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Can You Lower Cholesterol With Diet And Exercise

Effects Of Moderate Exercise On Ldl

How weight loss, exercise and diet can lower your cholesterol

Although researchers are still trying to determine exactly how exercise affects your cholesterol, the bottom line is clear: moderate exercise appears to have favorable effects on your cholesterol levels:

  • Moderate exercise reduced LDL cholesterol by up to 10% in some studies. There are a few studies that suggest that exercise may have a slightly positive or neutral effect on LDL.
  • Exercising regularly can increase your HDL cholesterol by between 3 and 6%.

Although this may not seem like much, combining exercise with other lifestyle changes can help keep your cholesterol levels, as well as the rest of your body, healthy.

Can You Lower Cholesterol Without Medication

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If youre having a cholesterol test soon, you might wonder what to expect when you get your results. If theyre high, will this mean a lifetime of medicine? Are there other kinds of treatments?

You might be surprised to learn that some people can lower cholesterol without medication. It depends on your risk factors for heart disease, and what your doctor thinks is best for you.

Learn more about what your numbers mean and what options you might have for keeping your cholesterol in a healthy range, including the best foods to eat to maintain a heart-healthy diet.

Other Possible Factors Of Your Hypercholesterolemia

As said earlier, there are other possible factors that may cause your hypercholesterolemia. If you have avoided cholesterol-rich foods but you still consume those containing trans fat and saturated fat, your diet program may fail to cut down your cholesterol level. If you have taken statin but you still indulge, the drug may still fail to do its job. Many people often overlook those factors when they try to lower their cholesterol. Try not to overlook them if you want to keep a check on your cholesterol level.

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Misconception: You Should Wait For Your Doctor To Mention Cholesterol

You need to take charge of your health. Starting at age 20, ask your doctor to test your cholesterol, assess your factors and estimate your risk for a heart attack or stroke.

If youre between 20 and 39, your doctor can assess your lifetime risk. If youre between 40 and 75, they will assess your 10-year risk.

Once you know your risk, you can take action to lower it. Your doctor may recommend diet and lifestyle changes and possibly medication. Follow all of your doctors instructions and have your cholesterol and other risk factors checked every four to six years as long as your risk remains low.

Lowering Cholesterol With Diet And Exercise

Does Green Tea Help Lower LDL Cholesterol? Effects The ...

Exactly how exercise works in improving your cholesterol levels is still not totally clear. Although there have been studies examining the effects of exercise on cholesterol, these studies have also been coupled with other cholesterol-lowering lifestyle changes, such as following a healthy diet or losing weight.

Recent studies examining the effect of exercise alone reveal a few ways that exercise may help improve your cholesterol levels:

  • Lipoprotein particle size. Some studies have shown that exercise can change your LDL . Smaller lipoproteins, such as small, dense LDL, have been associated with contributing to cardiovascular disease but having larger LDL particles do not carry this same risk. Studies have shown that moderate exercise can increase the size of your LDL particles, which can help to reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular disease. In one study, a 12-week endurance exercise program reduced small, dense LDL by up to 17%.
  • Reverse cholesterol transport. A few studies in mice have suggested that exercise can enhance the transport of cholesterol from the bloodstream to the liver, where it will eventually be filtered out of the body.
  • Absorption. A few studies have shown that eight to 12 weeks of endurance exercise may slightly reduce the absorption of cholesterol from the small intestine into the bloodstream. The amount of cholesterol made by the liver does not appear to be affected by exercise.

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Why Exercise Is Effective At Lowering Cholesterol

Cholesterol is one of the fatty substances we have circulating in our blood. If we have too much, it can stick to the inside walls of our arteries, narrowing them and increasing risk of cardiovascular disease.

Its not only the amount of cholesterol in the blood that affects our risk, though. Other factors play a part. One of these is the type of protein that carries the cholesterol through the body. Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol is more likely to cause problems. High-density lipoprotein cholesterol protects the body from cholesterol buildup.

Exercise helps increase levels of HDL good cholesterol. Researchers reported on this in Lipids in Health and Disease. Physically active women had significantly higher levels of HDL cholesterol than sedentary women. Another study published in Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology found similar results. In men with belly fat, regular endurance exercise increased HDL good cholesterol levels.

Exercise may even change the nature of our cholesterol. In 2002, researchers from Duke University Medical Center found that exercise improved the number and size of the particles carrying cholesterol through the body. Those who exercised more had larger, fluffier particles that were less likely to clog arteries.

Saturated And Unsaturated Fat

There are 2 main types of fat: saturated and unsaturated. Eating too many foods high in saturated fat can raise the level of cholesterol in your blood.

Most people in the UK eat too much saturated fat.

Foods high in saturated fat include:

  • meat pies
  • cakes and biscuits
  • foods containing coconut or palm oil

Eating foods that contain unsaturated fat instead of saturated fat can actually help reduce cholesterol levels.

