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What Are Normal Triglyceride And Cholesterol Levels

High Total Cholesterol Normal Ldl High Hdl Normal Triglycerides

How to Read and Understand Your Cholesterol Levels

In this case, the high total cholesterol is less troublesome since its largely due to elevated HDL . The fact that HDL is high and LDL is normal also makes for a favorable HDL:LDL ratio. Although, extremely high levels of HDL cholesterol can be due to genetics. Generally, HDL levels shouldnt exceed 116 mg/dL for men and 135 mg/dL for women.2

What Kind Of Test Measures Cholesterol

Your provider checks your cholesterol levels through a blood test called a lipid panel . Your provider will draw blood from a vein in your arm and send the blood to a lab for analysis. Be sure to closely follow your providers instructions on how to prepare for the test. Youll likely need to fast for 12 hours beforehand. This means avoiding all foods and drinks except water.

When your results come in, your provider will let you know. You may also be able to access your results through your electronic medical record.

Your lipid panel gives you the following numbers:

How Do I Prepare For The Test

You may need to not eat or drink anything but water for 12 to 14 hours before this test. In addition, be sure your healthcare provider knows about all medicines, herbs, vitamins, and supplements you are taking. This includes medicines that don’t need a prescription and any illicit drugs you may use.

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Exercises To Control High Triglycerides Levels

The AHA suggests one and half hours of moderate-intensity aerobic exercises weekly. This is approximately half an hour of exercise, 5 days each week, or 75 minutes of intense aerobic exercise each week.

Exercise is a vital aspect of health for every person. It aids in maintaining a healthy weight. In addition, exercise may aid in keeping the triglyceride levels low. Exercise supports burning calories, which might a persons body to utilize additional triglycerides for energy.


For optimal heart health, moderate-intensity exercises or any low-impact aerobic exercises are excellent ways to give a good start.

How To Lower Triglycerides Naturally

High Cholesterol &  5 Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol Levels

Triglycerides can be lowered without drugs. For example, they can be lowered naturally through diet changes, decreasing consumption of alcohol or sugary beverages, by increasing physical activity, by losing weight, and other ways. As little as 5% to 10% reduction in body weight may lower triglycerides. The table below summarizes how much benefit different changes can effect.

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What Are The Normal Cholesterol Levels For Men And Women

A cholesterol test generally determines 4 distinct numbers: Total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, and triglycerides. Cholesterol being fat, it is not soluble in water. So it cannot circulate freely in the blood. But, the fact is that nature has devised a way to make water-soluble cholesterol, and transport it through the blood. This is by lipoproteins. The LDL or Low-density lipoprotein and the HDL or high-density lipoprotein are the 2 fundamental cholesterol carriers but to make things simpler, they are considered as cholesterol types. In addition, the lipid panel appraises the triglycerides . They have an impact on health in the same manners as cholesterol. At last, the total cholesterol is integrated as well in the results. Apart from these 4 general lipid levels, your doctor may want to access your very low-density lipoprotein or VLDL that is considered bad when high.

How Do Triglyceride Levels Compare With Cholesterol Levels

If you have high triglycerides, you are more likely to also have high total cholesterol and high bad cholesterol levels. Many people with high triglycerides also have low good cholesterol levels.

Both triglycerides and cholesterol are measured in mg/dL. However, the guidelines differ for what normal levels are for each of them.

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Is My Cholesterol Ratio Healthy

There are several types of cholesterol tests, sometimes called a lipid panel. One test measures a personâs total cholesterol level. A healthy total cholesterol is less than 200 mg/dL, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine. But if a person has high HDL cholesterol , it can cause elevated cholesterol overall. This is why measuring different types of cholesterol is so important.

A ratio is simply a comparison between two numbers. A cholesterol ratio compares a personâs HDL cholesterol to the total cholesterol in the body, according to the Mayo Clinic.

How to Calculate Cholesterol Ratio

This number is found by dividing the total amount of cholesterol by the HDL number. For example, if a person has an overall cholesterol level of 225 mg/dL and an HDL of 80 mg/dL, his or her cholesterol ratio is 2.8-to-1, also written as 2.8:1 or simplified to cholesterol ratio 2.8.

A healthy cholesterol level is no more than 5:1, according to the University of Rochester Medical Center. But the lower the ratio, the better. A ratio of 3.5:1 or lower is considered very good.

However, Robert Eckel, MD, professor of medicine, emeritus, at the University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus, former president of the American Heart Association and president of the American Diabetes Association, doesnât think cholesterol ratios are the most accurate way to determine a personâs risk for cardiovascular disease.


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Patient Safety And Education

Whats a good number for cholesterol and triglycerides?

First and foremost, it is essential to educate individuals on a heart-healthy lifestyle. LDL-C is one of the major culprits in the development of atherosclerotic heart disease. The target level of LDL-C is between 50 to 70mg/dl to prevent plaque formation in the blood vessels. Patients should undergo evaluation for 10-year risk and those with more than 10 percent risk guidelines strongly recommend statin therapy. Low levels of HDL-C are related to an increased risk of CVD however, according to recent studies, HDL-C raising therapy showed no clinical benefit therefore, routine use is not recommended.

