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Can You Have High Cholesterol And Normal Blood Pressure

Is High Blood Pressure Or High Cholesterol Worse

Can CBD Replace High Blood Pressure & Cholesterol Medication?

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Your heart is at risk if both numbers are even slightly elevated. Maybe your cholesterol levels are only slightly higher than normal and your blood pressure is hitting prehypertension range. On their own, the numbers themselves may not look too alarming but together, your heart could be taking some serious damage.

does lowering cholesterol help lower blood pressure? Your doctor may prescribe medication to help control your blood pressure. Statins are a type of medication usually used to lower cholesterol. Statins are designed to bring down your low-density lipoprotein , or badcholesterol. They do this by lowering the amount of cholesterol plaque that forms in the arteries.

Also question is, is high cholesterol really a problem?

High cholesterol is a risk factor for heart attacks and coronary heart disease, because it builds up in the arteries, narrowing them. It does notHigh levels of ‘bad’ low-density lipoprotein cholesterol can cause plaque to build up in the arteries, increasing the risk of cardiovascular

Which is more dangerous diabetes or high blood pressure?

Having diabetes raises your risk of heart disease, stroke, kidney disease and other health problems. Having high blood pressure also raises this risk. If you have diabetes and high blood pressure together, this raises your risk of health problems even more.

Whats The Connection Between High Blood Cholesterol And Hypertension

Having one risk factor for heart disease means you need to be careful. Having two means you need to make some significant changes in your life.

Scientists have found that when people have more than one risk factor, like high blood cholesterol and high blood pressure, these factors work together to make risk of heart disease much worse.

Even if your cholesterol and blood pressure levels are only mildly elevated, when they are both present in your body, they can interact with each other to more quickly damage your blood vessels and your heart. If not controlled, they eventually set the stage for heart attack and stroke, as well as other problems like kidney malfunction and vision loss.

If youve already been diagnosed with high blood cholesterol, watch those blood pressure numbers like a hawk! These two risk factors like to hang out together. But if youre aware of whats happening, you can win the battle for your health.

High Blood Pressure And Cholesterol Work Together To Damage Arteries

Over time, this high pressure damages your arteries and other blood vessels. They just arent built to manage a constant high-pressure blood flow. As a result, they start to suffer from tears and other types of damage.

Those tears make nice resting places for excess cholesterol. That means that the damage high blood pressure creates inside arteries and blood vessels can actually lead to even more plaque buildup and artery narrowing because of high blood cholesterol. In turn, your heart has to work even harder to pump blood, putting excess strain on your heart muscle.

The two conditions are like a team of villains working together to make things worse for your heart, arteries, and overall health. Indeed, over time, high blood pressure and cholesterol can cause problems in your eyes, kidneys, brain, and other organs as well.

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High Blood Pressure And Cholesterol

Out of Control

Every 39 seconds an adult dies from heart attack, stroke or other cardiovascular disease.

1 in 2

Nearly 68 million people have high blood pressure but about 1 in 2 doesnt have it under control.

2 in 3

71 million US adults have high cholesterol but 2 in 3 dont have it under control.

Heart disease, stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases are among the leading cause of death and now kill more than 800,000 adults in the US each year. Of these, 150,000 are younger than age 65. These diseases are also two of the leading causes of health disparities in the US. Treatment of these diseases accounts for 1 in every 6 US health dollars spent. Two main reasons people have heart disease or stroke are high blood pressure* and cholesterol, which are common, deadly, and preventable. Nearly 2 out of 3 adults with high cholesterol and about half of adults with high blood pressure dont have their condition yet under control. Clearly, other steps are needed to gain control of these health risks.

* High blood pressure means at least 140/90 mmHg. High cholesterol in this report means high LDL cholesterol.

Improved care could save more than 100,000 lives a year.

Why is control difficult to achieve?

Salt Level Can Vary in Common Food Items

Current guidelines for sodium intake for adults are less than 2,300 mg of sodium per day at most and 1,500 mg for adults at high risk.

  • Will provide more trained health professionals to treat people with high blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • Can You Still Have Blocked Arteries Even If Your Cholesterol Triglycerides And Blood Pressure Are Good

    Cholesterolrange What Diet Is Recommended For High ...

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    High Blood Pressure High Cholesterol In Your 20s

    In your 20s, you may feel worry-free about your health. But you may be wrong. High cholesterol levels and high blood pressure can pop up and be indicative of future problems down the road if not taken care of. Were looking at what influences these readings and steps you can take now to improve.

    As you enter your 20s, youre likely just getting a handle on managing your health on your own. From transitioning from a pediatrician to a primary care provider , and getting familiar with your familys health history its a lot to handle. Since youre considered young by most standards, you may be thinking that you wont have a lot of health concerns to worry about for the next few years.

