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Does Oat Bran Lower Cholesterol

Oat Bran Has A Slight Effect Study Finds : Health: Analysis Indicates That Cholesterol Is Lowered 7% At Most

Best Oat Bran for Lowering Cholesterol (2020)
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Oat bran, whose role as a cholesterol-fighting food has been disputed, appears to have a specific, but small, cholesterol-lowering effect after all, according to a new analysis that scientists are calling the most definitive word yet on the purported benefits of the product.

The analysis, combining the results of 12 previous studies, found that eating a large bowl of ready-to-eat oat bran cereal or three packets of instant oatmeal a day can, on the average, reduce the total cholesterol in the blood by 2% or 3%. For people with high cholesterol levels, the reduction can be as great as 6% or 7%.

We have pretty much answered the confusion about the role of oats in lowering cholesterol, said Cynthia M. Ripsin, a researcher at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis and the principal author of the study. It is being published today in the Journal of the American Medical Assn.

Ripsin added: Oat bran is not a magic bullet. It is probably not going to make a big difference, particularly for people whose cholesterol level is so high that a modest reduction would not be significant. For such people, Ripsin said, oat bran should be viewed as an adjunct to other recommended activities, such as following a diet low in cholesterol and saturated fats, weight loss, exercise and stopping smoking.

For adults, the recommended cholesterol level is 200 milligrams per deciliter or less. A moderate level is between 200 and 239. A high level is considered 240 or greater.

Oats And Their Cholesterol

In this review, we chose to investigate the effect of oat and oat-based products on lipemia and other cardiovascular risk factors based on the differences in food matrices in order to correlate differential effects according to the physicochemical characteristics of these matrices. It has been established that subjects with mildly elevated cholesterol levels have to consume at least 3 g of -glucan per day to observe a significant reduction in their serum total- and low-density lipoprotein- cholesterol levels. A study that compared the efficacy of extruded oat bran cereals, which underwent graded increases in the temperature and pressure used in the extrusion process to modify the -glucan so that they had a range of molecular weights, indicated that the increased viscosity in the gastrointestinal tract played a role in the mechanism of action. The increase in viscosity prevents efficient mixing of the luminal contents, which results in decreased intestinal uptake of dietary cholesterol and decreased reabsorption of bile acids.-Glucan can interfere with the enterohepatic circulation at different levels including limiting the return of bile acids to the liver, which triggers an increase in hepatic conversion of cholesterol into bile acids and thereby a decrease in blood cholesterol levels.

Is Oat Bran As Good As Oatmeal For Lowering Cholesterol

Oatmealcholesterolcholesterolcholesteroloatmealoat bran

In this regard, what type of oatmeal is best for lowering cholesterol?

Whole-grain oats: Best bet for lowering cholesterol.

Secondly, does oatmeal have to be cooked to lower cholesterol? The short answer is yes, oatmeal can lower your cholesterol. Now for the long answer. There are two types of fiber, soluble and insoluble. Oatmeal contains soluble fiber that reduces your low-density lipoprotein , the “bad” cholesterol that can increase your risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Similarly, is oat bran better for you than oatmeal?

Oat bran is a better source of protein, B vitamins, iron and soluble fiber compared to oatmeal. The fiber in oat bran fills you up and can keep you feeling fuller longer. It is also more efficient at lowering cholesterol and slowing down fat and sugar absorption.

How much oatmeal do you need to eat to lower cholesterol?

And here’s the other beautiful thing about oatmeal: If you eat one-and-a-half cups of it each day, you can lower your cholesterol by 5 to 8 percent. It contains soluble and insoluble fiber, two types that your body needs. Insoluble fiber, which is also found in the skins of many fruits, helps keep us regular.

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Effect Of Processing On Oat Functionality

As we had previously underlined, processing can influence the oat matrix and its composition . As we will discuss in the next section, we are confronted with a double complexity: firstly, a single compound may have effects on several physiological functions, and secondly, several oat compounds may impact one defined physiological mechanism such as cholesterol reduction . Processing, by disrupting the food matrix, facilitates the digestibility and bioavailability of nutrients but can also degrade the functionality of a food by altering the structure of its components and/or the interaction between them.