Try to replace foods containing saturated fats with small amounts of foods high in unsaturated fats, such as:

  • oily fish such as mackerel and salmon
  • nuts such as almonds and cashews
  • seeds such as sunflower and pumpkin seeds
  • avocados
  • vegetable oils and spreads such as rapeseed or vegetable oil, sunflower, olive, corn and walnut oils

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Vegetarian Or Vegan Diet

These plant-based diets could do a lot for your cholesterol, if you choose your foods wisely.

Vegetarians don’t eat any meat. Vegans don’t eat any animal products, including meat, eggs, dairy, or even honey.

Studies suggest vegetarians are less likely to get heart disease and high blood pressure. Thatâs because a diet with low or no animal products tends to be lower in total fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol.

But if youâre going vegetarian or vegan, you’ll still need to check food labels and keep sweets and fatty foods to a minimum.

You may also want to check with a dietitian that you’re getting enough protein and essential nutrients like iron, vitamin B12, vitamin D, calcium, and zinc.

Causes Of High Cholesterol Levels In The Body

How Can I Lower Cholesterol With Diet?

Certain behaviors can negatively affect cholesterol levels in the body. These include

Hence, lack of exercise results in increased levels of blood cholesterol and that may lead to the development of cholesterol-related diseases.

Tobacco smoking or exposure to the smoke the smoke from tobacco has been found to elevate the levels of cholesterol in the body hence posing the risk of developing heart diseases.

An unhealthy diet the levels of body cholesterol are directly proportional to the amount and types of foods that an individual consumes on a daily basis.

Too much weight excess weight means the body contains the relevant components in quantities above the normal. This translates to elevated levels of cholesterol in the body which in most instances is harmful and a health hazard.

Generally, a sedentary lifestyle is what worsens the cholesterol levels in your body. That includes, not being careful with your body weight, not having an effective diet plan, and also lack of regular exercise. Looking into those factors should help maintain the cholesterol levels at the required range that is not harmful to the body.

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What General Tips Should I Know About Cholesterol

  • Stay well-hydrated during exercise by drinking water when you are thirsty, and remember that in hot or humid conditions you may need to drink even more water to maintain hydration.
  • Wear comfortable clothes with sneakers or flat shoes with laces. Wear shoes with good support so that you can reduce the risk of orthopedic problems.
  • Make exercise a regular part of your healthy lifestyle, and try to exercise at the same time of day so it becomes a habit.
  • Use caution when exercising right after meals, when it is very hot or humid, or if you do not feel up to exercising.
  • Ask family and friends to join you to help keep you motivated. This also can help them to start or continue on a road to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Note your activities on a calendar or in a record book. Record the type of exercise, distance/amount of time, and how you felt during the activity. This will help you keep track of your progress and serve as motivation to keep going!
  • Use a variety of exercise to keep up your interest. Try things such as yoga, tai chi, Pilates or kickboxing. Join an exercise group, health club or the YMCA. Many churches and senior centers also offer exercise programs.
  • Look for chances to be more active during the day. Some examples would be walking the mall before shopping, parking your car farther away from your destination than necessary, choosing a flight of stairs over an escalator, or taking 10 to15 minute walking breaks while watching TV or sitting for some other activity.


You Can Begin Lowering Cholesterol Naturally Today

Sound like a lot to take on? Dont be intimidated. Bringing down your high cholesterol doesnt have to mean changing your life completely. Rather, start with changing your mindset. Instead of moving away from things, youre moving toward new habits that will help you create a healthier and more enjoyable future.

Now is always the right time to start taking care of your heart health. If you need a little support, lean on friends and family. And dont forget: Your doctor is always there for you with advice, motivation and encouragement so you can reach your goals and live healthier.

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Myth: I Would Be Able To Feel It If I Had High Cholesterol

Fact: High cholesterol usually has no signs or symptoms. You may not know you have unhealthy cholesterol levels until it is too latewhen you have a heart attack or stroke. Thats why its so important to get your cholesterol levels checked at least every 5 years.1,2 Learn more about getting your cholesterol checked.

Occasionally, some people develop yellowish growths on their skin called xanthomas, which are cholesterol-rich deposits. People with xanthomas may have high cholesterol levels.

Understanding Good And Bad’ Cholesterol

#ldlcholesterol can you eat before you get your ...

Cholesterol has a bad reputation, but the truth is it is an essential part of the body that helps build hormones, make vitamin D, and produce bile acids in the liver, which is crucial for digestion.

In fact, according to the American Heart Association, the liver makes all the cholesterol your body needs to function. But cholesterol also enters the body through the animal-based foods you eat, like meat and full-dairy products.

