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What Foods Lower Triglycerides Fast

And Limit Unhealthy Ones

Lower TRIGLYCERIDES Quickly (Simple Steps) 2022

Namely, trans fats or partially hydrogenated oils, which sometimes show up in baked goods, snack foods, fried foods, refrigerated dough , nondairy creamers, and margarines.

Eating these harmful fats can send your triglycerides up in just a few short weeks, not to mention raise your LDL cholesterol and lower your HDL cholesterol.

What Are Triglycerides And What Raises Them

Everyone consumes triglycerides as part of their diet. They circulate in your bloodstream, similar to cholesterol, and pair with proteins to form lipoproteins.

These lipoproteins carry triglycerides to your tissues, where they are either used for energy straight away or stored as fat for later.

Triglyceride levels can be measured by a simple blood test. According to the American Heart Association , fasting levels those taken when you havent eaten should be below 150 mg/dl and post-meal levels below 200 mg/dl .

Many lifestyle factors can raise your fasting triglyceride levels, such as a diet high in refined carbohydrates and saturated fats, a lack of physical activity, drinking too much alcohol, and smoking. Pregnancy and menopause can also have an effect.

Postprandial lipaemia is the scientific name for the rise in triglycerides that happens after eating. The peak in triglyceride levels is around 45 hours after eating, and the level should return to baseline around 8 hours after eating.

Measuring triglyceride levels within a 4-hour period after a meal is a strong predictor of your risk of heart disease, even if your fasting triglycerides are within a healthy range.

That means post-meal triglycerides can act as an early warning system for your risk of heart disease.

Your blood fat control indicates how well you can clear triglycerides from your blood in other words, how well youre able to handle high-fat foods.

How Can I Lower My Triglycerides Quickly

Dietary and lifestyle changes may help you lower your triglycerides within a few months. The first step, though, involves finding out why your triglycerides are high. Hypertriglyceridemia has many causes. These include:

  • Dietary factors.
  • Medical conditions.
  • Some medications.

If you just learned your triglycerides are high, the first thing you should do is talk with your healthcare provider. Your provider will ask you some questions and review your medical history to see what might be causing the spike in your triglyceride level.

Your provider will then help you come up with a plan for getting your triglycerides back to a healthy level. This plan may involve medication to lower your triglycerides, especially if your numbers are very high. Or, you may need treatment for an underlying condition.

Your provider will also help you with dietary and lifestyle changes. Its always best to follow the individual plan your provider gives you. But here are some general guidelines that research shows can help you lower your triglycerides.

Dietary changes to help lower your triglycerides

There are four main dietary culprits that raise your triglycerides:

Product labels or packaging will also tell you if an item is fat-free. Its important to reduce your fat intake. But be aware that desserts labeled fat-free usually contain more sugar than full-fat versions and just as many calories. Limit these desserts or find healthier options like fresh fruit or sugar-free popsicles.

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Lean Meat And Poultry:

Lean meat and poultry are very high in protein and absorbable iron. At the same time, these are the great sources of zinc and vitamin B12 that help to keep iron in premenopausal women. In addition, poultry can be useful for minimizing the addition of saturated fat in your body that are good for reducing triglycerides and cholesterol level. You can enjoy 5 ounces per day of lean meat and poultry without worrying about increasing triglycerides level.

In general, all these healthy foods to lower triglycerides and cholesterol levels are so popular that you can add them in your diet easily. Besides your diet, you also should avoid smoking, alcohol like beer, liqueurs, hard liquor and all sugars like sugar, honey, molasses, energy drinks, candies, sweets, jams or something like this can lead to negative effects on your body. In addition, you also need to control the amount of carbohydrates in your body. A diet is rich in carbohydrates can lead to the increase of triglycerides as well as cholesterol levels.

Here are all things you must do to avoid and list of healthy foods to lower triglycerides levels in your body that are very effective if your triglycerides and cholesterol levels are high. All these foods are very useful for your heart and healthy lifestyle. If you have any idea or contribution to our topic, you can write your comment in the following part of this website. We are always glad to see your comments.

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You Are Cutting Out All Carbs

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One common step that’s taken to bring down your triglycerides is to reduce your calorie intake by cutting back on carbohydrates, such as simple carbs found in sodas, juices and sweetened beverages, and refined carbs, which are found in white bread, white pasta and snack products.

This can be a helpful approach: eating too many carbs could contribute to higher triglyceride levels, and cutting back would be one strategy to lower them. However, it is not necessary to cut out all forms of carbs, including those found in whole grains. Whole grains are full of types of fiber and nutrients that work together to benefit your health. Soluble fiber is a type of dietary fiber present in whole grains, vegetables and fruits that slows digestion by attracting water and forming a gel. This process delays the absorption of sugars and fat, softens your stools and promotes regular bowel movements. Together with insoluble fiber, a type of dietary fiber that adds bulk to stools, it can promote fullness and keep you feeling full for longer. In other words, including whole grains as part of your meals and snacks can help regulate your food portion sizes by minimizing your chance of overeating.