The inconsistency in the outcomes from human studies implies that the mechanisms are much more complex than originally thought. These findings reinforce the importance of considering the whole matrix for the delivery of bioactives. Similar effects have been found for phytochemicals other than -glucan, where the consumption of whole fruits and vegetables seems to have a more beneficial effect than purified phytochemicals, such that the structure and delivery form are as important for functionality as the bioactive itself.

How The Fiber In Oatmeal Helps With Cholesterol Levels

Oat Bran Vs. Oatmeal for Cholesterol

As Ben-Asher mentions, consuming soluble fiber can help with lowering the amount of LDL bad cholesterol in your blood. Soluble fiber comes from plant-based foods and when consumed, it can combine with cholesterol and flush it out of your system. The National Lipid Association recommends eating 5 to 10 grams of soluble fiber a day, and oatmeal is one of the best sources of soluble fiber you can have.

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Oatmeal provides a great volume to our stomach because of the high fiber and water content, keeping us satiated and full over a long period of time, says Ben-Asher. This staying power staves off hunger, thus potentially helping us stay away from the amount of saturated fat and dietary cholesterol foods normally consumed as part of the typical Standard American Diet that can increase our cholesterol levels.

Along with oatmealwhich has 2 grams of soluble fiberother great sources of soluble fiber include lean plant-based proteins , healthy fats , vegetables , starchy vegetables , and fruits .

However, if you are looking for one specific breakfast food to eat to lower your cholesterol, oatmeal is the best option. You could even mix in some chia seeds and add some berries on top for an extra cholesterol-fighting boost!

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Diabetes Breakfast Mistakes To Avoid

I once went to see a friend who has diabetes. Her table was laid out with a wonderful breakfast for the both of us. However, it didnt look too much like a breakfast a diabetic should be eating. There were carbs, carbs, and more carbs. To me it was a dream, but my thought for her was, oh geeze, her blood sugar!

It seems innocent enough that we were having croissants, jam, fruit, and array of fresh juices. For most people, this is a very healthy start. For diabetics, it is missing one key item that will help stall the burn of all those carbs protein!

Here you will see biggest diabetes breakfast mistakes youre probably making and you didnt know you were doing it. Dont make these breakfast mistakes to keep your blood sugar stable. At the end I have also included list of some commonly asked questions about diabetes breakfast.

The Link Between High Cholesterol And Heart Disease

But does lowering blood cholesterol really reduce the risk of heart disease? Some research suggests that the link between high cholesterol and heart disease is not nearly as straightforward as we have been led to believe. Although high levels of cholesterol are associated with an increased risk of heart attack, the majority of heart attack victims have normal cholesterol. And while the use of statin drugs does appear to reduce mortality, there may be other factors at work. In addition to reducing cholesterol levels, for example, statins also reduce inflammationwhich is another risk factor for heart disease.

The decision to prescribe a statin drug should ideally be based on more than just ones LDL cholesterol levels. The amount, type, and ratios of other blood fats, age, sex, personal and familial health history and other risk factors should all be taken into consideration.

But whether or not your doctor feels that a cholesterol-lowering medication is right for you, eating soluble fiber offers a variety of benefits. In addition to lowering your cholesterol, they can also help modulate appetite and help with weight management, as well as promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in your gut. You can get soluble fiber in oatmeal and oat bran as well as apples, pears, plums, barley, chicory root, Jerusalem artichokes, mushrooms and garlic. Fiber supplements made from psyllium husk or wheat dextrin are also good sources.

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The Best Fruity Oatmeal: Purely Elizabeth Cranberry Pumpkin Seed Superfood Oats

This morning bowl of plant-based goodness proves that you can get a delightful hint of sweetness naturally without all those added sugars. And not only is this oatmeal vegan, but it is loaded with good superfoods like cranberries. Cranberries are a potent source of polyphenols and may be beneficial in the prevention of obesity and related disorders.

