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What Is A Healthy Hdl Cholesterol Level

How Do You Prepare For A Cholesterol Test

What is a Healthy Cholesterol Level?

In most cases, youll need to fast for nine to 12 hours before the test. Make sure you tell the person drawing your blood how long it has been since you ate or drank anything that wasnt water.

There are some cases when a cholesterol test is done without fasting. This is true for tests done at health screenings and may be true for people younger than 20 or for people who are unable to fast.

Some medical societies believe that fasting is not necessary to get a true picture of lipid levels in the blood, while other associations stand by the belief that fasting gives a better idea of a persons heart disease risk. You should be clear on whether or not you need to fast, and for how long, before you go for the blood test.

Do You Need To Lower Your Cholesterol And Triglycerides

If you have high cholesterol, high triglycerides or an unhealthy balance of blood fats, your doctor will probably recommend bringing these levels down with lifestyle changes and sometimes treatments.

Your doctor should look at your results in relation to any other risk factors for heart disease you may have such as high blood pressure, being overweight or smoking, as well as other health conditions such as diabetes.

Support Liver Health And Bile Flow

The liver is central to the regulation of cholesterol in the body. It is important that the liver be functioning optimally for healthy cholesterol levels.

Consuming liver healthy foods such as liver from organic, pastured animals, cruciferous vegetables, beets and eggs are important for supporting the liver. Other strategies for liver health include improving gut health, optimal hydration, intermittent fasting, and castor oil packs.

Using herbs and nutrients to support the liver can also be helpful. Kidney & Liver Support is a bioactive carbon product that focuses on drainage and immune support throughout the kidneys and liver. It contains milk thistle, along with NAC, parsley gynostemma, collinsonia root, beet root, and marshmallow root. Milk thistle protects the liver from damage and enhances the detoxification process.

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What Is The Difference Between Mmol/l And Mg/dl

In the United States your blood cholesterol level is measured in mg/dl or milligrams per decilitre but in the United Kingdom and Europe blood cholesterol level is measured in mmol/I or mill moles per litreHow do you convert your blood cholesterol levels mmol/l to mg/dl?Use this formula, mg/dl Cholesterol=38.6xmmol/lmmol Cholesterol ÷ 38.6 mg/dl

What Are Healthy Levels Of Hdl Cholesterol

How to Reduce Cholesterol in Seniors

Your doctor can order a blood test called a lipid or lipoprotein panel to check your cholesterol and see if your HDL is at a healthy level. Higher HDL levels on the test are better. You will get the test results in milligrams per deciliter .

Healthy HDL cholesterol levels are:

  • 40mg/dL or higher for men who are 20 years old and older
  • 50mg/dL or higher for women who are 20 years old and older
  • 45mg/dL or higher for children who are 19 years old and younger

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Causes Of Excessive Ldl Ldl Cholesterol

Causes of excessive LDL ldl cholesterol embody:

Eat a eating regimen excessive in saturated fats: Diets excessive in saturated and hydrogenated fats can enhance LDL levels of cholesterol.

Inactivity: Not getting sufficient train can result in weight acquire, which is linked to elevated levels of cholesterol.

Weight problems: Chubby individuals have an elevated danger of getting excessive ldl cholesterol.

Smoking: A chemical in cigarettes lowers HDL levels of cholesterol and damages the partitions of blood vessels, which may enhance the danger of hardening of the arteries.

Medical situations: A few of these can have an effect on LDL levels of cholesterol, together with kind 2 diabetes, an inactive thyroid, kidney or liver issues, and alcohol dependence.

Menopause: In some girls, the ldl cholesterol degree can enhance after menopause.

Genetics: Familial hypercholesterolemia is an inherited type of excessive ldl cholesterol that places individuals in danger for early coronary heart illness.

How To Lower Cholesterol: Smart Protein

To reduce cholesterol, limit red meat and eat more fish and lean poultry.

How to Prepare Healthy Proteins

  • Trim all fat from meats, and remove all skin from poultry before cooking.
  • Broil or bake, don’t fry foods.
  • Drain fat from any meats before serving.
  • Avoid processed meats such as hot dogs or cold cuts, even those labeled “reduced fat,” as many are still high in saturated fats and calories.
  • Oily fish such as salmon or trout are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which can reduce triglyceride levels and improve HDL cholesterol levels.
  • Soy proteins can also have a beneficial effect and help to reduce LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, while raising HDL cholesterol levels.

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How To Lower Cholesterol: Low

Low-carbohydrate diets may help improve HDL cholesterol levels. The National Institutes of Health conducted a study that found while both low-fat and low-carb dieters lost weight over the two-year study period, low-carb dieters also improved their HDL cholesterol levels. The problem with low-carb diets is that they may be difficult to adhere to. Consult your doctor about the best healthy eating plan to manage your cholesterol.

What Complications Are Possible If You Dont Treat High Cholesterol Levels In Your Blood

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The main reason to treat high cholesterol is to prevent or treat coronary heart disease , also called coronary artery disease or CAD. CHD happens when heart is not able to get enough oxygen-rich blood to function well and kills more people in the U.S. than any other cause of death. CHD usually refers to the large arteries, but there is also a condition called coronary microvascular disease that affects the small vessels and causes damage.

