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What Supplements Help Lower Cholesterol

Total Cholesterol / Hdl

3 supplements to help lower LDL Cholesterol

The ratio of your total cholesterol to your HDL- cholesterol is an important factor in assessing your risk of cardiovascular disease, as this takes your non-HDL cholesterol into account.

Your ratio of total cholesterol divided by HDL-cholesterol should ideally be less than 4.

For example, if your total cholesterol is 4.5 mmol/ and your HDL is 1.2 mmol/l, your ratio is 4.5/1.2 = 3.75.

A ratio above 4.0 is considered a risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

This total/HDL ratio is used to estimate your cardiovascular risk, along with other health and lifestyle risk factors to assess your qrisk2 score. Based on this calculation, your doctor may offer a statin drug if your risk of having a heart attack or stroke over the next 10-years is 10% or greater.

Lower Cholesterol Levels Naturally With Vitamins

If you looking at vitamins to help lower cholesterol levelsthats great! When your cholesterol levels rise beyond the normal range, you may be at risk of cardiovascular problems. You wont notice too many problems to start withand you may not know you have a problem at all. If you take control now and follow a healthy lifestyle, you can manage to lower cholesterol levels before the negative consequences take shape and you will be able to save yourself from a multitude of other health problems.

So, what about trying to lower your cholesterol levels with vitamins?

The moment you are aware that your cholesterol count is high, it is not too late to do something about it! You can and should immediately take steps to bring the number down before it escalates any further. You can accomplish this by making changes to your diet or by improving your exercise habits.

Doctors and Their Medications

There are different types of drugs that are used to lower cholesterol, the first of which are the statins. These drugs prevent certain enzymes in the body from converting fat into cholesterol, thus keeping the cholesterol count under control. You may prefer not to use these drugs

The Natural Way

Many people also like to use vitamin supplements to help lower cholesterol. Ideally, you should be getting all nutrient requirements from healthy, regular food consumption. If your requirements are inadequate, vitamin supplements may be very helpful.

Red Yeast Rice Supplements Lower Cholesterol

Red yeast rice is produced when a yeast, Monascus purpureus, ferments wet rice. The yeast turns the rice dark red on the outside and a bright red in the centre. The red yeast rice can be eaten as a delicacy, or dried and ground to a powder or paste to colour Asian dishes such as Peking duck.

Red yeast rice contains a substance, monacolin K, which is identical to one of the statin drugs, lovastatin. Red yeast monacolin K works on the liver in exactly the same way as statin drugs to inhibit the enzyme, HMG-CoA, and block cholesterol production.

The results of 21 clinical trials containing 4558 people, show that, not surprisingly, red yeast rice significantly lowers total cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol. There were no significant effects on blood pressure, triglycerides or HDL-cholesterol compared with placebo, however.

Ten trials, involving 905 people, which compared red yeast rice extracts against statins found no significant differences in any of the outcomes measured.

In the EU, there is an authorised health claim that red yeast rice, which supplies a daily intake of 10mg monacolin K contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels. However, some countries consider red yeast rice is a medicine at doses of at least 5mg per day , or more than 10mg per day . In the UK, whether or not a red yeast rice supplement is a medicine is considered on a case by case basis.

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How To Lower Cholesterol Naturally In 28 Simple Steps

By Rachael Link, MS, RD

There are tons of natural remedies out there for how to lower cholesterol levels, often promising quick results with next to no effort required on your part. But while its true that there are tons of options to keep cholesterol levels in check, it can actually be as simple as swapping out a few foods in your diet for healthier options, switching up your workout routine or adding a supplement or two into the mix.

Ready to get started? Lets take a look at 28 simple methods for how to lower cholesterol and how it can impact your health.

Supplement A Healthy Lifestyle

US #1 Herbal Supplement for Lowering Cholesterol & Blood ...

Heart disease is a significant concern for Americans. Living a healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly, and supplementing a nutritious diet with certain vitamins and herbs can help to lower cholesterol and improve heart health. Speak with a healthcare provider or pharmacist to find out what heart health supplements are best.

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Cholesterol Lowering Supplements #: A Great Herbal Medicine For Cholesterol Evening Primrose Oil

If you want a great herbal medicine for cholesterol, you must travel to the Far East, or China specifically.

The Chinese have come up with awesome herbal remedies and cholesterol lowering supplements, one of which is the Evening Primrose.

The oil of the Evening Primrose contains lots of great fatty acids that your body needs to function properly, but that will be all natural. The natural fats in this oil will help boost your HDL cholesterol and lower your total cholesterol, and you can obtain the natural benefits of this simple plant oil by taking even a few grams of the stuff every day.

Atherectomy For Arteries Blocked By Atherosclerosis

In rare circumstances, other tools and procedures may be used to help open arteries blocked by atherosclerosis plaques.

  • Rotational atherectomy: A diamond burr rapidly spins and pulverizes plaque into tiny particles. The particles dissipate without causing major damage.
  • Directional atherectomy: A rotating blade cuts slices of plaque, which are captured by the catheter and removed from the body.

