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Fish Oil Triglyceride Form Brands

Triglyceride Vs Ethyl Ester

What If Product Doesn’t Label As Triglyceride Form of Fish Oil?

The two main forms that fish oils can be found in are the Triglyceride form and the Ethyl Ester form.

The Triglyceride form is the natural form that fish oil is found in the fish. Although fish oil has to be converted to the Ethyl Ester form during processing, some manufacturers choose to leave it there to save costs. However, the Triglyceride form is safer, more stable and better utilised by the body.

Triglyceride Form Benefits
  • Natural The Triglyceride form is the naturally occurring form within fish and easily recognised as natural by the body.
  • Bioavailable As its recognised as natural, the triglyceride form is the most bioavailable.
  • Greater Stability This form is also the most stable as it includes a strong backbone to stabilise the rest of the molecule.
Ethyl Ester Form
  • Artificial Form This is the form that fish oil is converted to when fish oil is being processed.
  • Reduced Stability As the Ethyl Ester form is the broken-down version of the Triglyceride form it has less stability and a greater ability towards rancidity and oxidisation which can be recognised by an extremely fishy taste of the fish oil.
  • Reduced Value As the Ethyl Ester form is not as bioavailable it leads to lesser value for the price versus the product.

Nordic Naturals uses only the Triglyceride form in all their products to ensure the best fish oil and the greatest health benefits possible. Find out more and view the Nordic Naturals range here.

Fish Oil To Prevent Depression


Does fish oil prevent depression? Find out what a recent study found in the Depression section of our Fish Oil and Omega-3 Supplements Review. Also see our Top Picks among fish oil supplements.

For information about other supplements promoted for depression, see our answer to the question: What are the best supplements for depression and anxiety?

Best Subscription: Care/of Fish Oil


  • No clear involvement of healthcare professionals with the brand
  • If you don’t keep up on taking your products daily, you could end up with more than you need

Our Take

Subscription services, like Care/of, are a great way to be consistent with taking supplements.

While most Care/of products are recommended via an online quiz, you can always add fish oil to your order. They also offer vegan fish oil, if preferred.

Subscription vitamin services make it easy to be consistent with taking your supplements. Most will deliver your products monthly, and some even place them into convenient daily packs.

Of the products we evaluated, Care/of Fish Oil met my criteria. The fish oil is cold-pressed and comes from a sustainable source.

It contains 2,000 mg of Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil and 600 mg of omega-3s. In addition, the product has 220 mg DHA and 180 mg of EPA.

Care/of also offers an extensive research library so you can learn more about the benefits of their products.

Price: $16 for a 30-day supply with a subscription

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Nordic Naturals Omega Curcumin

Omega Curcumin is a fish oil blend that adds curcumin, N-acetyl-cysteine, and glutathione to the usual Nordic Naturals formula. If youre looking for an added anti-inflammatory benefit from your omega-3 supplement, this is a good choice to consider. Both glutathione and curcumin are difficult to absorb due to low bioavailability, which is why you often see them added to liposomal preparations. The problem with these liposomal products is they encase the nutrients in what are often unhealthy fats that are high in omega-6 fatty acids. By encasing glutathione and curcumin in omega-3 fats, bioavailability is increased without the need to use cheaper phospholipids that can raise TMAO and other inflammatory markers.

Gene Food rating: A-

The doses of all additional ingredients are well balanced. The 400 mg of curcumin is a good therapeutic dose, while the 150 mg of glutathione and 200 mg of NAC are good starter doses for most people. Our particular lot number was bottled in October 2017 with an October 2019 expiration date, with amounts of environmental toxins, heavy metals, and oxidation that were lower than standard. We would, however, love for Nordic Naturals products to be IFOS-certified. While this Nordic Naturals fish oil arent on Labdoor, other Nordic Naturals fish oils received decent scores there.

