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Does Coconut Water Lower Cholesterol

When To Drink Coconut Water

Coconut Oil and Cholesterol – Is virgin coconut oil good for high cholesterol? | 247nht

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  • Early in the morning with a dash of lime
  • Lunch or post-lunch

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Cholesterol And Chronic Heart Failure

Heart disease may lead to a weakening of the heart muscle. A weak heart means that less blood and therefore less oxygen is delivered to the arteries. To compensate for the decreased power, the heart beat goes up, but in severe heart failure this is not sufficient. Patients with severe heart failure become short of breath because too little oxygen is delivered to the tissues, the pressure in their veins increases because the heart cannot deliver the blood away from the heart with sufficient power, and they become edematous, meaning that fluid accumulates in the legs and in serious cases also in the lungs and other parts of the body. This condition is called congestive or chronic heart failure.

There are many indications that bacteria or other microorganisms play an important role in chronic heart failure. For instance, patients with severe chronic heart failure have high levels of endotoxin and various types of cytokines in their blood. Endotoxin, also named lipopolysaccharide, is the most toxic substance produced by Gram-negative bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Klebsiella, Salmonella, Serratia and Pseudomonas. Cytokines are hormones secreted by white blood cells in their battle with microorganisms high levels of cytokines in the blood indicate that inflammatory processes are going on somewhere in the body.

Focus On Fruits Vegetables Whole Grains And Beans

Our typical American diet is now abbreviated as SAD by scientists nationwide because its full of foods that do sad things to both hearts and waistlines. Hyperprocessed foods like potato chips and French fries. Sugar-saturated drinks. And fatty, artery-clogging meats and full-fat dairy foods like cheese.

We dont have to become complete vegetarians to get our cholesterol levels into healthy ranges, studies on the Pritikin Program have found, but clearly, the more vegetables, fruits, potatoes, and other naturally-fiber-rich plant foods we eat, the healthier well be.

Plant foods high in soluble fiber are especially beneficial in lowering total and LDL bad cholesterol levels. Good sources include beans , yams, oats , barley, and berries.

For simple tips on bringing more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans into your life, here is a 5-day sample healthy meal plan from the doctors and dietitians at Pritikin Longevity Center.

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Uses And Benefits Of Mct Oil

Aside from cutting out the unnecessary and bad stuff, what advantages for health does it offer if any?

It turns out there is a fair amount of research which suggests that not only is medium-chain triglyceride oil good for you, but it may be healthier than the culinary varieties.

Basic reasoning tells us that would make sense. After all, if youre amping up the good and tossing out the bad, then logically it should lead to greater benefits.

But what seems logical is hardly something you should bank on for healthcare decisions, so lets take a look at what the research has found.

There are currently over 80 clinical trials published on PubMed which mention this ingredient. Not all are directly related, but many are.

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Here Is How Coconut Water Helps In Effective Weight Loss


Drinking coconut water is one of the best ways to lose weight. Considered as a wonder drink,coconut water has an impeccable taste and flavour. This natural sports drink can instantly boost your energy. Due to the presence of natural enzymes and low calorie, coconut water can effectively help you shed those extra kilos. Additionally, consuming it at the right time can double the health benefits. Containing essential minerals and vitamins, this drink can maintain the level of electrolytes in the body and keep you hydrated. Here is how its daily consumption can keep you in shape.Also Read – Suffering From Diabetes? Drink Coconut Water to Keep Blood Sugar Under Control

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Coconut Oil And Cholesterol


Coconut oil has been in the headlines in recent years for various health reasons. In particular, experts go back and forth debating about whether or not its good for cholesterol levels.

Some experts say you should avoid coconut oil because of its high levels of saturated fat .

Others say that the structure of the fat in coconut oil makes it less likely to add to fat buildup in the body and that, for that reason, its healthy.

There are a lot of conflicting reports about whether or not coconut oil can help:

Research hasnt been definitive, but there are many facts known about this oil. These may help you choose whether or not to incorporate coconut oil into your diet. Consulting your physician is also a good idea.

According to the Mayo Clinic, the oil from fresh coconuts contains a high proportion of medium chain fatty acids. These dont seem to be stored in fat tissue as easily as are long chain fatty acids.

Experts say that coconut oils lauric acid, which is a healthy type of saturated fatty acid, is quickly burned up by the body for energy rather than stored. Thats why some people think of coconut oil as a potential weight loss tool.

All types of fat have the same number of calories. Its only the difference in the fatty acid makeup that makes each fat distinct from the others.

In a saturated fat to soybean oils 15 percent.

How The Fat You Eat Affects Cholesterol Levels

The relationship between the fat we eat and our health, particularly our cardiovascular health, has been hotly debated for many years.

Heres what you need to know:

  • Not all fats are created equally.

  • The kinds of fat you eat matter more than the amount.

