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Best Dog Food For High Triglycerides

A Mixed Diet For A Dog Who Wouldnt Eat

12 Human Foods That Are Actually Good For Your Dog

Rocky is a 31/2-year-old Yorkie-Poodle mix who has had digestive problems all of his life. From puppyhod, he was a picky eater and had frequent diarrhea. His owner, Danielle Flood, who lives in Crofton, Maryland, tried feeding all kinds of foods, but nothing seemed to work, and within a few days, he would stop eating again.

One of the vets Flood consulted believes that Rocky has both IBD and chronic pancreatitis, and suggested feeding a home-cooked diet, but Rocky wasnt interested in a mixture of chicken and rice. Rocky was down to 13 pounds of skin and bones when Flood, desperate to find a food that Rocky would eat and that wouldnt make him sick, came across the dehydrated foods made by The Honest Kitchen. Floods first success was with Preference, its low-fat incomplete mix meant to be combined with meat and other fresh foods:

I mixed just under 1/4 cup of Preference with hot water and added half of a boiled chicken breast. To my surprise Rocky devoured his entire plate and for the first time was begging for more food! Better yet, he didnt start refusing the food after a few days, as he has with everything else weve tried.

A few weeks later, Rocky is still happily eating Preference mixed with chicken. We have also tried cooked chicken livers and very lean beef sirloin, and he loves those as well. He likes it best when there is a little more meat than mix.

We continue to give Rocky 1/8 tsp acidophilus with each meal. He also gets a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement.

Quality Sourcing Justfoodfordogs Omega Plus

What sets Omega Plus dog fish oil apart from other products is its formula crafted with 100% human-edible ingredients. JustFoodForDogs developed their dog fish oil supplement based on Icelandic-sourced essential fatty acids from a variety of fish fresh sardines, herring, mackerel and anchovy.

If youre wondering about purity, each batch is purified through molecular distillation to remove all toxins and environmental contaminants and then tested by a 3rd party to ensure the highest quality.

Its an ideal solution for all dogs, including those with allergies or sensitive stomachs. It does not contain fillers, dyes, or preservatives. Its edible for both puppies and adult dogs and helps to promote beautiful skin and coat that is so telling of a healthy pup.

JustFoodForDogs aims to improve the quality of life and the length of life for as many pets as possible. The founder didnt realize until his dog was nine years old just how disgusting some pet food ingredients are. Thats why this brand is committed to only utilizing high-quality, nutritious, and safe ingredients.


  • Instructions for refrigeration are not printed on the bottle, only available online

What Customers Say:


An 8-ounce and 16-ounce bottle is available. JustFoodForDogs has an auto-ship option that allows you to save 35% off on your first order. Plus, you get a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can cancel the subscription at any time.

Clinical Examination Weight Checks And Sampling

At the beginning of each experimental period, the dogs were subjected to physical examination, weighed, and their body condition score was evaluated. At recruitment and the end of each nutritional phases , fasted dogs were clinically evaluated and ~10 mL of blood was collected in three tubes:

⢠two with EDTA, one for determination of the blood count, and one for the dosage of plasmatic taurine

⢠one for whole blood with separator gel from which to obtain the serum for determination of the biochemical profile.

Figure 1. Study timeline.

The whole blood samples intended for the evaluation of the blood count were refrigerated, and quickly transported to the clinical analysis laboratory of the Department of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Production of the Federico II University of Naples. Each blood sample was analyzed using an impedance device to carry out an instrumental count after slow and constant mixing for 20 min.

At the end of each phase from five dogs per group blood were sampled to determine taurine on whole blood after sampling blood was collected in a tube containing lithium heparin. Subsequently, it was gently mixed and stored at a temperature of â80°C up to the shipment on dry ice to the Amino Acid Laboratory . Whole blood taurine concentrations were determined using a Beckman 6,300 amino acid analyzer .

Taurine in plasma was determined by reversed phase chromatography hyphenated to a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer .

