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What Is Hdl Cholesterol In Hindi

Flax Seeds Se Badhaye Hdl In Hindi

What is cholesterol, LDL & HDL (In Hindi)

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Hdl Cholesterol Work In Hindi

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Why Is Ldl Bad

LDL is known as the bad cholesterol because too much of it can lead to hardening of the arteries.

According to the American Heart Association, LDL leads to plaque accumulation on the walls of your arteries. When this plaque builds up, it can cause two separate, and equally bad, issues.

First, it can narrow the blood vessels, straining the flow of oxygen-rich blood throughout the body. Second, it can lead to blood clots, which can break loose and block the flow of blood, causing a heart attack or stroke.

When it comes to your cholesterol numbers, your LDL is the one you want to keep low ideally less than 100 milligrams per deciliter .

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Good Bad And Total Cholesterol: What Does It All Mean

If youve discussed cholesterol with your primary care physician, you know there are different types of cholesterol that affect your body in different ways. However, many people havent been educated about cholesterol. Is there really good cholesterol and bad cholesterol? What is a healthy cholesterol level, and how do you manage cholesterol? Heres some information to help you understand what cholesterol is all about.

Reducing Ldl Cholesterol Levels

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The liver produces enough cholesterol to meet all of the bodys needs. Any cholesterol consumed in foods and drinks, known as dietary cholesterol, is excess. This extra, unnecessary cholesterol is more likely to build up in the bloodstream.

Changing the diet is the most effective way to reduce levels of unhealthy cholesterol and increase levels of healthy cholesterol.

Saturated and trans fats should account for no more than between 5 and 6 percent of a persons daily intake of calories.

If a person consumes 2,000 calories per day, they should only take in between 11 and 13 grams of saturated fat each day.

A person can also achieve and maintain healthy cholesterol levels by making changes to their lifestyle.

The following tips can help a person to reduce their levels of LDL cholesterol:

  • eating fewer full-fat dairy products, such as whole milk, butter, cream, and cheeses
  • eat fewer red meats, pork, lamb, and poultry with skin
  • avoiding packaged, fast, and fried foods
  • limiting the consumption of oils high in trans fats
  • avoiding some tropical oils and butters, especially those derived from cocoa, coconuts, palm, and palm kernel
  • eat fewer refined carbohydrates, such as those found in pastries, breads, crackers, and chips
  • avoiding sugary foods and drinks, such as candies, chocolate bars, juices, prepared smoothies, sodas, and energy drinks
  • losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight

The following activities can boost a persons levels of HDL cholesterol:

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What Are Optimal Non

Our recommendations are based on recent research;analyzing the non-HDL levels of more than 18,000 heart patients, as well as research on 202 heart patients who lowered their non-HDL levels over the course of one year, states Dr. James Kenney, Nutrition Research Specialist at the Pritikin Longevity Center.

Based on these data, our Pritikin Scientific Advisory Board recommends that non-HDL be no more than 100 for prevention and no more than 80 in those with established coronary artery disease or those at very high risk, such as people with diabetes or with evidence of severely clogged arteries, including those who have had a heart attack or have angina or claudication. Claudication is difficulty/pain in walking due to insufficient blood supply to the legs and feet.

And certainly, any significant improvement in non-HDL likely means significant reductions in heart attack risk.

Consistently, non-HDL levels improve, and rapidly so, among guests at the Pritikin Longevity Center. On average, they fall 24% within three weeks.

Research by scientists at UCLA has also found that two to three weeks at Pritikin;leads to dramatic improvements in the quality of HDL particles, transforming them from pro-inflammatory to anti-inflammatory in nature.

High Cholesterol Complications In Hindi

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High Cholesterol Controlling Natural Remedies In Hindi

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Did You Low Hdl Cholesterol Is A Risk Factor For Heart Disease Here Are Some Natural Ways To Raise Your Hdl

How to control high cholesterol levels? | What is HDL & LDL cholesterol urdu/hindi

Written by Shraddha Rupavate | Updated : May 25, 2014 6:19 PM IST

Cholesterol is a fat/lipid that is produced in the liver and some amount of it is necessary for proper functioning of the body. If you have recently taken a lipid test to check your cholesterol levels, you must be aware about the two types of cholesterol your body produces:

  • LDL cholesterol or the ‘bad cholesterol’
  • HDL cholesterol or the ‘good cholesterol.’

We all know that high levels of LDL cholesterol can block the arteries and cause heart disease. What you should also know is that a desired level of HDL helps your body get rid of excess bad cholesterol by transporting it from the blood vessels to the liver for excretion. Therefore, a low HDL level is a risk factor for heart disease.

As Indians, we are prone to low HDL and slightly high cholesterol levels due to our genetic makeup. So a more focused approach would be to lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol through diet and lifestyle changes. Here are some foods you should have to increase your HDL levels.

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What Are Risk Factors For High Triglycerides

Factors that may raise triglyceride levels include:

  • Excessive alcohol use.
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How Do Triglycerides Circulate In The Blood

Pure cholesterol cannot mix with or dissolve in the blood. Instead, the liver packages cholesterol with triglycerides and proteins called lipoproteins. The lipoproteins move this fatty mixture to areas throughout the body.

