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Does Diet Soda Affect Cholesterol

What Role Does Cholesterol Play In Health

Healthy Eating & Living : How Does Soda Affect the Human Body?

Cholesterol has a few major functions in the body. It plays a part in hormone and vitamin D production. Its also incorporated into bile acids, which aid digestion and vitamin absorption. Cholesterol provides support to the production and maintenance of your cell membranes, as well.

In other words, you need cholesterol for good health.

Sugary Drinks Worsened Cholesterol Levels Over Time

Researchers found that middle-aged and older adults who drank sugary beverages daily were at greater risk for developing abnormal cholesterol and triglyceride levels compared with those who rarely drank those beverages.

With this study, we have shown that SSB intake is also associated with greater risk of developing dyslipidemia and with adverse changes in lipoprotein concentrations related to triglycerides and HDL cholesterol, McKeown said.

Sugary beverage drinkers had a 98 percent higher chance of developing low HDL cholesterol and a 53 percent higher chance of developing high triglycerides, according to the study.

Cholesterol is one of the most important risk factors for atherosclerosis and heart attack and stroke. Managing your cholesterol is extremely important, and at least once a year checkups are vital for keeping on top of it, Peterman said.

The findings also suggest that high sugary beverage intake is associated with HDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels that worsened over time in daily sugary beverage drinkers when compared with those who rarely drank sugar-sweetened beverages.

Sugar intake and diabetes play a huge role in your cholesterol levels, Peterman said.

He explains that metabolic syndrome is a term that encompasses a host of issues, and cholesterol abnormalities, body weight, and diabetes are all interrelated.

This study makes a good point in showing that eating too much sugar has a negative impact on your cholesterol levels, Peterman said.

What Raises Cholesterol Level

Raised cholesterol level is mostly caused by consumed foods, which are rich in certain substances. In moderation, all foods should not cause distinctive effects to the body. However, consuming some substances excessively may trigger boosted cholesterol level. Some of these substances include:

  • Added sugar

While natural sugar contained by food sources, such as fruits and starchy foods should not be harmful for the body, added table sugar and other kinds of sweeteners might have not-really-healthy effects on it, as it tends to raise blood sugar level which contributes to high cholesterol level.

  • Saturated fats

Dairy foods, such as yoghurt, milk, and cheese is loaded with beneficial minerals. However, the whole-fat dairy products might be the source of high saturated fats, which inhibit cholesterol disposal from the body.

Some kinds of oil, such as coconut and palm oil are also the sourced of high saturated fats, which may cause plaques in the arteries, heightening the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

  • Caffeine

Caffeine contained by coffee, tea, and other beverages will be changed into terpenes, which elevate cholesterol and triglycerides level in blood.

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What Causes Elevated Cholesterol

As far as diet, saturated fat is the single most influential factor affecting on cholesterol levels. A diet high in saturated fat has a potent influence on raising low-density lipoprotein, a harmful form of cholesterol.

Lifestyle choices can affect your cholesterol levels by influencing how your body breaks down cholesterol. Smoking for example, is well-known to increase cholesterol and another blood fat called triglyceride. Alcohol intake also influences cholesterol levels.

Mayo Clinic Q And A: Diet Soda And High Blood Pressure

Does Diet Coke Raise Your Cholesterol

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I typically drink three or four cans of diet soda each day, and my doctor told me it may be the cause of my high blood pressure. But, Ive been drinking this much soda for years and have never had any issues. Why would it suddenly affect my blood pressure?

ANSWER: Its unlikely that the diet soda you drink is causing your high blood pressure. A number of studies have examined this topic, and there is no evidence to suggest a link between regularly drinking diet soda and an increase in blood pressure. In fact, some research findings seem to suggest the opposite. Diet soda actually may contribute to lowering blood pressure.

A variety of artificial sweeteners are available on the market. All of them are judged to be safe for general use. The three artificial sweeteners primarily used in soft drinks and diet sodas are stevia, sucralose and aspartame. Stevia, a natural product, has been shown to possibly lower blood pressure in people who have high blood pressure. Sucralose, which has almost the same molecular structure as table sugar, does not have much, if any, effect on blood pressure.

The bulk of diet sodas are made with aspartame. Aspartame does not appear to cause high blood pressure either. For example, in one study looking at a possible connection between the two, rats were fed either sugary foods or large doses of aspartame. The results showed that blood pressure went down in the group that consumed the artificial sweetener.

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Does Drinking Diet Soda Increase Your Blood Sugar

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Diet soda may seem like the perfect solution if youre watching both calories and sugar, but drinking too much of it can actually cause more problems than it solves. The intense sweetness of diet soda tricks your brain into believing you have consumed a high-calorie treat. When no calories appear, your brain signals hunger, which can lead to overeating. Unfortunately, this is not the only ill effect diet soda has on your body.


Although drinking diet soda doesnt actually increase your blood sugar levels, it has other negative effects on your body and brain.