You can incorporate more whole grains by having at least half of your grains as whole grains. Try whole-wheat versions of your favorite pastas and other grain products, and make room for whole grains like oats, brown rice, buckwheat, quinoa and barley in your eating pattern.

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Dietary And Lifestyle Recommendations

1) Follow a diet low in fat, with less than 30% of daily calories from total fat. Choose polyunsaturated fats over saturated fat:

An example of someone eating a 1500Kcal diet and aiming for less than 30% fat would be less than 50 grams of fat per day. If your triglycerides do not reduce with this, then you may need to aim for less. You will see a Dietitian who will discuss this with you.

Grams of fat to aim for: ____________grams per day

Fat should be spread out throughout the day, rather than all eaten at one mealtime. Just one large, fatty meal can increase your risk of developing pancreatitis . A meal should not contain more than 15g of fat at one time.

If your triglycerides are severely raised then it will be suggested that you follow a very strict low fat diet to bring the levels down as quickly as possible .

How do you know how much fat is in foods?

Fat is found in many different foods and drinks for example dairy products, meats, oils, nuts and cakes.

If you have a packaged food then reading the food label is the best way to identify how much fat it contains. When you look at the back of a food label, the nutritional information is often given on a table similar to below. Food labels provide information about many different nutrients found in foods including the amount of fat.

When looking at food labels per 100g you should aim for:

Stay Wary Of Trans Fats

Another category of unhealthy fats include trans fats which increase the levels of LDL in your body. A variety of food products that you pick from the shelf are rich in trans fat and is labelled hydrogenated oil. This type of oil is made by adding hydrogen to vegetable oils in an effort to increase the shelf life of the product.

It is thus important that you read the labels of the products you buy and avoid the ones that contain trans fat.

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What Can Happen To Me If I Have High Triglycerides

High triglycerides can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease, including stroke, heart attack and heart disease.

A high triglyceride level is one of the signs of metabolic syndrome. This is a collection of health conditions that increase your risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

An extremely high triglyceride level can cause inflammation of the pancreas, the organ in your abdomen that produces insulin.

Address Underlying Health Issues

Lowering Triglycerides – Mayo Clinic

Remember, although triglycerides can be high due to bad lifestyle and dietary choices, they can also be high due to an underlying health condition. The most important thing is to work with your doctor to find out whats causing your high triglyceride levels and to treat any underlying conditions!

For example, triglycerides can be high due to liver disease, infections, underactive thyroid , autoimmune disease, or some genetic disorders just to name a few .

In these cases, simply changing your diet or lifestyle wont help address the underlying issue and may actually be harmful!

In addition, high triglyceride levels can be dangerous for your body. If necessary, your doctor will prescribe triglyceride-lowering medication.

Thats why, if your triglycerides are elevated, you should discuss the lifestyle and dietary changes listed below with your doctor. None of these strategies should ever be done in place of what your doctor recommends or prescribes!

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Increase Fibre Quantity In Your Diet

High-fibre foods are also rich in carbohydrates, however, they are more complex to break down and are gradually absorbed by the body. Dietary fibre also helps you feel full without having consumed excess calories. Therefore, it directly lowers your triglyceride levels.

Choose healthy fats

The main source of triglycerides is fats, themselves. Thereby, a reduction in the fat content that you consume can help you achieve good triglyceride levels. However, fat is also an essential component of your body. There are both healthy and unhealthy fats. In order to reduce triglycerides, you should aim to consume more healthy fats and decrease your intake of unhealthy, saturated fats. Healthy fats include omega-3 fatty acids that are found in oily fish, olive oil and other supplements.

Foods To Lower Triglycerides And Keep Your Organs Healthy

Triglycerides are a type of fat that comes from the foods you eat. If you eat lots of foods that have saturated fats like butter, refined flour or sugar, you may be consuming too many triglycerides. Fortunately, there are many foods that can help lower your triglycerides, too.

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Limit Your Sugar Intake

Added sugar is a big part of many peoples diets.

While the American Heart Association recommends consuming no more than 100150 calories of added sugar per day, one study found that the average American eats about 308 calories of added sugar daily .

Added sugar is commonly found in sweets, soft drinks, and fruit juice.

Extra sugar in your diet may be turned into triglycerides, which can lead to an increase in blood triglyceride levels, along with other heart disease risk factors.

A 2020 review that included data on 6,730 people found that those who consumed sugar-sweetened beverages regularly were over 50% more likely to have high triglycerides, compared with those who did not drink them regularly .

Another study found that consuming high amounts of added sugar is also associated with higher blood triglyceride levels in children .

Fortunately, several studies have shown that low carb diets can lead to a decrease in blood triglyceride levels .

Even a simple change such as replacing sugar-sweetened beverages with water could decrease triglycerides in some people .


Minimizing added sugar in your diet from sugary beverages and sweets can reduce your blood triglyceride levels.