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Cholesterol And Triglyceride Screening

Some health organizations recommend that everyone older than age 20 be checked for high cholesterol.

Some health organizations recommend that everyone age 20 and older be checked for high cholesterol.footnote 1 The Canadian Cardiovascular Society recommends cholesterol tests based on age and risk factors for heart disease. footnote 2

Talk to your doctor about when you should get a cholesterol test.

For more information, see When to Have a Cholesterol Test.

What Are Normal And High Triglyceride Levels

The National Cholesterol Education Program sets guidelines for triglyceride levels:

  • Normal levels: Less than 150 milligrams per deciliter
  • Borderline high:150 to 199
  • High: 200 to 499
  • Very high: 500 or more

Elevated levels may lead to heart disease, especially in people with low levels of “good” cholesterol and high levels of “bad” cholesterol. The same is true if you have type 2 diabetes.

Experts once debated how important triglycerides are, but it now seems clear that higher levels are linked to problems such as heart disease.

One thing is clear, though: A good diet and exercise plan can lower triglyceride levels, improve cholesterol, and decrease the chance of heart disease.

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Are Low Levels Of Triglycerides A Cause For Concern

As the low levels are classically not a reason for concern, there is no existing range for them. The below normal levels of triglycerides, those below 150 mg/dL, are potentially an image of:

  • A healthy and nourishing diet
  • A low-fat diet
  • A diet involving fasting

Low levels of triglycerides might also indicate an underlying health problem. This can be malnutrition or malabsorption. However, such health problems are detected and diagnosed by other signs.

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What Is This Test

A Guide to Healthy Cholesterol

This group of tests measures the amount of cholesterol and other fats in your blood.

Cholesterol and triglycerides are lipids, or fats. These fats are important for cell health, but they can be harmful when they build up in the blood. Sometimes they can lead to clogged, inflamed arteries, a condition call atherosclerosis. This may keep your heart from working normally if the arteries of your heart muscle are affected.

This panel of tests helps predict your risk for heart disease and stroke.

A lipid panel measures these fats:

  • Total cholesterol
  • High total cholesterol

If you are already being treated for heart disease, you may have this test to see whether treatment is working.

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Medications May Be Needed For High Triglyceride Levels

Sometimes, healthy eating and regular exercise cant lower high triglyceride levels. This may be the case, for example, if you have familial hypertriglyceridemia or if you already have heart disease. Your doctor may prescribe medication such as fibrates or nicotinic acids. Drugs to help lower high blood cholesterol may also be prescribed, if necessary.Suggestions for managing high triglyceride levels with medication include:

  • Always take prescription medications exactly as instructed.
  • See your doctor if you are having side effects from the medication. Known medication side effects may include indigestion, diarrhoea, fever or muscle problems.
  • Dont assume that medications will somehow overcome the hazards of an unhealthy lifestyle. A healthy diet, regular exercise and maintaining an appropriate weight for your height are the most important management strategies for high triglycerides.

What Can Raise Your Triglycerides

Triglycerides can be raised due to what doctors refer to as ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ causes, explained below. Some people have a combination of both.

It is very important that your doctors investigates all these potential causes so that you can start treatment.

Primary causes of raised triglycerides

‘Primary’ refers to inherited conditions which cause raised triglyceride levels.

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What Abnormal Results Mean

High triglyceride levels may be due to:

  • Other medicines, such as female hormones
  • Poorly controlled diabetes
  • Disorder passed down through families in which there are high amounts of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood

Overall, the treatment of elevated triglyceride levels focuses on increased exercise and changes in the diet. Drugs to lower triglyceride levels may be used to prevent pancreatitis for levels above 500 mg/dL.

Low triglyceride levels may be due to:

  • Low fat diet

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When Should You See A Doctor

What natural ways to lower high cholesterol & triglycerides levels? – Ms. Ranjani Raman

Because high triglyceride levels usually do not cause any symptoms, theyre typically spotted when a doctor orders a blood test that includes a lipid panel.

If you do not have high risk factors, including health conditions and some lifestyle factors, a doctor will order a lipid panel every few years to check cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

If your lipid panel results show above normal triglyceride levels, a doctor may suggest lifestyle changes focused on diet and exercise. If diet and exercise do not have the desired effect, they may recommend medication such as statins or fibrates.

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When Should You Speak With A Doctor

It is important to note that there are a few symptoms of high cholesterol.

However, emergency symptoms are stroke or a heart attack that may be the only indicator of damage from high cholesterol.

This means that you should make sure that your doctor regularly monitors it.

Moreover, you should get your cholesterol levels checked with a blood test every 4 to 6 years.

Your doctor may also recommend more frequent screening if you live with any of the following:

  • a history of heart condition
  • high blood pressure

High Cholesterol High Hdl Low Triglycerides

Dr T


There are 2 kinds of LDL cholesterol, A and B, of which B is associated with heart disease.Most labs calculate LDL as follows:

LDL = Total Cholesterol HDL triglycerides/5.