Beyond the dried cranberries, this oatmeal is also made with five other simple, 100 percent real, organic and non-GMO ingredients: gluten-free oats, raw pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, puffed amaranth and quinoa flakes. The combination results in a much-appreciated texture instead of the typical oatmeal mushiness.

Another option we adore from this brand? Purely Elizabeth Vibrant Oat Cups that are flavored with golden turmeric, blue spirulina and pink pitaya. Theyre slightly higher in calories and do have some added coconut sugar, but theyre also loaded with antioxidants.

Nutritional Info: Each serving of this oatmeal provides 160 calories, zero milligrams of sodium, five grams of dietary fiber, two grams of total sugars and seven grams of protein.

Dietary Intake And Body Weight

Cecile’s Journey to Lower Cholesterol Naturally with Nutrim

Study 1

As calculated from the diaries, the mean daily consumption of -glucan from oat bran during the treatment period was 5.9 ± 0.2 g , of which 5.1 ± 0.2 g came from bread and only 0.8 ± 0.1 g came from cookies . Changes in the intakes of energy and nutrients did not differ significantly between the 2 groups, except for the percentage of energy from protein and alcohol. Body weights changed slightly, by 0.2 ± 0.2 kg in the control group and by 0.0 ± 0.1 kg in the -glucan group. These changes did not differ significantly .

Mean daily intakes of -glucan , energy, and nutrients during study 1


Study 2

As calculated from the returned sachets, the mean daily intake of -glucan from oat bran was 5.00 ± 0.01 g . The difference in body weight of 0.0 ± 0.2 kg between the control and -glucan drink periods was not significant .

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How Oat Bran Muffins Work

Traditional muffins are generally high in fat content which actually contributes to raising the levels of LDL cholesterol in the blood. This is because muffins use animal products in their creation which has the high amount of saturated fats. When these saturated fats enter the intestines, the body produces bile to digest the fats which also contains the LDL cholesterol. That is why foods high in saturated fats are discouraged from a healthy diet.

When properly made, oat bran muffins use a reduced amount of animal products and combine healthier ingredients to reduce the chances of the body generating the bad cholesterol. When eaten with other healthy foods such as oatmeal, the result is that your bad cholesterol numbers go down because of the healthier ingredients present.

Are Cheerios Safe To Eat 2020

In 2020, Cheerios and Honey Nut Cheerios were recalled, but not because of glyphosate. General Mills, the company that makes Cheerios and other popular breakfast cereals, issued a recall of the cereals produced at its Lodi, California, site because wheat flour was found in the products that were labeled as gluten-free.

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Molecular Weight Distribution Of

The MW distribution of -glucan in oat bran and that in oat bran concentrate were similar . Bread production decreased the MW of -glucan, but freezing the bread did not affect the MW. For bread, the MW was lower than for oat bran or oat bran concentrate. The -glucan in the frozen cookie had the largest MW.

Healthy Blueberry Oat Bran Muffins

Health and Fitness Den: What is Oat Bran and its Health ...

Youre going to be thrilled to try out these healthy Blueberry Oat Bran Muffins Recipe.

Now that school is in session, Ive been looking for a quick and easy breakfast I can serve my kids and enjoy myself as well.

Muffins are perfect for an on-the-go breakfast or as a healthy snack option.

Homemade oat bran muffins are a great alternative to large, store-bought muffins that are usually packed with calories and fat.

Oat bran is a good source of soluble fiber, which can help reduce cholesterol.

Not only do these muffins offer health benefits, the recipe is also effortless, making it a morning time-saver when you need to get out the door in a hurry.

You can also switch out blueberries for different fruits, such as a banana, giving you the option to have something new each time!

It is well-known that the best way to start the morning is with a balanced breakfast its not called the most important meal of the day for nothing, after all.

Breakfast is also linked to many health benefits, including weight control and improved performance.