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The 4 Best Dog Food For High Triglycerides In 2023

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Is your beloved dog diagnosed with high triglycerides?

If yes, you need to work closely with a vet to find what is causing it and then make appropriate changes in their diet plan!

Like humans, dogs are prone to many health issues. They can suffer from different types of diseases and health conditions because of genetics, bad eating habits, and lack of exercise.

Being a pet owner, it is your responsibility to care for your furry friend and make sure they stay healthy and fit. Unlike other health conditions, triglycerides can be easily managed with the help of proper diet and exercise.

In dogs, it is normal to have high triglycerides after they eat something. The level naturally drops once their body process the food.

However, if your dogs triglycerides level remains high all the time, there might be an underlying cause behind it.

Well, if your furry friend is suffering from this condition, you need to change their diet. Low carbs and high protein diet will help you to lower the bad cholesterol in their body.

Remember, it is not wise to give your dog human food. This type of food is not suitable for them and can cause many health issues like hyperlipidemia and hypothyroidism.

This can further lead to elevated triglycerides in dogs. Avoid giving them food with a high amount of sugar or carbs. It is better to stick with low fat and high protein diet.

The Best Dog Food For High Triglycerides

Best dog food for high triglycerides  High fiber low fat diet for dogs
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If your dog is suffering from high triglycerides levels in its body, it is time to change its diet. A vet will suggest special dog food for high triglycerides.

This type of food is low in carbs and sugar and high in protein. It will help you to control the cholesterol level and manage their weight to treat high triglycerides problems.

If you are not sure about which food is best for your dog with this medical condition, here are the four best options for you. These four best dog food for high triglycerides will make life easier for your furry friend.

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Fish Oil Dosage For Dogs

You may be asking yourself how much fish oil you should be using. For starters, always look at the manufacturers recommended dosage. Each formula is a bit different, so the authority on dosage should always be the supplier you purchase from. These instructions are typically printed directly on the bottle and usually displayed online on the pet supplement brands website.

The dosage of fish oil depends on several factors. Your dogs weight is important a small Chihuahua is not going to need as much fish oil as a Great Dane. Another important factor to consider is why you are administering the fish oil. Some conditions like pain-related conditions may require a higher dosage than just having fish oil as a preventative supplement.

Super Suppers To Tackle Triglycerides

Keep it simple at night to make choices easy to follow.

Chicken Dinner

3 oz skinless grilled or broiled chicken

1 baked sweet potato, served with 1 tsp trans-fat-free margarine

1 cup steamed broccoli with red pepper rings

1/2 cup light ice cream, frozen yogurt, low-fat or nonfat pudding, with 1 tsp chopped pistachios

Pasta Night

1 cup whole-wheat pasta or spaghetti squash

1 can of Italian diced tomatoes

1 cup or more of sauteed zucchini, yellow squash, mushrooms, peppers, or onions â veggies you like best

Add 3.5 oz. ground turkey breast, tofu, or crumbled meat substitute

Add basil, oregano, or rosemary, whichever flavor you prefer that night

1 Tbsp Parmesan cheese, dry grated, reduced fat

Wine: 1 glass for women, 2 for men

Easy Fish

4 oz grilled or sauteed salmon or tuna steaks

Or grilled or broiled shrimp kabobs

1 tsp olive oil

1 cup steamed asparagus with lemon juice or balsamic vinegar

1/2 cup wheat couscous with mushroom broth and sliced scallions

1 cup roasted tomatoes

Vegetarian Night for Meat Lovers

1 corn tortillas

1/3 cup refried beans

2 Tbsp salsa

1 oz low-fat or fat-free Mexican cheese

1/2 cup slices of avocado

2 oz crumbled veggie sausage or meat substitute

Beer: 1 glass for women, 2 for men

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Most Affordable: Diamond Naturals Light Dry Dog Food

Diamond Naturals Light Dry Dog Food is composed primarily of lean lamb meat, grain, and rice. The high amount of protein and low fat makes it perfect for high triglycerides. The rice is ground white, which is less prone to digestion issues. It also contains chelated minerals, which are easier to absorb. In addition, the brand uses high-quality ingredients in all of its foods.