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What Are The Normal Cholesterol Levels For Men And Women

A cholesterol test generally determines 4 distinct numbers: Total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, and triglycerides. Cholesterol being fat, it is not soluble in water. So it cannot circulate freely in the blood. But, the fact is that nature has devised a way to make water-soluble cholesterol, and transport it through the blood. This is by lipoproteins. The LDL or Low-density lipoprotein and the HDL or high-density lipoprotein are the 2 fundamental cholesterol carriers but to make things simpler, they are considered as cholesterol types. In addition, the lipid panel appraises the triglycerides . They have an impact on health in the same manners as cholesterol. At last, the total cholesterol is integrated as well in the results. Apart from these 4 general lipid levels, your doctor may want to access your very low-density lipoprotein or VLDL that is considered bad when high.

How Is High Cholesterol Diagnosed

A blood test, specifically a lipid panel or lipid profile, will show your total cholesterol levels.

The measured total cholesterol level is made up of your LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol and 20% of triglycerides .

For an accurate reading, you should not eat or drink anything between nine and twelve hours before the sample is taken.

In Australia, cholesterol levels are measured in millimoles per litre .

The range below is a guide for a healthy blood cholesterol level.

  • Total cholesterol should be between: 3.9 5.5 mmol/L
  • HDL should be between: 0.9 2.1 mmol/L
  • LDL should be between: 1.7-3.5 mmol/L
  • Triglycerides should be between: 0.5 1.7 mmol/L

This is one of the key checks that we do on the mobile Heart Health Check Tour, along with checking your blood pressure and sugar levels. This visual cholesterol guide is also available as a PDF to .

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What Are Healthy Hdl Cholesterol Levels

Healthy HDL cholesterol levels are different for men and women. Young boys and girls have similar HDL levels, but in boys, HDL levels fall after puberty and remain lower throughout their lives.

  • For women, HDL levels above 1.2mmol/L are thought to be healthy.
  • For men, HDL levels above 1.1mmol/L are thought to be healthy.

HEART UKs specialists believe that HDL is at its most protective at around 1.3-1.4mmol/L, and higher levels might not offer any extra protection.

Note that if you have high LDL cholesterol and your doctor is considering treatment to lower it, high HDL levels are not a reason to avoid treatment.

Find out your HDL cholesterol levels with a simple cholesterol test

How Do I Know What My Hdl Level Is

High Cholesterol &  5 Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol Levels

A blood test can measure your cholesterol levels, including HDL. When and how often you should get this test depends on your age, risk factors, and family history. The general recommendations are:

For people who are age 19 or younger:

  • The first test should be between ages 9 to 11
  • Children should have the test again every 5 years
  • Some children may have this test starting at age 2 if there is a family history of high blood cholesterol, heart attack, or stroke

For people who are age 20 or older:

  • Younger adults should have the test every 5 years
  • Men ages 45 to 65 and women ages 55 to 65 should have it every 1 to 2 years

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Your Blood Vessels And Heart Are Called Your Cardiovascular System One Of The Best Ways To Prevent Cardiovascular Disease Is To Keep Your Cholesterol At A Healthy Level

What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a type of fat in our blood which is produced by the liver. Everyone has cholesterol. Some of this cholesterol comes from the food that we eat. Our bodies need a certain amount of cholesterol for normal cell function, to help digestion and produce certain hormones. So not all cholesterol is bad.

Why is a healthy cholesterol important?

If your total cholesterol is high, it can mean that you have a lot of LDL cholesterol in your blood. Too much LDL cholesterol can be harmful because it sticks to the inside walls of your arteries. This can lead to fatty material building up in a process called atherosclerosis. It makes it harder for blood to flow through, which can lead to a stroke or heart attack.

Having high cholesterol affects people of all ages. Making small changes now can make a big difference to your life now and in the future, especially if you already have heart disease or a family history of it.

What are the types of cholesterol?

There are two main types of cholesterol: HDL and LDL

HDL known as good cholesterol because it can help keep bad cholesterol in check by transporting it away from the arteries to the liver, where it is broken down and removed from the body. HDL cholesterol has been associated with a reduced risk of coronary heart disease.

What causes high cholesterol?

Things that can cause high cholesterol

What steps can you take to keep your cholesterol at a healthy level?

Signs and symptoms of high cholesterol

Your Total Cholesterol Figure Divided By The Hdl

Whats healthy? The lower this figure, the better. Ideally 4.5, while above 6 is considered high risk.

What should I do? This reading will help your GP work out whether your overall cholesterol levels are healthy, which in turn helps them calculate your risk of CVD – another reason why its important to have full cholesterol results, not just TC. It could be high if your TC, LDL-C and non-HDL cholesterol levels are too high, or if your HDL-C is too low, or a combination of both. Maintaining a healthy TC:HDL ratio long-term can help reduce your risk of CVD in future. You can do this by following the advice above.