Studies show that eating a healthy breakfast can help you enjoy a more nutritionally complete diet that is higher in nutrients, vitamins and minerals, improved concentration and performance at the office or in the classroom, more strength and endurance, and lower cholesterol levels.

You can find this healthy recipe and more at

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Add These Foods To Lower Ldl Cholesterol

Different foods lower cholesterol in various ways. Some deliver soluble fiber, which binds cholesterol and its precursors in the digestive system and drags them out of the body before they get into circulation. Some give you polyunsaturated fats, which directly lower LDL. And some contain plant sterols and stanols, which block the body from absorbing cholesterol.

1. Oats. An easy first step to lowering your cholesterol is having a bowl of oatmeal or cold oat-based cereal like Cheerios for breakfast. It gives you 1 to 2 grams of soluble fiber. Add a banana or some strawberries for another half-gram. Current nutrition guidelines recommend getting 20 to 35 grams of fiber a day, with at least 5 to 10 grams coming from soluble fiber.

2. Barley and other whole grains. Like oats and oat bran, barley and other whole grains can help lower the risk of heart disease, mainly via the soluble fiber they deliver.

3. Beans. Beans are especially rich in soluble fiber. They also take a while for the body to digest, meaning you feel full for longer after a meal. Thats one reason beans are a useful food for folks trying to lose weight. With so many choices from navy and kidney beans to lentils, garbanzos, black-eyed peas, and beyond and so many ways to prepare them, beans are a very versatile food.

4. Eggplant and okra. These two low-calorie vegetables are good sources of soluble fiber.

Eat To Lower Your Cholesterol

Cholesterol isnt all bad news. Follow these tips to lower your cholesterol, the natural way.

Chances are, youve heard a thing or two about cholesterol. Having high blood cholesterol is a risk factor for developing heart disease.

But did you know that you can reduce your cholesterol level by making smart food choices? Its true!

Cholesterol clarified

Before we get to the details, lets be clear on what were talking about. For years, cholesterol has had a bad rep that it doesnt really deserve. The truth is, we need cholesterol to function. Your body makes most of the cholesterol it needs. The rest comes from foods you eat.

Heres the important thing: Dietary cholesterol found in meat, poultry, eggs and dairy products has less impact on increasing your blood cholesterol level. Foods that contain lots of saturated fat are the true culprits.

Now heres how to make nutritious choices to lower your blood cholesterol.

Keep eating simple

In the last 20 years, the rules on healthy eating have shifted. Super restrictive diets arent sustainable or the healthiest choice. Rather than zeroing in on a single nutrient, nutrition research shows the quality of your diet matters more. A diet filled with the right portions of whole, unprocessed foods can help decrease heart disease and stroke. What does that look like? For a healthy, balanced eating plan:

Cook at home
Choose more fibre

Each of these options will provide you with two grams:

  • ½ ripe avocado

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What Cereal Has No Sugar

Best overall: Three Wishes Grain-Free Unsweetened Cereal. Price: $$$ Best whole wheat: Barbaras Shredded Wheat Cereal. Best keto-friendly: HighKey Protein Cereal. Best for people with diabetes: Kashi 7 Whole Grain Puffs. Best low calorie: Natures Path Rice Puffs Cereal. Best for kids: Magic Spoon Grain-Free Cereal.Aug 20, 2020

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How Oatmeal Lowers Cholesterol For Heart Health

Lower Cholesterol Without Drugs (THE NATURAL WAY)

A morning bowl of oatmeal can give you benefits towards heart health, including lowering your cholesterol. Oatmeal is made of ground oats that can be made into a variety of foods, including porridges, cookies, and snacks. Studies also have shown that oatmeal has some heart-healthy benefits. This is mainly due to the rich source of water-soluble dietary fibers, particularly beta-glucan, that are found in oatmeal.

Over the years, there have been many research studies that have proven the benefits of oatmeal in lowering cholesterol levels. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is convinced. Oatmeal was one of the first foods to carry the heart healthy distinction on its label because of promising research findings.

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