  • There are different types of fats in our diet:

    • Polyunsaturated fats: essential and important nutrients

    • Monounsaturated fats: can come from plant or animal products and are generally considered healthy

    • Saturated fats: less healthy than mono- and polyunsaturated fats

    • Trans fats: unhealthy fats

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    Recipe: Super Hydrator Juice

    If coconut water alone is too plain for you, try mixing it with other fruit juices make sure you use 100% juice. Here is a recipe for my Super Hydrator Juice drink that contains coconut water as well as other fruit and vegetable juices for optimal hydration 100% juice in all instances.


    Add all ingredients together into a juicer. Gently stir and drink immediately.

    May Support Heart Health

    Is Coconut Oil Going to Raise Your Cholesterol?

    Drinking coconut water may help reduce heart disease risk .

    In an older study from 2008, researchers fed rats a diet rich in fats and cholesterol. They also fed one group high doses of coconut water .

    After 45 days, the coconut water group had a reduction in cholesterol and triglyceride levels similar to the effects of a statin drug used to lower cholesterol .

    Keep in mind that this was a very high dose. In human terms, it would be equivalent to a 150-pound person consuming 91 ounces of coconut water per day.

    A 2005 study suggests that coconut water may also be beneficial for lowering blood pressure in individuals living with high blood pressure, but more research needs to be done in that area .

    One of the reasons coconut water may be connected to lowered blood pressure is its impressive potassium content . Potassium has been shown to lower blood pressure in people with high or normal blood pressure .


    While there is some evidence that coconut water may be good for heart health, more research centering on humans needs to be done.

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    Is It Bad To Drink Coconut Water Everyday With High Cholesterol Levels

    As long as you have a healthy, balanced diet and dont indulge in too much added sugar, drinking coconut water every day should be fine. Nevertheless, it is best to consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet. They will be the best judge of what you should and shouldnt add to your diet.

    Even if you are given the all-clear, remember to enjoy coconut water in moderation. When consumed in excess, it can actually act as a laxative. Not to mention, it is quite high in potassium and you dont want your potassium levels to be too high.

    Also, not everyone reacts to coconut water in the same way. For instance, some people do feel quite full after drinking coconut water, which may not be a pleasant experience. It is important to monitor your intake according to your response to the drink.

    To get the best of both worlds, try to stick to 6 to 8 ounces of coconut water a day no more. After all, coconut water does contain calories and these can add up if you arent careful. Not to mention, it isnt as hydrating as water. Due to this, it is important to balance out your coconut water consumption with plenty of water.

    As you can see, coconut water may actually be good for cholesterol instead of bad for it. In any case, it will certainly not have a negative impact on your cholesterol levels.

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    How Can You Tell A Good Coconut

    When you pick a coconut, you should pick one that doesnt have any cracks in it and feels heavy and full. Put it up to your ear and shake it. It should sound like theres water in it. A browner coconut will have more white meat on the inside, while a green coconut will be filled with more electrolyte-filled juice.

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    May Help Prevent Kidney Stones

    Drinking enough fluids is important for kidney stone prevention.

    Although plain water is a good choice, two small studies suggest that coconut water might be even better.

    Kidney stones are created when calcium, oxalate, and other compounds combine to form crystals in your urine. These crystals can then form tiny stones. While some people are more susceptible than others, kidney stones affect about 12% of the worlds population .

    In a 2013 study in rats with kidney stones, coconut water prevented crystals from sticking to the kidneys and other parts of the urinary tract. It also reduced the number of crystals formed in the urine .

    In a study from 2018 that involved eight people, researchers found that coconut water increased the urination of potassium, chloride, and citrate in individuals without kidney stones, meaning coconut water might help flush out the system and keep the likelihood of stones low .

    Because one study involved animals and the other is so small, much more research needs to be done concerning the benefits of coconut water in reducing the possibility of kidney stones.


    Early research suggests that water from coconuts may help prevent kidney stones by reducing crystal and stone formation. However, more studies have to be done specifically involving humans.

    Another Major Problem With Drinking Coconut Water For Fat Loss

    Here are 3 simple ways to consume coconut water to reduce ...

    As you saw, coconut water does have some calories in it. And while it’s true that the number isn’t huge, those calories could be bringing another potential problem to the table.

    You see, science has proven that sugar can boost your appetite.

    So, because most of the calories in coconut water come from sugar, coconut water has the potential to boost your appetite.

    If you’re struggling to get rid of that stubborn body fat, then eating as few hunger-boosting foods as possible, is probably a good idea.

    If you ask me, this isn’t a major issue on its own, simply because coconut water doesn’t have too much sugar in it.

    But it’s still something you should keep in mind, especially, if you notice that drinking coconut water makes you hungry for more food than usual.