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What Are The Perfect Ranges

Ldl cholesterol is measured in milligrams per deciliter . The Protected Supply suggestions for wholesome ldl cholesterol are:

Whole ldl cholesterol degree lower than 2 g / L An LDL ldl cholesterol degree is taken into account regular when its lower than 1.6 g / l. HDL ldl cholesterol have to be lower than or equal to 2g / l

Dietary Tips To Avoid Cholesterol

What Are Normal Cholesterol Levels, Triglyceride Levels & Healthy Cholesterol Ratios?

The most important thing you can do to reduce your cholesterol level is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You should try to:

  • Increase the amount and variety of fresh fruit, vegetables and wholegrain foods you have each day.
  • Choose low or reduced-fat milk, yoghurt and other dairy products or have added calcium soy drinks.
  • Choose lean meat .
  • Limit fatty meats, including sausages and salami, and choose leaner sandwich meats like turkey breast or cooked lean chicken.
  • Have fish at least twice a week.
  • Replace butter and dairy blends with polyunsaturated margarines.
  • Include foods in your diet that are rich in soluble fibre and healthy fats, such as nuts, legumes and seeds.
  • Limit cheese and ice cream to twice a week.

Other storage fats that are transported in blood lipoproteins include triglycerides. When present in high concentrations in the blood, this fat is also a risk for heart attack. Some foods will affect the cholesterol level or the triglyceride level and some will affect both.

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Why High Cholesterol Matters

High cholesterol puts you at risk for heart disease and stroke, leading causes of death in the U.S. High levels of LDL cholesterol can contribute to plaque buildup on the walls of the arteries, narrowing the arteries and restricting blood flow. If some of this plaque breaks off and gets stuck in a narrowed artery, it can block the artery and cut off blood supply to the heart or brain, resulting in heart attack or stroke.

What Levels Are Normal And When Are They Too High

âIts normal for cholesterol levels to rise slightly as you get older and women tend to have higher HDL than men. In the UK, the average total cholesterol level is 5.7mmol/l.ââDr Zenon Andreou

âIts normal for cholesterol levels to rise slightly as you get older and women tend to have higher HDL than men. In the UK, the average total cholesterol level is 5.7mmol/l.â

There are two main types of lipoprotein:

  • High-density good lipoprotein this type carries cholesterol away from the cells and back to the liver to be broken down or passed away as a waste product.
  • Low-density bad lipoprotein takes cholesterol to the cells where its needed. If there is more LDL than needed, it can build up in the artery walls.

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Final Thoughts On Cholesterol:

Optimal levels of cholesterol and triglycerides are important for overall health. It is helpful to look at lipid and cholesterol ratios to determine if your levels are healthy.

Many factors influence your cholesterol and lipid ratios. Most of these factors are influenced by your diet and lifestyle choices. However, there can also be an underlying medical reason for altered lipid profiles. Be sure to test your levels regularly and use the diet and lifestyle strategies discussed above to help keep your cholesterol levels within healthy ranges.

If you want to work with a functional health coach, I recommend this article with tips on how to find a great coach. Our website offers long-distance functional health coaching programs with our world-class team of health coaches. For further support with your health and other goals, just reach outour fantastic coaches are here to support your journey.

How To Get Tested

Stay Healthy

There are several different ways that HDL cholesterol levels can be tested.

Your doctor may prescribe a laboratory test, which requires taking a blood sample from a vein in your arm in a medical office or hospital.

Some clinics, doctors offices, pharmacies, and events like health fairs also offer on-site cholesterol testing. Known as point-of-care testing, this test analyzes a drop of blood that comes from pricking your fingertip with a very small needle.

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Why Age Is A Factor

The recommended ranges for your cholesterol will vary based on age and gender. As people get older, cholesterol levels rise naturally. For example, people who have gone through menopause may have higher LDL and lower HDL cholesterol levels.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children’s cholesterol levels be checked between ages 9 and 11.

However, children with certain risk factors, such as those whose parents or grandparents have had heart attacks or been diagnosed with blocked arteries at age 55 or earlier in males or 65 or earlier in females, should be tested for cholesterol between ages 2 and 10.

What Are Cholesterol Levels

Cholesterol circulating in the blood is carried by special particles called lipoproteins. The two major cholesterol-carrying lipoproteins are low-density lipoprotein and high-density lipoprotein :

  • LDL cholesterol is often referred to as “bad” cholesterol because too much of it can build up in your arteries and form plaques, which increases the risk of heart disease .
  • HDL cholesterol is often referred to as “good” cholesterol as it carries cholesterol to the liver to be broken down and excreted.

Since your total cholesterol is a combination of your LDL cholesterol and your HDL cholesterol, ideally you want to keep your LDL levels low and your HDL levels high. There are many factors that can influence your cholesterol, including, diet, exercise, weight, genetics, and other health conditions.

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How Can You Prevent High Cholesterol Levels And Coronary Heart Disease

Prevention methods are very much the same as treatment methods. First, dont smoke. If you do smoke, make plans to quit now. Find ways to add physical activity to each of your days. Take steps to keep your weight in a healthy range. Eat well. Consider following the Mediterranean diet. It is the only diet proven to reduce the risk of heart disease. Take care of any other medical conditions you might have by following your healthcare providers advice and instructions. Learn to really relax and calm down.


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