    When it comes to your personal health, its never too early to make it a habit of regularly visiting your PCP and becoming familiar with your vital signs and readings like your and cholesterol levels. Its been found that if you have elevated blood pressure and high cholesterol in your 20s, you may be more at risk for serious health conditions later in life. Before we jump into lifestyle changes you can make that may help lower both of these, lets take a look at what high cholesterol and hypertension are and how theyre related.

    High Cholesterol In Your 30s Is Possible So Know Your Risks

    2 Minute Read

    High cholesterol and elevated blood pressure, or hypertension, are health problems usually associated with older adults and the elderly. But developing high blood pressure and high cholesterol in your 20s and 30s is not uncommon especially if you have certain risk factors.

    More than 102 million adults age 20 and older have high cholesterol, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention . At the same time, the CDC says about 75 million adults have high blood pressure.

    Increased cholesterol levels and high blood pressure can occur without any symptoms, so many people have no idea their numbers are high. Knowing the risk factors can help you determine your chances for developing high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

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    Everything You Need To Know About High Cholesterol

    Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance our body needs for the formation of cells, certain hormones and vitamin D. Our body produces cholesterol and its also found in some foods. There are both good and bad types of cholesterol in our body. If we produce too much of the bad cholesterol, it can lead to many health problems, including heart attack or stroke.

    Although bad for our bodies, high cholesterol usually causes no symptoms, unless at very high levels. Thats why its important to get your cholesterol levels checked regularly.

    Normal Blood Pressure Is 12080 Or Lower


    Does eating less cholesterol lower blood pressure. High levels of HDL is a good indicator of healthy heart because less cholesterol is available in the blood to attach to blood vessels and cause plaque formation. Some other health conditions that can also cause raised levels of.

    Different types of cholesterol exist in the body. 2020-09-29 Too much cholesterol however harms the body and increases the risk of various medical conditions such as high blood pressure and heart diseases. This is the bad type of cholesterol.

    Having a raised level of cholesterol in your blood also increases the risk of developing these health problems. Its possible to have too much of a good thing. Here are some tips to get started.

    HDL level above more than 60 mgdL 156 mmoll considered high. 250 Low Cholesterol Indian Healthy Recipes Foods. Smoothie Recipes For High Blood Pressure And Cholesterol.

    2020-02-13 People with high blood pressure hypertension and diabetes often have high cholesterol. 1 day ago Recipes For Diabetes High Cholesterol Blood Pressure And Mediterranean T By Prescription Healthy Living Wellness Nutrition Expert Dr John La Puma. HDL cholesterol therefore actually prevents LDL cholesterol accumulating in your blood.

    In this article well discuss high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Their normal values measured in milligrams per deciliter or mgdL vary according to a persons age and gender. Learn more information about high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

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    How To Prevent High Cholesterol

    As with many other conditions, preventing high cholesterol from occurring in the first place is better than a cure because of the range of controllable risk factors. To prevent high cholesterol, you should:

    • Eat a nutritious diet low in fat and salt

    • Avoid excessive alcohol consumption

    • Quit or avoid taking up smoking

    • Ensure you get regular exercise

    • Manage your stress levels.

    If you think you may be at risk of high cholesterol levels, or if you havent had your cholesterol levels checked recently, contact your GP today.

    Plant Sterols Can Lower Cholesterol Levels

    Plant sterols are found naturally in plant foods including sunflower and canola seeds, vegetable oils and in nuts, legumes, cereals, fruit and vegetables. Some margarine and milks have concentrated plant sterols added to them. Margarines enriched with plant sterolslower LDL cholesterol in most people if the correct amount is eaten .

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    Natural Remedies And Lowering Cholesterol

    Its very important to talk to your health professional before using any:

    • supplements
    • natural remedies
    • or complementary therapies.

    Sometimes they can do more harm than good. They may interact with any medication that youre taking, which can be dangerous. They can also make your medication less effective. Your doctor needs to know everything that you are taking to ensure that the combination is safe.

    If youve been prescribed cholesterol-lowering medication, make sure you take it as directed by your doctor. This is one of the most effective ways to keep your cholesterol levels down.

    Misconception: Only Men Need To Worry About Cholesterol

    The Dangers of High Cholesterol

    Both men and women tend to see higher triglyceride and cholesterol levels as they get older. Although atherosclerosis typically occurs later in women than men, cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death in women. Weight gain also contributes to higher levels.

    Premenopausal women may have some protection from high LDL levels of cholesterol, compared to men. Thats because the female hormone estrogen is highest during the childbearing years and it tends to raise HDL cholesterol levels. This may help explain why premenopausal women are usually protected from developing heart disease.

    But cholesterol levels can still rise in postmenopausal women, despite a heart-healthy diet and regular physical activity. So women nearing menopause should have their cholesterol levels checked and talk with their doctor about their risk factors and treatment options.

    At one time, it was thought that hormone replacement therapy might lower a womans risk of heart disease and stroke. But studies have shown that HRT doesn’t reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke in postmenopausal women. The American Heart Association doesn’t endorse HRT as a means to lower cardiovascular risks.