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    So How Much Nariyal Pani Should You Consume Per Day

    Though coconut water has several health benefits, is very tasty and satiating, especially on a hot summer day, you must be careful not to drink too much of it as it can cause hyperkalemia or potassium toxicity. Eight ounces, or 226 grams, of coconut water has about 600 mg potassium. The recommended daily allowance of potassium is 2,600 to 3,400 mg. If you have severe kidney disease or diabetes, you have to be extremely careful. You must limit your consumption of coconut water to once every alternate day, and that too after consulting your doctor. Since there is no authoritative data on the safe upper limit for consumption of nariyal pani, empirical evidence suggests that you should stick to consuming just one coconuts water per day. Potassium deficiency is rare, and chances are that you are getting enough of it in your daily diet, therefore do not overdo drinking coconut water. However, there is no gainsaying that there is nothing like a cool drink of nariyal pani on a hot and humid afternoon, or when you are feeling too fatigued after some strenuous workout.

    Eat More Plant Sources Of Protein

    Excellent plant proteins include beans all beans, like lentils, red beans, pinto beans, and soybeans. Rather than raising blood cholesterol levels, as animal sources of protein do, beans actually help lower cholesterol.

    Beans also help reduce blood sugar and insulin levels, and may even lower cancer risk.

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    Are You Serious About Reducing Cholesterol

    If making healthy changes on your own has been a challenge, it may be time to bring in the professionals! Our team of physicians, nutritionists, exercise experts, psychologists, and chefs – specialize in helping people just like you reduce medication and take contol of their health. A vacation at Pritikin will change your life!

    The Truth About Coconut Water

    Coconut Water For Everything – Its Health Benefits – Blood Pressure, Diabetes and More

    Low in calories, naturally free of fat and cholesterol, more potassium than four bananas, and super hydrating — these are just a few of the many benefits ascribed to Americaâs latest health craze: coconut water.

    Dubbed “Mother Natureâs sports drink” by marketers, the demand is skyrocketing, propelled by celebrity and athlete endorsements and promises to hydrate the body and help with a whole host of conditions, from hangovers to cancer and kidney stones.

    But is coconut water capable of delivering on all the promises, or is all of this hype?

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    All Saturated Fats Are Not Equal

    It’s true that saturated fats differ from each other chemically depending on the number of carbon atoms they carry and different foods have varying concentrations of the different saturated fatty acids. The saturated fat in coconut oil consists mainly of the lauric acid and myristic acid, with lesser amounts of palmitic acid, whereas chocolate and beef are dominated by palmitic acid.

    There’s no doubt that all the fatty acids in coconut oil raise cholesterol, but the more important question is what kind of cholesterol do they raise is it the bad LDL cholesterol, or the good HDL cholesterol?

    The research isn’t entirely clear on this point, but it seems the fatty acids found in coconut oil do raise LDL bad cholesterol as do other saturated fats, like butter.

    But coconut may also raise HDL cholesterol good cholesterol to some extent, though not as much as unsaturated fats .

    So it’s fair to say if you suddenly swap your olive oil for coconut oil, it’s not going to do your cholesterol levels any favours and in particular, your levels of bad cholesterol will go up.

    Coconut Oil Does Help You Feel Fuller For Longer

    Although coconut oil may not be as healthy of a food as most people think, it does have some health benefits, namely its ability to keep you fuller for longer, which might help with weight loss.

    Fats are more calorie-dense than most foods, so eating them during meals may help you stay satiated compared to eating a carb-heavy meal. Increasing your MCT intake may also help curb your hunger.

    However, you certainly shouldnt add it to everything thinking its the magical fat for weight loss and health, says Lisa DeFazio, a registered dietitian nutritionist based in California.

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    How You Can Lower Cholesterol Levels With Coconut Water

    Popular nutritionist Dr Janaki Srinath gaaru explains how coconut oil help to lower cholesterol level in blood. Watch this video for valuable information.Dr. Janaki is the Senior Nutrition Consultant at Fernandez Hospital. After her PhD in 1999, she garnered experience in the field of Clinical Nutrition..Diabetes Diet Plan Telugu | Food Habits Colitis Cure | Right Diet 1 Diabetes A Guide For Children Video. With Organic Food

    Video taken from the channel: TeluguOne

    chol. drugs cause liver problems.peoples diet is going towards fried and junk food..High HDL is benefial factor. transfat and refined oil is bad..-a mix of flour of wheat,bajra,rice,soyabean and other 5 total 9 in your diet is extremely good..drink hot water early in morning. Do Kapalbhaati, anulom wilom yoga which is good for liver and cholestrol.

    Video taken from the channel: Swami Ramdev

    Video taken from the channel: LLUHealth

    Video taken from the channel: Muskaan Hamad

    Video taken from the channel: Anus HomeBook

    Video taken from the channel: InHealth: A Washington Hospital Channel

    Video taken from the channel: Doc Willie Ong

    Some research suggests that drinking coconut water might lower blood pressure in people with high blood pressure. Other conditions. More evidence is needed to rate the effectiveness of coconut.

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