Does Coke Zero Raise Blood Sugar Levels

Coke zero doesnt contain any sugar or calories in it. So taking coke zero for a short time like a can of it wont raise blood sugar levels. Rather than having sugar or carbohydrate coke zero contains two artificial sweeteners. These sweeteners dont raise the level of blood sugar but these may hamper your enamel of teeth.

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What Is Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is a group of risk factors that often occur together. They increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

These factors include:

One recent study posted in Diabetes Care found a strong association between diet sodas and diabetes factors. In the study, researchers found a significant link between diet soda and the development of high blood sugar levels and belly fat, two factors of metabolic syndrome.

The results of the study showed a 67-percent increase in the risk of type 2 diabetes in people who drank diet soda daily.

While these are observational results and do not prove a cause-and-effect relationship, diet soda is unlikely to be the best option for people looking to control or prevent type 2 diabetes.

Obesity is a contributing factor in diabetes.

Controlling body weight is an important step in managing or avoiding type 2 diabetes.

A study posted in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society looked at the long-term effects of diet soda on waist size, an indicator of visceral or belly fat.

This type of fat increases the risk of chronic disease more than fat located in other areas of the body. The study lasted for 9.4 years and included a total of 749 participants over 65 years of age.

The waist circumference of participants increased when they drank diet soda for a long period. Participants who drank diet soda on a daily basis showed nearly quadruple the waist gain than those who did not drink it.

The Worst Foods For Your Cholesterol Levels

Does Diet Soda Make You Fat?!

Our fast-paced modern life has thrown up many challenges and we tend to compromise on many things. We always seem to be in a rush to catch up on something or the other and in the process the first thing we ignore is what we eat and how we eat. That, more than anything else, is responsible for high cholesterol levels.

Now, now…you know this is not good for you!

Diet modification, coupled with exercise, is the best solution for lowering cholesterol levels but the sad part is that most of us tend to spend money on statin drugs rather than look for natural solutions. Simply avoiding foods that increase cholesterol can go a long way in reducing cholesterol levels in your body.

If you want to control cholesterol in your body, be sure to avoid the following foods.

1.Butter. Who doesnt love butter? In fact fats add to the taste of food. But at the same time, it is not healthy for you if you have high cholesterol. It is actually one of the richest sources of cholesterol. One tablespoon of butter can contain almost 30mg of cholesterol.

2.Shortening. Shortening is a semisolid fat used for preparing baked foods. It is 100% fat as compared to 80% in butter. What is more important to note is that it is made from hydrogenated oils, which are loaded with trans-fat. Avoid eating pie crusts and fried foods.

8.Pizza. The only thing good in a slice of cheese pizza is the tomato sauce, the rest of it is all high in cholesterol.

Anne Hamilton

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What Are The Risks

While diet soft drinks are safe, they provide no nutrients. In addition to diet soda, the ADA recommends drinking water, unsweetened iced, or hot tea, and sparkling or infused water, which similarly have no calories and few nutrients.

Although they contain carbohydrates, milk and 100 percent fruit juices can be wise choices when you consider the nutrients they provide. Be sure to limit fruit juices due to their high natural sugar content.

A 2000 study published in Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine investigated the risks of drinking colas in youth.

The study found that drinking carbonated beverages was associated with bone fractures in teenage girls. Most of the girls drank regular sugar sweetened soda, while only 20 percent drank the diet version.

Although the same wasnt shown for boys, the study did raise concerns about replacing milk with soda during a critical time for bone development.

Diet soda consumption for adults only becomes problematic when the quantity consumed is very excessive. This can lead to higher intakes of caffeine if the beverages are caffeinated.

Replacing all water and dairy or 100 percent juice with diet soda in the diet can lead to missing essential nutrients.

The acceptable daily intake is the level of intake considered safe. For an adult weighing 150 pounds, the ADI is 20 twelve ounce soft drinks or 97 packets of no-calorie sweetener such as aspartame.

The negative press around aspartame is mostly based upon animal studies.

The Claim: Aspartame An Artificial Sweetener In Many Diet Sodas Tricks The Body Into Thinking It’s Digesting Sugar

WHAT SCIENCE SAYS: Aspartame definitely tastes sweet, but the body doesn’t react to it the same way that it does to sugar.

THE EVIDENCE: A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2005 examined the brains of five men after they consumed four different drinks. Each man drank water, a drink with sugar in it, a drink containing aspartame, and then a drink with carbohydrates that didn’t taste sweet. After each drink, scientists measured their brain activity.

When the men drank the sugary drink, scientists saw a change in a region of the brain called the hypothalamus but that change didn’t occur for the other three drinks.

Consciously, you may think aspartame tastes like sugar, but your brain really can tell the difference.

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Diet Soda: What It Bubbles Down To

Diet soda, of course, has much less sugar and zero calories when compared to regular, sugary soft drinks, technically making it a good alternative. You can even snag some popular choices that are delicious and totally sugar-free .

But lets be real, diet soda is not actually good for us living with diabetes or not. It doesnt contribute any nutritional value but could help control blood sugars if substituted for the sugar-laden type.