    Doctors should consider women-specific conditions, such as premature menopause and pregnancy-associated conditions, when discussing their cholesterol levels and potential treatment options.

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    How Can I Lower My Cholesterol Level

    The first step in reducing your cholesterol is to maintain a healthy, balanced diet. It’s important to keep your diet low in fatty food.

    You can swap food containing saturated fat for fruit, vegetables and wholegrain cereals. This will also help prevent high cholesterol returning.

    Other lifestyle changes, such as taking regular exercise and giving up smoking, can also make a big difference in helping to lower your cholesterol.

    If these measures don’t reduce your cholesterol and you continue to have a high risk of developing heart disease, your GP may prescribe a cholesterol-lowering medication, such as statins.

    Your GP will take into account the risk of any side effects from statins. The benefit of lowering your cholesterol must outweigh any risks.

    Read more about how high cholesterol is treated

    Can High Cholesterol Be Prevented Or Avoided

    Making healthy food choices and exercising are two ways to reduce your risk of developing high cholesterol.

    Eat fewer foods with saturated fats . Choose healthier fats. This includes lean meats, avocados, nuts, and low-fat dairy items. Avoid foods that contain trans fat . Look for foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These foods include salmon, herring, walnuts, and almonds. Some egg brands contain omega-3.

    Exercise can be simple. Go for a walk. Take a yoga class. Ride your bike to work. You could even participate in a team sport. Aim to get 30 minutes of activity every day.

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    You Have A Family History Of High Blood Pressure

    If you have a family history of high blood pressure, your own readings may be elevated. Genetics tends to be a leading cause of high blood pressure, so if your parents or siblings have high blood pressure, you should monitor it regularly with a digital blood pressure machine. This way, you can stay on top of your health and avoid problems before they are too advanced to stop.

    You Have Kidney Disease

    Say goodbye to High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol at the same time with ONE DRINK

    High blood pressures can cause damage to the kidneys over time, which is why it’s important for people who have kidney disease or a history of kidney problems to monitor their blood pressure regularly. This will help identify any changes early on so that they don’t progress into major medical issues such as organ failure! When it comes to kidney health, you must stay proactive!

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    Bloating And Digestive Issues

    The main reason for increased cholesterol levels is overeating fatty and fried food affects our liver and produces bad cholesterol in the body. If you are facing high cholesterol, then you may feel bloated even after eating significantly less.

    Your stomach makes you feel heaviness and disinterest in appetite. The excess flow of lipid substance directly affects the metabolism and triggers the digestive system in your body, and you feel bloating and heaviness.

    If you are constantly feeling these issues, then you must go for a lipid profile test.

    How Are High Blood Pressure And High Cholesterol Linked

    Okay, so you may be wondering if high blood pressure and cholesterol are linked. In short they are. Those with high cholesterol often have high blood pressure, as well. As we explained earlier in this blog, your blood pressure is the force of your blood pushing against your arteries. If your arteries are clogged with cholesterol build up, your heart has to work harder and harder to push the blood through your veins. The harder your heart has to work, the higher your blood pressure rises. Unlike other muscles in your body, your heart becomes weaker and less efficient over time after having to work harder to perform basic functions.

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    Misconception: With Medications No Lifestyle Changes Are Needed

    Medications can help control cholesterol levels, but making diet and lifestyle changes are the best way to reduce heart disease and stroke risk. To lower your cholesterol, eat a heart-healthy diet and get at least 150 minutes of moderate- to vigorous-intensity aerobic exercise a week.

    Its also important to take your medication exactly as your doctor has instructed.

    Learn more about cholesterol medications.

    How To Lower Your Cholesterol Levels

    #ldlcholesterolhigh what foods increase hdl cholesterol ...

    If you have high cholesterol, there are ways to lower your levels and reduce your risk of further complications. The first approach is typically making lifestyle changes before retesting again. This includes changes to your diet, stopping smoking, and increasing exercise. If lifestyle changes are not working or not appropriate for you, medication is usually prescribed. The most common type of cholesterol-lowering medications is called statins. They lower the level of LDL cholesterol in your blood and help to reduce your chance of further issues.

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    Tips For Reducing Sodium

    The most common sources of salt in the American diet are table salt, canned and frozen/prepared foods, and condiments. The easiest ways to lower your sodium intake are not adding salt from the salt shaker, rinsing canned vegetables with water through a strainer, and asking for food to be prepared with little or no salt when dining out.

    Lifestyle Changes You Can Make

    Of course, its always a good idea to regularly visit your PCP to ensure these readings and others are within a healthy range. Its also a good idea to check in with your PCP before implementing any lifestyle changes. If lifestyle changes alone arent able to lower these levels to a comfortable range, your doctor may prescribe medicine that can help. Setting good habits and managing your health in your 20s can help improve your wellbeing for years to come.

    *Talk to your doctor before beginning any new exercise regime.

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