This doesnt explain the difference between LDL A or B .

Studies have shown that there is a strong correlation between a low triglyceride/high HDL level and LDL pattern A .

On the other hand, a high triglyceride/low HDL level is strongly associated with LDL pattern B . Thus high triglycerides are an independent risk factor for heart disease.

From this you can calculate that in your situation a high LDL is mostly Type A , confirmed by a high HDL and low triglyrerides and that therefore there a very low risk of heart disease.

Having high cholesterol may still be healthy if good cholesterol levels, triglycerides, and other markers of cardiovascular health are good. You can calculate this here. People with high good cholesterol levels and low levels of triglycerides may actually be at a lower risk for heart disease than people with normal cholesterol levels who have lower levels of good cholesterol and higher levels of bad cholesterol.

Hope this helps,

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Complications Of High Cholesterol

According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute , there are no visible signs and symptoms of high cholesterol levels. When your cholesterol levels remain high for an extended period, your blood vessels are at an increased risk of being clogged with fat deposits. A sudden break/rupture in these deposits can result in a stroke or heart attack.

The following are some health complications that may occur due to high cholesterol:

When To Seek Medical Advice

#HealthTipsSites in 2020

A high triglyceride level often does not produce any symptoms, so this condition is usually diagnosed during routine blood tests including a lipid panel.

If the patient does not have any medical conditions or bad lifestyle choices, then the doctor usually orders a lipid panel to be done every few years to assess the triglyceride and cholesterol levels.

If the triglyceride levels are detected above the normal range in the lipid panel, then the doctor will usually recommend lifestyle changes, such as exercise and diet as the first line of treatment for hypertriglyceridemia. If diet and exercise are not effective in lowering the high triglycerides, then medications, such as fibrates or statins are prescribed.

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I Just Learned I Have High Cholesterol Now What

You may feel upset to learn you have high cholesterol. But now that you know about it, you can take action to lower your numbers.

Follow your providers guidance on how to lower your cholesterol and reduce your risk of heart disease. Some general tips include:

  • Add more exercise to your daily routine.
  • Avoid smoking and all tobacco products.
  • Keep a weight thats healthy for you.
  • Learn how food impacts your cholesterol, and start with small changes to your diet.
  • Learn new strategies for dealing with stress.
  • Take your medications as prescribed.

Most of all, dont blame yourself. High cholesterol is a common condition that can be hard to control through lifestyle choices alone. And many factors beyond our control limit the choices we can make.

Be kind to yourself, and remember that your cholesterol numbers dont define you as a person. They simply give you a window into whats happening inside your body. Your provider will help you use that information to plan your treatment and keep your arteries healthy for a long time to come.

A note from Cleveland Clinic

Last reviewed by a Cleveland Clinic medical professional on 07/28/2022.


What Happens When You Have High Cholesterol

When you eat too many foods that are high in cholesterol, saturated fats, and trans fats, they can increase your risk of developing high cholesterol.

Moreover, living with obesity also increases your risk.

Some of the other lifestyle factors that can contribute to this are inactivity and smoking.

Genetics can also affect your chances of developing high cholesterol. Certain genes that come from your parents instruct your body on how to process cholesterol and fats.

Therefore, if you have high cholesterol then you set also at a greater risk of having it as well.

However, in rare cases, high cholesterol is due to familial hypercholesterolemia that is a genetic disorder preventing your body from removing LDL.

You may also be at a higher risk of developing high cholesterol if you are:

  • living with obesity
  • family history of high cholesterol
  • have diseases like diabetes, kidney disease, or hypothyroidism

It is important to note that individuals of all ages, genders, and ethnicities can have high cholesterol.

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When To Contact A Doctor

While high triglyceride levels typically do not cause symptoms, anyone concerned they may have high triglyceride or cholesterol levels should contact their doctor.

A doctor would usually measure triglyceride and cholesterol levels at the same time as high levels of either may contribute to heart conditions.

Doctors may recommend drug therapies in some cases. This may happen if a person has dangerously high triglyceride levels that need to come down quickly or if their levels do not respond to lifestyle and dietary changes.

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What Are Normal Cholesterol Levels

Lowering Triglycerides – Mayo Clinic

Normal cholesterol levels vary based on your age and sex assigned at birth.

Normal cholesterol levels by age chart

The chart below shows normal cholesterol levels. Healthcare providers consider these numbers healthy for most people. If you have heart disease or many risk factors, your LDL target may be different. Your healthcare provider may want your LDL level to be below 70 mg/dL. So, its important to talk with your provider about your test results and what they mean for you.

All units in the chart below are mg/dL.


People assigned male at birth: 40 or higher

People assigned female at birth: 50 or higher

As you review your results, remember that you want your LDL to be low and your HDL to be high. Ideally, your HDL should be above 60. Its the helpful cholesterol. An HDL above 60 offers you protection against heart disease.

Sex-based differences

Most normal cholesterol levels are the same regardless of your sex. But there is one key difference among adults. Thats your HDL number. As the chart above shows, people assigned female at birth need a higher HDL level compared with people assigned male at birth .

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