The dry matter protein content of Diamond Naturals is 28 percent, while the fat content is just 17%. It also provides a range of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes for your dog. The low-fat content helps to control cholesterol levels in dogs.

The meat in Diamond Naturals Light Dry Dog Food is the most important ingredient. It offers high protein to the dogs. Ground white rice is gluten-free. The grain sorghum contains small amounts of magnesium, iron, and manganese. It is an excellent source of antioxidants. The food contains small amounts of sorghum, which is a good source of dietary fiber.

The protein content in Diamond Naturals Light Dry Dog Food is moderate. It is a great choice for dogs with dry skin due to the moderate amount of meat in its recipe. The meat and poultry used in Diamond Naturals Light Dry Dog Food are high in Omega 3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. The food contains no wheat, corn, or soy and is made with vegetable and animal-based protein sources.



  • Contains grains


How Will My Veterinarian Treat My Pets Hyperlipidemia

Best Dog Food For High Triglycerides – Top 5 Dog Food of 2021

If your veterinarian identifies an underlying cause for the hyperlipidemia, this cause will be treated . Your pet may receive medications for Cushings disease or hypothyroidism, insulin injections for diabetes, or treatment for pancreatitis.

If no underlying cause is found, your pet will need to start eating a low-fat, high-fiber diet. Prescription foods are typically used, although you may be able to work with a veterinary nutritionist to formulate a home-cooked diet if you would prefer. Within 1-2 months, this diet change should lead to a reduction in hyperlipidemia.

âIf no underlying cause is found, your pet will need to start eating a low-fat, high-fiber diet.â

In addition to diet changes, medications and supplements may also be recommended. Omega-3 fatty acids can help resolve hyperlipidemia, when combined with a low-fat diet. Human drugs that are used to decrease triglyceride and cholesterol levels in pets include gemfibrozil , bezafibrate , fenofibrate , and statins, such as atorvastatin and lovastatin . These drugs have not been tested extensively in dogs and cats however, and therefore dietary management is preferred when possible.

Contributors: Catherine Barnette, DVM

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Does Fish Oil Calm Dogs

If your pup experiences mild anxiety, fish oil can help. You may notice that your pup is calmer after taking this kind of supplement. However, suppose youre dealing with a pup that exhibits severe anxiety symptoms. In that case, try a product formulated specifically for reducing that anxiety and talk with your vet about any possible underlying conditions.

Trauma Is A Potential Cause Of Elevated Liver Enzymes

Another possible reason for increased liver enzymes in dogs is liver trauma.

It can seriously harm the liver and the cells that inhabit it, resulting in a significant reduction in liver function.

Liver injuries can result from extreme heat strokes, toxins, or even abdominal injury.

Heatstroke, for example, can injure the hepatocytes within the liver, causing long-term damage if not treated.

Suppose trauma is the source of your dogs increased liver enzymes. In that case, your veterinarian will need to devise a treatment plan that addresses the specific trauma they experienced.

Because liver trauma can be caused by anything from heatstroke to toxins, the primary issue must be treated to support the liver.

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The Honest Kitchen Zeal

This dog food from the Honest Kitchen is very unique. It’s one of the few dog foods that is freeze-dried and dehydrated. They use natural whole foods, so the little bits that make up the food are actually ingredients that most owners will recognize.

It’s superb in lowering fat intake because it only has 8.5 percent in the formula.

The main source of protein is white fish. It’s a great ingredient that’s high in protein. In fact, the formula has a relatively high amount of protein at 35 percent.

The company managed to keep protein levels high while keeping fat low. Furthermore, the protein used is fish so the remaining fat in the food is omega fatty acids. It also includes plenty of great vegetables and fruits. Some of the main ingredients are parsley and cabbage. These greens are a healthy source of nutrients and minerals that also help with digestion.

