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Does Vital Cholesterol Ease Work

Yes This Information Is For You If

Does Protein Powder Work? (Spoiler: YES, but there’s a catch)
  • Your doctor has suggested you take one of the following heart, blood vessel, blood pressure, cholesterol, or blood thinner medicines. These are called cardiovascular medicines.
  • Blood pressure medicines like ACE inhibitors, ARBs , beta-blockers, calcium channel blockers, and diuretics
  • Medicines that help make the pumping of your heart stronger, like Lanoxicaps® or Lanoxin®
  • Medicines that help control your cholesterol and triglyceride levels, like statins or fenofibrate
  • Blood thinners like warfarin
  • Aspirin or other antiplatelet medicines like Plavix®, Brilinta®, or Pradaxa®
  • Medicines to treat or prevent chest pain from your heart, like nitrates such as Isordil®
  • You are taking or thinking about taking one or more dietary supplements in addition to your CV medicine. Dietary supplements studied in the research for this summary include:
  • Niacin
  • What To Look For

    There are no regulatory agencies in the United States, including the FDA, that govern the purity or safety of supplements.

    To better ensure safety and quality, choose supplements that have been independently tested by a third-party certifying body like the U.S. Pharmacopeia , NSF International, or ConsumerLab. These authorities can certify that the ingredients are pure and in the amounts listed on the product label.

    In addition to supplements, there are food sources of lecithin that may be able to provide all of the nutrient you need.

    Can Moringa Lower Blood Pressure

    If you have high blood pressure, can moringa help? One study says it might. Here, 41 people were given either 120 g of cooked moringa oleifera leaves each day and compared to people who did not eat the leaves. Before and after blood pressure measurements were taken.

    Those eating cooked leaves had lowered systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure. This was not seen on those who did not eat the leaves. This is good news because some animal research has noted moringa might raise blood pressure. While encouraging, keep in mind none of the people in the study had high blood pressure so more research is needed.

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    Cholesterol: Good Vs Evil

    There are two very distinct types of cholesterol

    • The bad kind: LDL
    • The good kind: HDL 3

    LDL cholesterol

    LDL cholesterol is considered bad because it produces something called plaque which can clog your arteries. When arteries become clogged, they narrow and less blood is able to get to the heart. In the worst case, they completely block blood from reaching your heart, or they cause a blood clot. Either way, both can cause a heart attack.

    HDL cholesterol

    HDL cholesterol is considered good because it doesnt clog your arteries. In fact, it cleans up the mess that LDL cholesterol makes by carrying LDL back to your liver to be processed and evicted.

    There is also a third factor that needs to be addressed triglycerides.


    Triglycerides are the most common type of fat found in your body. Their job is to store energy from your diet. But high triglyceride levels when combined with bad LDL cholesterol is linked to fatty buildups in the walls of the arteries. This further increases your risk of heart attacks and strokes.

    What Are Dietary Supplements

    #cholesteroldefinition what foods increase good ...

    Dietary supplements are vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other substances that supplement the vitamins and minerals you get from foods. These products come as pills, powders, drinks, and bars. They are sold at pharmacies, grocery stores, vitamin stores, and health food stores and on the Internet.

    Many supplements are advertised for specific health problems, like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or CV disease. Some supplements that have been sold for these CV problems include:

    • Vitamins and minerals, such as:
    • Niacin
  • Herbs or supplements made from plants, such as:
  • Ginseng
  • Omega-3 fatty acids/fish oil
  • Coenzyme Q10
  • Dietary supplements are very popular. You may have seen them advertised on TV, on the Internet, in newspapers, or in magazines. Or, you may have heard about supplements from a friend. One to two out of every three adults with CV problems takes a dietary supplement because they think it will give them some health benefit.

    More information on dietary supplements is available at:

    How are dietary supplements different from prescription and over-the-counter medicines?

    Unlike prescription or over-the-counter medicines, dietary supplements do not have to be approved by the FDA.

    Can dietary supplements be harmful?

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    What Is Moringa Oleifera

    Moringa oleifera is the scientific name for a tree that grows in several places around the world. It has many names including:

    • horseradish tree
    • benzolive tree

    Some even call it miracle tree.

    Because it’s rich in vitamins, minerals, fats, and proteins, moringa has actually been used to battle malnourishment in developing countries. This is likely why some might call it a super food. While some websites may tout that the plant grows in exotic locations like the Himalayan mountains or dead sea, Moringa can also be grown in more familiar areas, such as Florida.

    Now, let’s cover the evidence for some of the major health benefits of moringa with an emphasis on what the research conducted so far says.

    Smoking Or Exposure To Tobacco Smoke

    Add high cholesterol to the list of why smoking is so bad for you. Smoking can lower good HDL cholesterol, and smokers who already have high cholesterol have a greater risk of developing coronary artery disease, according to The American Heart Association. Smoking can also raise blood pressure and increase other heart disease risk factors.