Dr Rhonda Patricks Fish Oil Dosage & Brand

NOW Foods Molecularly Distilled Omega

To quickly summarize before we going into more details on the benefits of supplementing with Omega 3s, here is Dr. Rhonda Patricks Daily Fish Oil Stack:

She also describes her fish oil supplementation stack in the tweet below.

Currently taking nordic naturals omega-3 phospholipids and nordic naturals promega 2000 .

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Why Choose A Triglyceride Fish Oil Instead Of Ethyl Ester Fish Oil

Fish oil is typically sold in three forms: ethyl ester, natural triglyceride, and re-esterified triglyceride. Though taking any kind of fish oil is better than not taking it at all, the majority of research finds triglyceride forms being superior over ethyl ester in terms of stability and absorption thats why we sell it.

How To Choose A Fish Oil Supplement

There are several factors to consider when selecting a fish oil supplement:

  • Supplement quality. Its important to check the ingredient list carefully and steer clear of supplements containing fillers or artificial ingredients. Ideally, look for products that have undergone third-party testing and are certified by independent organizations, like International Fish Oil Standards , United States Pharmacopeia , NSF International, or the Therapeutic Goods Association .
  • Dosage. Pay close attention to the dosage, including the amount of EPA and DHA. Some products may also contain ALA, which is a form of omega-3 fatty acids in plants thats converted to EPA and DHA in small amounts (
  • 3 ).
  • Supplement type. There are also several forms of fish oil supplements, including softgels, liquids, or gummies. While some prefer the convenience and ease of capsules, liquids and gummies may work better for others.

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Dry Eye Study Shows Promising Development

In the PRN dry eyes study, the researchers measured the omega-3 index score of its 105 participants. This was a welcome addition, since it allowed them to assess whether the patients were compliant with swallowing four capsules every day for 12 weeks.

There were many positive aspects to the research. The study brought more attention to omega-3 supplements as a positive tool for helping people with dry eyes caused by meibomian gland dysfunction. The researchers also showed clear benefits in evaluating tear osmolarity and tear break-up time.

For all its positive findings, the study still leaves many unanswered questions about the long-term use of rTG oils for patients with dry eyes. We ask ourselves, why choose a chemically modified product when you can have a better omega-3 experience with our fresh and natural Omega Cure?

The 11 Best Fish Oil Supplements For 2021

Is Your Fish Oil Good for You? Test it with a Styrofoam Cup

This post contains sponsored links. When you buy through one of these links, we may earn an affiliate commission. All sponsored links are marked with red font. To learn more,


  • Key takeaways on the best fish oil
  • The supplement world can be a tricky place to navigate. You want to do the right thing for your health, but who can you trust?

    We covered the issue in depth on a recent episode of the Gene Food Podcast, titled Dissenting Opinions on Popular Supplements.

    The fact is that many supplements dont contain the ingredients they say they do, and nowhere is the playing field more murky than with fish oil.

    Fish oil is one of those run of the mill supplements that even doctors recommend for their patients. Millions of Americans take it, and in some cases, this improves their health, however, not all fish oil is created equal. In fact, some large brands sell jars of fish oil that would be labeled as harmful if the true ingredients were known to consumers.

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    What Does Fish Oil Do

    There are many different health benefits of fish oil. Among them, youll find that it can increase your energy and help you lose weight. The fatty acids in fish oil also help lower blood pressure and decrease the risk of heart disease. Its even been shown to combat depression and improve skin complexion.

    The supplement has also been found to balance hormones, decrease joint pain, improve eye health, and boost brain health. However, supplementation is not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding since it may have negative effects on your baby.

    Consume Four Times Per Week Fatty Fish At Least

    Firstly, we recommend consuming at least 4 times per week fatty fish, such as salmon, herring, anchovy, mackerel, or sardines.

    That will provide you with lots of omega-3 fatty acids in their natural, triglyceride form, and will also provide you with various other healthy fats, such as furanic fatty acids.

    If you are worried about bioaccumulation of toxins and heavy metals in fish, you can opt for small fish which accumulate less toxins. However, almost all studies that demonstrate the health and longevity effects of high-fish consumption included all fatty fish, large or small ones, with or without toxins.