In fact, a new study that tracked 450,000 Europeans over 16 years found that heavy drinkers of sugary sodas OR artificially sweetened beverages were more likely to die prematurely than those who hardly ever consumed sodas.

Those who gulped down two or more glasses of regularly sweetened soft drinks per day had a higher chance of dying from gut disorders, while those who drank the same number of diet drinks had a higher chance of dying from heart disease.

The authors did point out that those who consumed more soda were more likely to be current smokers and that participants who were overweight may have switched to sugar-free soda to help control weight.

This is just one study, so were not going to tell you to never touch soda again. Instead, you might try subbing out some of your daily soda for one of the following diabetes-friendly beverages:

  • water
  • Bonus: If you can down enough daily water , it can help your body get rid of extra glucose through your urine. Ew, but helpful.
  • sugar-free sparkling water
  • hot tea or iced tea
  • Why Drinking Coke Lowers Blood Sugar And Can Even Reverse Diabetes

    #cholesterolchart is yolk cholesterol bad?

    Keeping blood sugar levels in the range is a big challenge for every diabetic patient. To do this, you may have to remove the foods of your choice. Going with substitutes that are tasty & satisfying without spiking your sugar levels are a good option.

    As a general rule, people with diabetes or prediabetes often opt for diet soft drinks over sugary versions. Hence a question arises: can people with diabetes drink coke zero?

    Well, A range of diabetic drinks list is available in the market, which claims to be sugar-free and healthier. But, when it comes to proving the claim vs. reality, most of them fail to show positive results.

    In this article, we are about to tell you everything: Is coke zero good for diabetics? Is coke zero bad for diabetics? Also, can diabetics drink soda?

    Once you read this article, you will definitely know the facts regarding why drinking coke lowers blood sugar . Lets get started!

    Table of Content

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    So Is It Better To Just Drink Regular Soda

    Not so fast. There is abundant datathat tells us that sugar is not necessarily a sweeter alternative, at least whenhealth is concerned.

    If you crave caffeine , you are likely better off with plain coffee or tea. If youre looking for flavor in a drink, try freezing raspberries, cucumber, mint, lemon or lime in ice cubes to add a hint of sweetness. You can even use fruit in soda water to recreate sodas bubbly appeal.

    Quitting a habit is never easy, but experts recommend that kicking soda all the way out of your diet can have profound effects on both your weight and your health.

    What Can Cause Low Blood Sugar Levels

    Some things that can make low blood sugar levels more likely are:

    • skipping meals and snacks
    • not eating enough food during a meal or snack
    • exercising longer or harder than usual without eating some extra food
    • getting too much insulin
    • not timing the insulin doses properly with meals, snacks, and exercise

    Also, some things may increase how quickly insulin gets absorbed into the bloodstream and can make hypoglycemia more likely. These include:

    • taking a hot shower or bath right after having an insulin injection increases blood flow through the blood vessels in the skin, which can make the insulin be absorbed more quickly than usual
    • injecting the shot into a muscle instead of the fatty layer under the skin
    • injecting the insulin into a part of the body used a lot in a particular sport .

    All of these situations increase the chances that a person may get hypoglycemia.

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    Will Soda Raise My Cholesterol

    February 9, 2016 by Cholesterol Guardian

    Cholesterol, despite some assumptions which have put it into a bad-reputation substance, is a beneficial substance needed by the body to perform its maximum function. Almost every functions inside the body is affected by cholesterol existence, such as hormone production and vitamin synthetizing. Hence, lack of cholesterol may lead into improper body functions and processes, including inhibited growth and sexual disorders. However, high cholesterol level is also a dangerous condition, because it raises the risk of having a heart attack and other cardiovascular complaints.

    Cholesterol Hdl And Ldl

    Does a Keto diet raise cholesterol? – Ask Gundry

    Cholesterol comes in two types: low-density lipoprotein and high-density lipoprotein .

    HDL is considered good cholesterol because it can help get rid of LDL cholesterol, the type that can build up in our arteries and increase the risk of heart disease.

    HDL is most closely linked with exercise and fitness, so traditionally the best way to improve your HDL is to exercise regularly, so lifestyle is very important, Peterman explained.

    Having higher LDL and lower HDL in your blood can mean youre at risk for developing atherosclerosis, a thickening and stiffening of arteries clogged by too much plaque. Poor blood supply to the heart can lead to cardiovascular disease.

    HDL also alters the chemical composition of LDL, preventing it from becoming oxidized, which helps reduce inflammation and prevents damage to the arteries, according to Harvard Medical School.

    However, its not that simple.

    HDL might simply be a or indicator of our cholesterol level, instead of having any significant influence on our bodies.

    Currently, the no longer recommends a specific range for HDL and LDL cholesterol.

    Instead, the AHA says to look at cholesterol as part of your entire heart health.

    Here again, normal ranges are less important than your overall cardiovascular risk. Like HDL and LDL cholesterol levels, your total blood cholesterol score should be considered in context with your other known risk factors, wrote the AHA.

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