Spoiler Alert: Dogs Can Have High Cholesterol Too

Best dog food for high triglycerides  High fiber low fat diet for dogs

What comes to mind when you hear the phrases high cholesterol or high triglycerides? Do you think of heart disease, heart attacks or stroke? Maybe you think about getting more physical activity, losing weight or taking medication.

In the case of people, youd be correct.

But what about dogs? Can they even have high cholesterol or high triglycerides?

Yes, dogs can have diseases that may cause their level of cholesterol or triglycerides in the blood to be too high, a condition known as hyperlipidemia. But high blood cholesterol and triglycerides in dogs has nothing to do with the heart.

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One Dog Food Expert Shares 4 Low

There are many health conditions in dogs that are best controlled with a low-fat diet, especially hyperlipidemia , which can lead to pancreatitis. Other conditions that may respond favorably to a low-fat diet include chronic pancreatitis, EPI , IBD , and lymphangiectasia. In some cases, owners may choose to reduce dietary fat as a preventive measure for dogs who may be predisposed to pancreatitis, including those with diabetes or Cushings disease, or who are given anti-seizure drugs.

In Healthy Low-Fat Diets , we described how to calculate the amount of fat in various foods, and offered guidelines for preparing a homemade low-fat diet. This month, owners who feed their dogs home-prepared low-fat meals will share their diet plans with us.

Finding And Treating Elevated Blood Lipids In Dogs

High blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels frequently have no clinical signs that alert you to their presence. The condition is often found only when your veterinarian performs routine screening blood tests.

Thats not to say you may never see clinical signs of hyperlipidemia. In some cases, signs do occur and are often associated with the digestive system. Your dog may experience vomiting, diarrhea, decreased appetite and potentially pancreatitis. Other affected dogs may have excess fats deposited on the cornea of the eye, which youll notice as a white patch, or in the eye itself, which leads to inflammation of the eye and/or blindness.

Treatment for high cholesterol, triglycerides or both depends on the underlying cause. If hyperlipidemia is associated with another disease, it typically resolves once the underlying condition is treated. If increased blood lipids are caused by obesity, weight loss will be necessary.

Dogs with hereditary hyperlipidemia, however, will need additional treatment. Diet is the cornerstone of treatment for these cases. A low-fat, high-fiber dog food, such as Diamond CARE Weight Management Formula for Adult Dogs, can help resolve many cases of hyperlipidemia. And if a change in diet alone isnt enough, your veterinarian will prescribe medication to help lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels.



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Natural Balance Dry Dog Food For High Triglycerides

Natural Balance dry dog food is a complete diet with the required protein, fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, etc that help in improving the dogs health and also helps in strengthening the muscles. It is designed in such a way that it is suitable for all dog breeds and all stages of dogs.

Key features

  • The dry food has balanced omega-6 and omega-3 ratios.
  • It has a high-quality protein that helps in the growth and development of the dogs.
  • This dog food also helps in maintaining the healthy immune system thus keeping the dogs fit and healthy.
  • It has multiple types of fibers that aids in the proper digestion of the food.
  • The food also contains a unique blend of antioxidants.

Merrick Healthy Weight Recipe

5 steps to lower triglycerides and fatty liver without taking medication – Dr. Carlos

Merrick healthy weight recipe is grain-free dog food. It has deboned meat as their first ingredient in the recipe. The recipes are designed to provide high levels of quality protein to the dogs. This dog food is best rated for weight management in the dogs and is the best option if your dog needs a healthy yet a full diet.

Key features

  • The dog food is balanced with the required protein and fiber that helps in managing the weight.
  • The ingredients used in this recipe are all natural and are gluten-free.
  • There are no extra calories or fat in this dog food that makes it suitable for maintaining a healthy weight.
  • It also contains the required amount of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids for helping in healthy skin and coat for dogs.
  • The most attractive feature of this particular dog food is that it contains essential levels of glucosamine and chondroitin that aid in healthy hips and joints.

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