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    Alzheimers Dementia And Cognitive Function

    A 2012 review of 10 studies found that omega-3 supplementation does not affect cognitive function in healthy older adults or in those with Alzheimers disease. However, for those with mild cognitive impairment, omega-3s may improve certain aspects of cognitive function, such as processing speed and attention, but more research is needed.

    Studies regarding use of fish oil to manage dry eye disease are inconsistent. If you have dry eyes associated with contact lenses, fish oil supplementation may be beneficial, but more research is needed.

    Best For Burp Reduction: Kaged Omega

    Fortifeye Vitamins Super Omega 3 Fish Oil, Natural Triglyceride Form ...
    2,300 mg per 1 teaspoon
    Pros is a liquid, which may suit some people better lemon flavor free of gluten, sugar, nuts, and soy
    Cons unsuitable for vegan diets very high dosage needs refrigeration higher cost

    Wileys Finest omega-3 liquid contains a very high concentration of omega-3, with 1400 mg of EPA and 900 mg of DHA per serving. This may not be appropriate for everyone, and a person should consider speaking with their doctor or a healthcare professional before purchasing.

    The National Academy of Medicine has not established an upper intake level for omega-3s. At very high doses, DHA and EPA may hinder immune function by suppressing inflammatory responses. They may also increase bleeding time. According to the FDA, it is safe to take supplements containing no more than 5 grams per day of EPA and DHA.

    This product also comes in liquid form, making it suitable for anyone who has difficulty swallowing softgels or capsules.

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    How Are Concentrated Natural Triglyceride Fish Oils Made

    So weve seen how ethyl ester can be useful if we want a clean, concentrated fish oil that actually supplies anywhere near a strong enough dose in a small volume of oil.

    Just to recap, ethyl esters are made when fatty acids are removed from their natural glycerol backbone and reattached to a molecule of ethanol to purify and concentrate the oil.

    But once youve done this, its then possible to reverse the process and restructure the fat back to its natural triglyceride form, by re-attaching the fatty acids to the glycerol again.

    So you get a fish oil thats full of omega-3 and free from toxins, but in a natural form thats easy to absorb.

    Concentrated Vs Non Concentrated Fish Oil

    Ethanol molecules, trans-esterification OK, so the process of distilling raw fish oil into something more pure and concentrated is all starting to sound a bit scientific and unnatural.

    But is there anything actually wrong with processing fish oil in this way?

    Well, first the good news. Concentrated ethyl ester oil is actually a semi-natural product, because the process of removing the glycerol back-bone of the triglyceride molecules is similar to one that occurs naturally in the body. Treating the oil in this way means the finished product will have up to three times more EPA and DHA per dose. Plus, processing raw fish oil is the only way to remove any harmful contaminants.

    But our bodies cant absorb ethyl esters as well as natural triglycerides. The bioavailability of ethyl ester concentrate is thought to be 70% less than that of natural triglyceride form fish oil supplements. Thats because, while the body finds it easy to absorb DHA and EPA as natural triglycerides, it actually has to work quite hard to access omega-3 when its delivered as ethyl esters.

    Partly this is due to the presence of ethanol. Your liver must first filter out the ethyl alcohol before it can get to work on the fatty acids, which is why some people experience quite unpleasant side effects when they take prescription strength ethyl ester fish oils. Its the presence of ethanol, and not the fish oil, that causes the problem.

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    Dr Tobias Omega Fish Oil

    With the enteric coating and vitamin E, this triple strength fish oil is engineered from the ground up for maximum absorption while limiting fishy burps. It also passes through rigorous tests to ensure purity.

    Its a good option if you want a simple, no-nonsense fish oil supplement, and its quality is good.