These procedures have good commonsense appeal, but they don’t work as well as stenting or bypass surgery. They are rarely used, and only in special cases. Usually, atherectomy is used to improve the success of placing a stent.

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Can I Eat Fish

Oily fish;like salmon, tuna, sardines, mackerel and herring are best. Dr.;Cho;recommends aiming for 2 servings per week.

You can supplement with fish oil, but be careful because very high doses of pure fish oil can lower your triglyceride levels and increase your good;cholesterol, she says. It doesnt lower your LDL, though. Be sure to read your fish oil supplement label.;

When reading the label of your fish oil bottle, look out for the;EPA plus DHA;in each serving since those are the effective ingredients. For example, if your fish oil says 1000 mg of fish oil but only contains 300 mg of;EPA and DHA, know that youre taking 700 mg of unnecessary fish blubber. Make sure youre;choosing fish oil with the highest amount of EPA plus DHA in each pill.

Is Your Ldl Too High

Cholesterol- and Triglyceride-lowering Supplements

Having high levels of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol significantly increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the US. In fact, over 73.5 million Americans have levels of LDL that are too high and are not being treated. While the best heart disease prevention is a healthy lifestyle, some supplements can help lower cholesterol and improve cardiovascular health.

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How To Lower Your Cholesterol

If your blood test shows you have raised cholesterol, your GP will discuss it with you and give you tips on how to reduce it.

Generally, youll start off by reducing the amount of cholesterol in your diet this typically comes from processed foods such as cakes and biscuits, as well as meat pies, sausages, fatty meat, butter, lard, cream and hard cheese, and so on.

Dr Lee also recommends quitting smoking, taking more physical exercise, losing weight if youre overweight, reducing your alcohol consumption, or trying optimal treatment of any other medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid disease or kidney disease.

The doctor said: It takes time to improve all these factors this is a marathon and not a sprint.

Improving all these factors will also do wonders to improve your general health, and lower your risk of chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, dementia and cancer.

Your GP will arrange to recheck your cholesterol periodically if the cholesterol level has not improved, you may be offered medication, such as statins.

Who Should Buy A Cholesterol Supplement

Cholesterol supplements are usually taken by those who need to lower the LDL cholesterol levels. Most people realize that their levels are off after a trip to their doctor. Typically, they are given medication and prompted to make dietary changes. However, supplements can also be used besides these strategies to see faster results.

If this describes you, a cholesterol supplement may be just what youre looking for. These supplements contain a wide variety of ingredients. If one doesnt work, another one might. Feel free to try multiple supplements to find which one works best for you.

Cholesterol supplements may also be useful for those who are worried about their heart health. Many of these supplements are also very heart-healthy, which is extremely useful if youre at risk for heart disease or other heart problems. Whether you have a family history of heart disease or just want to protect your heart, these supplements can also be useful in these cases.

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B Vitamins Boast Many Benefits

Vitamin B3, or niacin, has been shown to increase levels of high-density lipoprotein , or good, cholesterol, and decrease triglycerides. Niacin supplementation has been used since the 1950s as a treatment for high cholesterol. While B3 alone may not be adequate treatment for high cholesterol, in combination with other medications, a B-vitamin supplement may be beneficial.

Best Supplements For High Cholesterol According To Nutritionists

US #1 Herbal Supplement for Lowering Cholesterol & Blood ...

Your diet impacts your cholesterol levels in a big way.

“The research is rock solid,” says , medical director of the Center for Advanced Medicine. “Eating too many calories and too much unhealthy saturated fats along with too much sugar and starch will cause elevated unbalanced cholesterol levels in most people.”

Let’s say, however, that you’ve already tried eating oatmeal and other high-fiber foods, plus fish and flaxseeds for their beneficial omega-3s, you’ve limited saturated fats and cut out trans fats, and that you exercise daily. Maybe you’ve even lost weight, which can improve your lipids, the technical term for cholesterol or blood fats. And now your doctor recommends a statin drug to lower your cholesterol. But you don’t want to take another prescription medicine.

What next to try before signing up for statins? An over-the-counter dietary supplement.

We asked registered dietitians and other nutritionists for supplements that they recommend to their clients for high cholesterol and found a variety available at your supermarket or pharmacy that you can try. And for more on over-the-counter nutritional pills, check out The Best Supplements for People Over 50.

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What Are Normal Cholesterol Numbers

Everyone aged 20 years and older should have his or her cholesterol levels checked at least once every 5 years. The blood test should be taken after fasting for 9 to 12 hours.

You should aim for a total cholesterol level of <200 mg/dL. Levels of 240 mg/dL or above are considered high. For LDL, lower levels are better, and the goal should be below 130 mg/dL, with <100 mg/dL being optimal. For HDL, higher numbers are better. An HDL level <40 mg/dL is a major risk factor for developing heart disease. You want to aim for levels of 60 mg/dL or better to help lower this risk.