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    How To Handle Side Effects

    Donât stop taking your cholesterol drugs even if they donât make you feel great. Instead, talk to your doctor. There are a few ways they might be able to help you feel better:

    Take a brief break. If you have muscle pain, your doctor may tell you to stop taking your drug for a short time and then start it again within a month. The time off can show if your medicine is causing the pain or if itâs due to another problem.

    Check your other meds. If you take cholesterol drugs and other medicines, you might be more likely to have side effects. Tell your doctor about everything you take, including prescription drugs, over-the-counter meds, and supplements.

    Get a lower dosage. Your doctor may try to reduce how much of your medicine you take. You might also be able to take a pill every other day instead of daily.

    Switch treatments. If your side effects are too hard to handle, you might be able to try a different statin such pravastatin and rosuvastatin , which are less likely to cause muscle aches.The cholesterol drug ezetimibe may allow you to take a lower statin dose and thereby help relieve your muscle pain, for example.

    Consider OTC treatments. Statins may lower levels of a substance in your muscles called coenzyme Q10, and that can cause pain. You may try taking CoQ10 supplements to get relief. Another option, L-carnitine, might help, too. But always talk to your doctor before you start taking any medicine, even ones you buy without a prescription.

    The Truth About 4 Popular Heart Health Supplements

    How Statins Work to Reduce Cholesterol

    Watching your cholesterol levels is a smart idea, especially since one inthree people have high levels of bad cholesterol: low-density lipoprotein. If youre facing an increased risk for high cholesterol and yourestruggling to manage it, you might consider reaching for supplements orother over-the-counter products. But you should think twice before you dothat, saysSeth Martin, M.D., M.H.S., Johns Hopkins cardiologist and co-director of the Advanced LipidDisorders Center.

    Some people try supplements instead of prescription medications because they think its a safer way to address health issues, he says. But many of those supplements dont benefit the heart like people think.

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    Where Does The Information In This Summary Come From

    Researchers funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality , a Federal Government research agency reviewed 70 studies published through September 2011 on the effects of taking dietary supplements along with CV medicines. The report was reviewed by clinicians, researchers, experts, and the public. You can read the report at

    What Are The Risk Factors For Ra

    Researchers have studied a number of genetic and environmental factors to determine if they change persons risk of developing RA.

    Characteristics that increase risk

    • Age. RA can begin at any age, but the likelihood increases with age. The onset of RA is highest among adults in their sixties.
    • Sex. New cases of RA are typically two-to-three times higher in women than men.
    • Genetics/inherited traits. People born with specific genes are more likely to develop RA. These genes, called HLA class II genotypes, can also make your arthritis worse. The risk of RA may be highest when people with these genes are exposed to environmental factors like smoking or when a person is obese.
    • Smoking. Multiple studies show that cigarette smoking increases a persons risk of developing RA and can make the disease worse.
    • History of live births. Women who have never given birth may be at greater risk of developing RA.
    • Early Life Exposures. Some early life exposures may increase risk of developing RA in adulthood. For example, one study found that children whose mothers smoked had double the risk of developing RA as adults. Children of lower income parents are at increased risk of developing RA as adults.
    • Obesity. Being obese can increase the risk of developing RA. Studies examining the role of obesity also found that the more overweight a person was, the higher his or her risk of developing RA became.

    Characteristics that can decrease risk

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    What Is The Science Behind Vitalflow Supplement

    Vital Flow prostate formula works because of the natural ingredients in its formulation. These ingredients provide superior results for its users. They all have been thoroughly researched and hand picked for their effectiveness. Vital Flows effectiveness rests largely on its natural ingredients and their benefits. This combination includes many other ingredients, such as vitamins and herbs. They are essential for providing the needed results. Additionaly, users can expect to see the side effects and symptoms go down as well as the main cause. DHT, which is the main cause of inflammation, is the key to it all. This hormone must be addressed if users want to avoid this issue. Many other methods are not effective and provide no regular solution.

    VitalFlow supplement is so efficient because of this process. The body can flush out the DHT levels and this results in lower inflammation, relief from any side effects and allows users to live a happier life, without worrying about side effects or other problems like:

    • Increased size of prostate
    • Ejaculations that are less effective

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    Being Overweight Or Obese

    Carrying extra pounds or having obesity increases the risk for both high cholesterol and other heart diseases. Having a BMI in the overweight or obese range, or a waist circumference over 40 inches for men or 35 inches for women can raise the risk for high total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides, as well as low HDL cholesterol. Use a BMI calculator to determine your number using your height and weight.

    How To Use E

    Take this product by mouth as directed. Follow all directions on the product package. If you have any questions, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

    If you are using a liquid form of this product, carefully measure your dose using a medication-measuring device or spoon. Do not use a household spoon because you may not get the correct dose. If your liquid form is a suspension, shake the bottle well before each dose.

    Dosage is based on your medical condition and response to treatment. Do not increase your dose or take it more often than recommended. Taking too much vitamin E may increase your risk of side effects.

    High doses of vitamin E may increase the chance of rare but very serious side effects. There is no proof that high doses of vitamin E help to prevent or treat heart disease. There is very little evidence that it helps prevent or treat Alzheimer’s disease. In some people, taking these high doses may even be harmful. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist and discuss the risks and benefits before taking vitamin E supplements.