    What Fish Oil Trends Should We Look Out For In 2021

    Benefits of Watsons Omega 3 Fish Oil

    As companies try to create new stories, and carve out their piece of the market pie, I think we could see some marketing pushes for different technologies focused on bioavailability of omega-3s. Something that has made an impact in the medical world over the last year, Ill reserve my comments on its clinical relevance, are Omega 3s in the monoglyceride form. While there has been no published data on the raw material, the idea is that these predigested fats are better absorbed than the more common ethyl ester, thus similar benefits can be expected with less oil. We could also see some of self-emulsifying technologies you would generally see utilized in lipophilic pharmaceuticals applied to your fish oil products. In my opinion, until we see these technologies backed up by good studies, consumers would be best served being directed towards a high quality oil in the re-esterified triglyceride form .

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    Best Liquid: Barleans Seriously Delicious Omega

    • Does contain calories and carbs
    • Some consumers may not enjoy the flavor
    • Provides 100% of RD of vitamin D, which may be too much if taking other supplements

    Our Take

    Barleans Seriously Delicious Omega-3 Fish Oils are a great option for people who dont like to swallow pills.

    Since it does contain some calories and carbohydrates, those who need to watch their carb intake should be aware of this. It shouldnt raise blood sugar much since the carbs are mostly from sugar alcohols.

    While many brands offer liquid fish oil, Barleans products are high quality and taste absolutely delicious.

    With flavors like Lemon Crème, Pina Colada, and Mango Peach, who wont want to take their fish oil?

    Their Seriously Delicious Omega-3 Fish Oil contains 1,080 mg combined EPA/DHA in a one tablespoon serving.

    It also has 600 IU of vitamin D to meet your daily needs.

    Due to the incredible flavor, it does have 60 calories and 6 grams of carbohydrates, mostly from sugar alcohols.

    Barleans fish oil is emulsified, meaning the fats are broken down into smaller pieces for better absorption and no fish burps. This process enhances absorption by 3x compared to other types of oils.

    The oil is sourced from small-bodied fish from Iceland and Alaska.

    Their products are third-party tested and free of mercury, PCBs, and other heavy metals.

    Price: $27.57 for a 29-day supply

    Best For Customer Service: Naturelo Triglyceride Form Omega 3 Fish Oil

    The Naturelo Triglyceride Form Omega 3 Fish Oil is capable of outshining several other oils featured in this list in overall features for the price point. The French triglyceride form omega 3 fish oil is very happy and it can be trusted for good quality. The Manufacturer says: If that isnt enough, we also boost our supplements with proprietary blends of organic fruits, vegetables and botanicals for an extra source of real whole food nutrition. This product is for those who do nt eat fish regularly. A quality omega-3 fish oil can help fill that important nutrient gap.

    The oil is good for heart disease, is made with pharmaceutical grade and it is great for immune boosting mushrooms. Moreover, this is used for great products, is made with artificial flavoring and it is perfect for high quality omega-3. Lastly, the French triglyceride form omega 3 fish oil delivers a rich complex of healthy omegas from plant-based superfoods like chia seed and algal oils.

    Almost all customers agree that the oil reduces the possibility of upset stomach and fishy burps. And, they strongly agree that the oil is easy to swallow and its a lemon like flavor. Moreover, a few strongly agree that the whole food multi has higher amounts of each vitamin and mineral. To sum up, the tone of buyers is very positive and we believe that oil suits the purpose.

    Top Customer Quotes:

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    Nature Made Fish Oil 1200 Mg Plus Vitamin D 1000 Iu

    Sometimes it can be difficult to find an affordable supplement that provides high-quality omega-3 acids AND vitamin D. Fortunately, Nature Made has you covered with this affordable supplement! You will get 600 mg of EPA and DHA combined with 2,000 IU of vitamin D in each serving.

    One bottle is enough for one months worth of supplements . Plus, they are purified to remove mercury and other harmful compounds like dioxins, furans, and polycyclic hydrocarbons -allowing you to enjoy the benefits without worry.

    This is all thanks to their exclusive extract process using wild-caught fish! This is a great way for those looking for Omega 3s as well as Vitamin D.


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