A Few Words Of Caution

Lifestyle and Dietary Choices that can Help Lower Triglyceride Levels ...
  • Boil, bake, steam, and roast the foods to get the full benefits of their nutritional composition.
  • In case of fruits, eat them raw, ripe, and fresh for the fibrous content and nutrients.

Bringing down the level of triglycerides in the blood has never been easier. What with a host of foods and natural remedies and ways, the stubborn level of cholesterol and triglycerides will come down in a few months. If you are seeking out ways to inculcate foods to lower triglycerides level in blood, then follow through with the remedies to keep your heart healthy. Adopt an active and healthy lifestyle to stay fit and robust throughout life.

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Fishes Rich In Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are a blessing to the body to reduce triglyceride and LDL and enhance HDL levels. It is responsible for stabilizing heart health. Several fishes contain omega 3 fatty acids and can lower the triglyceride in the blood. It is advisable to add at least 8 ounces of omega3 fatty acids to the diet thrice a week to stay healthy and lower the triglycerides. The fishes rich in triglycerides are-

Reduce Your Sugar Consumption

It is well understood that excess sugar can lead to more calories and high triglycerides. The foremost step that you must, hence, take is to cut down your sugar intake. Maintain healthy levels of sugar in your body. Try to avoid as much sugar consumption as possible by limiting your intake of added sugar.

Since you cannot and should not completely avoid sugar consumption, it is advised that you should make healthier choices by choosing natural sweeteners over artificial ones.

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Ask Your Doctor About Natural Supplements

Several natural supplements could have the potential to lower blood triglycerides. Always speak with your doctor before starting any supplements, as they can interact with other medications.

Note especially that the Food and Drug Administration does not regulate supplements in the same way as it regulates pharmaceuticals, and supplement quality can vary widely.

Below are a few of the main supplements that have been studied:

  • Fish oil. Well known for its potent effects on heart health, fish oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to decrease triglycerides and several other risk factors for heart disease (


Several supplements have been studied for their ability to lower triglyceride levels, including fish oil, fenugreek, garlic extract, guggul, and curcumin.

G Fat/day Triglyceride Control Diet

How To Lower Your Triglycerides Fast And Naturally


Severe hypertriglyceridaemia.

You can adapt your own diet to provide less than 25g per day of fat if you are confident with this. The fat should be spread throughout the day. Otherwise please see below for some ideas or speak with your dietitian. If you are hungry, try increasing the lean protein content of the diet.

Daily allowances

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Eat The Right Foods For You

As weve seen, there are some broad dietary guidelines you can follow to help lower your triglyceride levels.

But our research shows that everyones blood fat responses to the foods they eat are personal, with more than 10 times the difference between some people.

ZOE runs the largest nutritional study of its kind, with over 15,000 participants so far. Based on our studies, weve developed a personalized nutrition program that takes your unique biology into account to help you improve your metabolic health.

Using the latest scientific techniques, the ZOE at-home test analyzes your triglyceride and blood sugar levels after eating, as well as the microbes in your gut.

Based on your results, the ZOE program then gives you advice on the best foods and food combinations for your body and your long-term health goals.

You can take a free quiz to find out more.

Food Swaps To Lower Triglycerides

Got high triglycerides ? The culprit is likely consistently overeating or eating too much sugar, saturated fat, or refined carbohydrate, such as white bread.

You can naturally lower your triglycerides by making the following simple food swaps. They’ll help you get your triglycerides under control and help you maintain a healthy weight.

Instead of: Bagel with cream cheese

Choose: Whole wheat English muffin with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter or other nut butter

Why make the switch: The English muffin breakfast has fewer calories . The nut butter has good fats, which replace the bad fats you’d get from the cream cheese.

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High Triglycerides Diet Food List

Maintaining normal triglyceride levels in the bloodstream is critical. Regardless, many people do not know the role triglycerides play in the body or even what they are.

Lifestyle changes and diet are the two leading causes of high triglycerides in the body. Others are certain medications and genetics.

Experts in nutrition and health say that changing your lifestyle, and what you eat can lower triglycerides.

We have compiled a list of triglyceride-lowering foods, many of them being whole nutrient-dense foods.

Does Lemon Water Lower Triglycerides

Pin by Riley Smith on Healthy

Multiple useful cardiovascular effects have been discovered including enhancement of fibrinolytic activity, lowering of blood pressure, reduction in cholesterol, and triglyceride. The results showed that combination of garlic and lemon juice significantly reduced serum TC, LDL-C, and blood pressure.

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How Are Triglycerides Connected To Cholesterol

Cholesterol is another type of fatty substance. It has many uses in your body, including producing hormones, building cells and helping you digest food.

There are good and bad types of cholesterol. ‘Bad’ cholesterol is known as low-density lipoprotein or LDL. It can stick to the sides of your blood vessels and block them. ‘Good’ cholesterol is known as high-density lipoprotein or HDL. It transports the bad cholesterol away from your blood vessels to your liver, which gets rid of it.

If you have a high level of triglycerides together with a high LDL level or a low HDL level, you have a higher risk of fat building up and blocking your blood vessels. This increases your risk of having a heart attack or a stroke.


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