Cholesterol Panel Kit
    • Mission Cholesterol Test


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