Betaglucan Supplements Lower Cholesterol

Eating oats or barley can lower cholesterol in two ways. Oats and barley contain betaglucans, a type of soluble fibre that acts on the liver to reduce your own natural cholesterol production.

Oats and barley also contain insoluble fibre which acts like a sponge to bind cholesterol and slow its absorption in the intestines.

Oat and barley betaglucans are added to foods designed to lower cholesterol, and are also available in supplement form.

A daily intake of at least 3g oat betaglucan can lower total cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol by 5% to 10%.

Betaglucans also have an immune-boosting action, and many supplements highlight this aspect rather than the cholesterol-lowering action.

As with most cholesterol-lowering supplements, betaglucans can be used with or without statin medication but check with your doctor first. Eat oats and barley products, too.

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Consult Your Doctor Before Using These Natural Cholesterol Lowering Supplements To Avoid Potential Unpleasant Side Effects

No matter how effective a supplement is, it is important that you check with a doctor before taking them. The reason for this is that some of the cholesterol lowering supplements mentioned above, while being incredibly effective and made from natural ingredients, may be too strong for your body to handle.

For example, the monacolin in the red yeast rice mimics the properties of statins, including the side effects. You may also have an allergy or intolerance to certain ingredients, and the results or side effects could be dangerous.

For this reason, it is important that you consult your doctor before taking any supplements, as that will help you to avoid any negative results or risks of these natural cholesterol lowering supplements.

Green Tea Supplements Lower Cholesterol

Cholesterol Lowering Supplements

Over 30% of the dry weight of green tea leaves consists of powerful flavonoid antioxidants such as epicatechins. Researchers have found that green tea epicatechins block cholesterol absorption and increase liver excretion of cholesterol-containing bile salts and fatty acids.

Green tea antioxidants also increase the breakdown of triglyceride fats, as well as having a beneficial effect on blood pressure. Compared with non-tea drinkers, having 4 cups of tea per day appears to halve the risk of a heart attack, while the incidence of stroke is halved in people drinking at least 5 cups green tea daily, compared with those drinking less.

Results from 20 clinical trials, involving 1536 people, found that green tea extracts reduced total cholesterol by moderate amounts of around 5% to 8%.

Green tea extracts are also popular for their metabolism boosting effects to aid weight loss.

If you dont want the caffeine kick that accompanies green tea, then decaffeinated supplements are available.

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Which Vitamins Reduce Cholesterol

Can vitamins lower cholesterol levels? There is evidence to suggest that its possible. Heres a breakdown of the best vitamins to lower cholesterol however, its important to note that these should be taken as part of a healthy lifestyle. The clues in the name its a supplement for a bit of extra help, not an alternative to eating well and exercising.

How Can I Lower My Cholesterol Naturally

The latest cholesterol guidelines have just been released by the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association. The guidelines now recommend a more personalized approach to managing high cholesterol.

Thats an improvement over the older, one-size-fits-all approach, which looked mostly at your LDL cholesterol level and didnt take the bigger picture of your age and overall health into consideration.

The new guidelines strongly recommend exercise, a better diet, and quitting smoking as first steps to lowering high cholesterol.

When those steps dont bring your total cholesterol down to below 200 mg/dL or your LDL bad cholesterol down to below 130 mg/dL), the new guidelines still rely heavily on prescribing statin drugs.

These drugs, including atorvastatin , pravastatin , and simvastatin , do lower high cholesterol, but they come with a long list of possible side effects, including muscle pain and an increased risk of diabetes.

If your cholesterol is very high or if youve already had a heart attack, statin drugs may be necessary to bring your cholesterol down. Its important to remember, however, that statin drugs havent been shown to prevent a first heart attack.

If your cardiac risk is high, lifestyle changes to improve your diet and be more physically active are probably more important than taking a statin drug.

A better diet with more real food and getting more exercise will help bring your cholesterol down naturally.

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High Cholesterol: Nutritionist Reveals Top Prevention Tips

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Almost 40 percent of people in the UK have high or borderline high levels of bad cholesterol, leaving them at risk of blocked blood vessels, heart problems and strokes. While eating a balanced diet with less fatty food, exercising more and quitting cigarettes and booze are key in reducing cholesterol, there are six supplements you can take to help.;;chatted to Dr Deborah Lee from Dr Fox Online Pharmacy to find out how to lower your cholesterol using supplements.

Increase Your Consumption Of Dietary Fiber

Cholesterol Support Supplements Pills To Help Lower Bad ...

Ideally, you should be getting 25 to 35 grams of fiber a day, says Dr.;Cho. Fiber binds to;cholesterol and eliminates it from your body.

To increase your;fiber intake, eat more whole grains, legumes like beans and lentils, vegetables and fruits. You should be getting a good mix of both soluble fibers, which are more beneficial for;cholesterol, and insoluble fibers, which are better for your gut health.;

Lower;cholesterol isnt the only benefit of getting enough fiber. Other benefits include reducing your risk of diseases, preventing constipation and keeping you full longer.

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