To get your levels under control, it’s important to understand that cholesterol travels through the blood by substances called lipoproteins, and there are two main types:

  • LDL is known as “bad” cholesterol because when the body has too much LDL cholesterol, it can build up in your arteries and block the flow of blood, which increases your risk for heart disease or stroke.
  • HDL is called “good” cholesterol because it helps transport LDL cholesterol to the liver, where it can be removed before it builds up in the arteries. The higher the level of HDL cholesterol, the lower the risk of heart disease.

In general, what you’re aiming for is the right HDL-to-LDL ratio. But it takes more than just watching the cholesterol content of the foods you eat.

While one may think lowering cholesterol levels is all about prohibiting cholesterol-rich foods from your diet, that’s only a small factor.

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How Often Should You Exercise To Lower Cholesterol

The American Heart Association recommends 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity every day for good heart health. With a balanced diet and daily exercise of 30 minutes about 6 days a week, it could take 8 weeks to a year to see results, depending on your current body weight.

If you have high cholesterol, you should talk to your doctor about an exercise program and diet plan they recommend. Below, we list some types of exercises that can help reduce cholesterol.

What Are The Good And Bad Types Of Cholesterol

Low-density lipoprotein is bad cholesterol. The more LDL you have in your blood, the higher your risk of heart disease. High-density lipoprotein is good cholesterol. This type lowers your risk of heart disease.

Triglycerides are another type of fat in your blood. People with diabetes and those who are at risk of diabetes tend to have high triglycerides. When you make changes in your lifestyle to improve your cholesterol levels, you want to lower LDL, raise HDL, and lower triglycerides.

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Try Taking Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 is a naturally occurring compound that helps lower LDL cholesterol in the body.

This is because they help reduce inflammation and blood pressure which can lower your risk for heart disease over time.

Studies show that taking Coenzyme Q-CoQ pills may lower LDL cholesterol levels by up to 15%. The best part about this supplement is it does not have any side effects unless you are allergic to seafood!

This is one of many supplements created from natural sources as well, so be sure to speak with a doctor before beginning any new medication or supplementation regimen.

Prepare Your Food A Little Differently

Can Exercise Reduce Cholesterol? Guidelines And Tips

Its not only what you eat its how you eat it. Just as you can change what you buy in the grocery store, you can also choose healthier ways to make your food that help lower your cholesterol naturally. For example:

  • Trim fat and remove the skin when cooking meat or fish. This helps you get the protein while reducing fat intake.
  • Focus on boiling, broiling, baking, poaching or grilling. These are better methods of preparation than deep frying or breading, which can bring in extra fat.

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How To Lower Cholesterol With The Right Diet And Exercise Regimens

  • The best way to lower cholesterol is with a heart-healthy diet and regular exercise.
  • Foods that can lower cholesterol include nuts, avocados, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and healthy oils.
  • It generally takes at least three months to lower cholesterol and you will still need to maintain a healthy lifestyle afterward for any change to be effective.
  • This article was reviewed by Jason R. McKnight, MD, MS, a family medicine physician and clinical assistant professor at Texas A& M College of Medicine.
  • This article is part of Insider’s guide to High Cholesterol.

If you’re one of the 93 million adults in the US with high cholesterol, chances are you’re wondering what it’s going to take to lower it.

High cholesterol can be inherited, but by and large, it’s the consequence of unhealthy lifestyle choices. As a primer to the discussion you should be having with your doctor, there are several key changes you can make to your daily routine to keep your cholesterol levels at a healthy range.

According to Steven Reisman, MD, a cardiologist and director of the New York Cardiac Diagnostic Center, the best way to lower cholesterol is with lifestyle modifications through diet and exercise.

What About The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is an eating plan that improves cholesterol and lowers your risk of dying early. A big change for most people is to use olive oil instead of other fats and oils. Other parts of the Mediterranean diet include:

  • Eating less red meat, dairy products, eggs, and poultry

  • Eating more fish, tree nuts, vegetables, and whole grains

  • Drinking wine in moderation.

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How To Lower Cholesterol Naturally In 28 Simple Steps

By Rachael Link, MS, RD

There are tons of natural remedies out there for how to lower cholesterol levels, often promising quick results with next to no effort required on your part. But while its true that there are tons of options to keep cholesterol levels in check, it can actually be as simple as swapping out a few foods in your diet for healthier options, switching up your workout routine or adding a supplement or two into the mix.

Ready to get started? Lets take a look at 28 simple methods for how to lower cholesterol and how it can impact your health.

What Are The Negative Effects On The Body From High Ldl Cholesterol Levels

How To Lower Cholesterol With Diet And Exercise ...

There are many illnesses and health concerns that stem from having high total cholesterol levels.

Some health conditions that can be triggered by high cholesterol include:

  • Atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries and vascular dementia, which can lower brain function.
  • Increased risk of heart disease and strokes from plaque buildup on artery walls.
  • Angina chest pain that is a result of atherosclerosis restricting blood flow to the heart muscle.
  • Peripheral Vascular Disease

And that is to name a few.

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