    If your doctor prescribes this product for vitamin E deficiency, use it regularly to get the most benefit from it. To help you remember, take it at the same time each day. You should see improvement of symptoms such as numbness/tingling of the hands/feet and weakness. If your condition persists or worsens, or if you think you may have a serious medical problem, seek immediate medical attention.

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    Vital Flow Review: Price

    VitalFlow pills seem like a revolutionary product and you might think that it is going to be very expensive for you, but think again. This dietary supplement can be purchased at a very affordable price. The supplement is available in three discounted packages at the moment:

    • Basic : 1 bottle of Vital Flow prostate support supplement for $69 per bottle.
    • Standard : 3 bottles of Vital Flow prostate support supplement for $177 .
    • Premium : 6 bottles of Vital Flow prostate support supplement with 50% discount for $294 .

    Note: Every purchase comes with free shipping anywhere in the world.

    Vital Flow is bioavailable, in case you didnt know. You can expect huge results within a month! On top of that Vital Flow comes with an ironclad 60-day money-back guarantee, which means that you can try this product for two months completely risk-free and if for any reason you dont like the results, you can request a full refund, no questions asked.

    Increase Your Chances Of Living Longer

    Diabetes and cholesterol | How it works | Diabetes UK

    Science shows that physical activity can reduce your risk of dying early from leading causes of death, like heart disease and some cancers. This is remarkable in two ways:

  • Only a few lifestyle choices have as large an impact on your health as physical activity. People who are physically active for about 150 minutes a week have a 33% lower risk of all-cause mortality than those who are physically inactive.
  • You dont have to do high amounts of activity or vigorous-intensity activity to reduce your risk of premature death. Benefits start to accumulate with any amount of moderate- or vigorous-intensity physical activity.
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    Inflammation Causes Heart Disease Not Cholesterol

    A common misconception is that cholesterol builds up and clogs your arteries, like grease blocking a pipe. The process is more nuanced than that.

    As you read about in the last section, cholesterol is a repair molecule that shows up to heal damaged cells. When your arterial walls get damaged, cholesterol arrives to fix the problem. The issue is that LDL particles carrying cholesterol are large, and they can get stuck in the tear in your arterial wall. Thats when plaques begin to form.

    The solution, then, shouldnt be to decrease your LDL and deprive your body of repair. It should be to get rid of whatevers tearing holes in the walls of your arteries. LDL is a symptom of an underlying problem, not a cause. The question is, what causes arterial damage in the first place?

    The answer seems to be inflammation.

    One of my favorite examples is smoking, Feldman says. Smoking causes oxidative stress that damages endothelial cellsthe damaged cells then become problematic, to the extent that it makes sense that the body would take action to repair them. Would you rather have a hole in the endothelial wall of your blood vessel, or would you rather have some spackle there to try to plug the leak?

    Cholesterol seems to be a symptom of a larger problem. So why the confusion all these years about cholesterol causing heart disease?

    The Framingham Study and related studies have found that the main risk factors for heart attack are:

    Benefits Of Physical Activity

    Regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health.

    Everyone can experience the health benefits of physical activity age, abilities, ethnicity, shape, or size do not matter.

    If youre not sure about becoming active or boosting your level of physical activity because youre afraid of getting hurt, the good news is that moderate-intensity aerobic activity, such as brisk walking, is generally safe for most people.

    If you have not been physically active in a while, you may be wondering how to get started again. Find more tips here to get started with physical activity for a healthy weight.

    Learn more about what works and how physical activity can improve your health.

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    Calming Anxiety Depression & Insomnia: An Integrative Medicine Approach

    On a daily basis in my medical practice I have patients approach me with terrible stomach issues, sleeping problems, heart palpitations, headaches, attention difficulty, and other issues frequently linked to the effects of stress hormones. In chronic stress and anxiety, the hormone cortisol drips through the body like a leaky fight-or-flight faucet. We need cortisol to survive, but too much for too long has toxic ramificationsthe body and mind can compensate for a time, but, eventually, other health issues will manifest from cortisols unmitigated release, such as thyroid problems, chronic pain, eating disorders, adrenal fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, hair loss, weight issues, hormonal imbalance, insomnia, immunosuppression, ulcers, heartburn, and much, much more.

    Below, I list several herbs, foods, vitamins, amino acids, and more that have shown benefit in lowering anxiety, aiding sleep, and relieving depression.

    1.Lavender and Lavender Oil:

    Taken on a regular basis about an hour before sleep, the European lavender extract product Lavela has demonstrated efficacy favorable to that of benzodiazapines in reducing anxiety, with none of the side effects or addictive potential.

    Findings of two studies suggest that standardized extracts of lavender may have anti-anxiety effects similar to paroxetine and lorazepam .

    The dose of lavender oil, as you find in the above product, is 80 mg/day.

    Lavender relaxation tea: here is a nice recipe from Aviva Romm, MD:




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