Types of these lipoproteins include very low-density lipoproteins , high-density lipoproteins and low-density lipoproteins .

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There Are Two Main Types Of Cholesterol

The two main lipoproteins responsible for transporting cholesterol are low-density lipoprotein and high-density lipoprotein .

LDL cholesterol is whats known as bad cholesterol. Too much LDL cholesterol leads to fatty buildups that clog arteries atherosclerosis. Narrows arteries make it difficult for blood to travel through the body, and it makes your heart work harder to pump blood. Excess LDL cholesterol increases your risk for heart disease, heart attack, stroke, peripheral artery disease.

In general, you want lower levels of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol.

HDL cholesterol is commonly referred to as good cholesterol. Research shows a correlation between higher HDL levels and a lower risk for heart disease. High-density lipoproteins help carry LDL cholesterol through the blood and back to the liver. The liver then breaks down LDL cholesterol, allowing the body to remove it as waste.

In general, you want higher levels of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol.

Should My Child Have A Blood Lipid Test

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A lipid screening is a test to look at the levels of the fats in the blood. In the past, doctors felt that children and teens were not at risk for high cholesterol levels. But we now know that children and teens are at risk. This is due to things such as:

  • Being inactive from too much screen time and not enough exercise

  • High-fat or high-sugar diets

  • Obesity

  • Family history of high cholesterol levels

Children and teens with high cholesterol are at higher risk for heart disease as adults. Keeping blood cholesterol levels in the normal range reduces this risk.

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Hdl Hdl Ke Liye Fatty Fish Khayen

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What Are Early Signs Of Fh

When you have FH, early detection of high cholesterol levels is key to getting the treatment that can lower your risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition to family history of early cardiovascular problems, you may also notice lumps forming under your skin.

These fatty deposits are called xanthomas, and are particularly noticeable around tendons in the hands, knees, Achilles tendons and elbows, and under the skin around your eyes. Sometimes an ophthalmologist may spot signs of cholesterol deposits in your eyes as well.

Whether or not you have obvious signs of high cholesterol, you should get checked if heart disease runs in your family. Talk to your family doctor about your concerns; a simple blood test is all it takes to see if your cholesterol levels are in the healthy range. A high cholesterol level at a young age is a particular red flag that you may have FH. If your doctor suspects you have the condition, you can undergo genetic testing to confirm the diagnosis.

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How To Lower Cholesterol: Know Your Fats

The American Heart Association recommends that just 25% to 35% of your daily calories come from fats such as those found in fish, nuts, and vegetable oils. For healthy people, saturated fat should comprise no more than 7% of your total calories. On a 2,000 calorie-a-day diet, that’s about 140 calories worth of saturated fat. If you need to lower your LDL cholesterol, limit saturated fat to 5% to 6% of calories, or about 11 to 13 grams of saturated fat on a 2,000-calorie diet. Reduce trans fats to less than 1% of your total daily calories. This means avoiding fried foods and many junk foods.

What Is Cholesterol In Hindi

What Is LDL Cholesterol In Hindi – Normal Cholesterol Levels | LDL Cholesterol | HDL|Cholesterol

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All You Need To Know About Reading Your Lipid Profile Test Report

Written by Dr Anitha Anchan | Updated : April 6, 2016 6:50 PM IST

Cholesterol is a fat/lipid. It is produced by the liver and is required at a certain level in the blood for the proper functioning of the body. Normal levels of cholesterol help the blood to flow freely through the blood vessels. Increased levels cause the cholesterol to be deposited on the walls of arteries . This results in conditions like high blood pressure , chest pain , heart attacks, strokes, etc.

Particles called lipoproteins carry cholesterol through the blood. There are three types of lipoproteins: low-density lipoprotein , high-density lipoprotein and triglycerides. LDL is the bad cholesterol . It is the primary reason for the buildup of plaque on the arterial walls. HDL is often called good cholesterol . It helps get rid of excess cholesterol. Cholesterol and triglycerides form blood fat.

Lipid profile what is it?

What To Do When High Cholesterol Runs In Your Family

Because high cholesterol doesnt have any symptoms, its not something thats commonly on peoples radar. Even if it is, people often dont take it seriously until they have a heart attack or stroke. And while we tend to think of those events as happening to an older population, people under the age of 55 can also be affected, especially if they were born with high cholesterol.

This condition is called familial hypercholesterolemia . FH is an inherited disorder that makes it harder for your body to remove low-density lipoprotein cholesterol from your blood. The result? From childhood, cholesterol builds up along the walls of your arteries and veins, narrowing the passageways and drastically increasing your risk of;heart attack;or;stroke;at a very early age.

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What Do Hdl And Ldl Mean

LDL and HDL are the two main types of cholesterol that make up your total cholesterol.

  • HDL , or good cholesterol, may protect the body against narrowing blood vessels
  • LDL , or bad cholesterol, may make arterial narrowing worse

There is a third type of cholesterol called VLDL , which is another type of bad cholesterol produced in the liver, and contains a high amount of triglycerides.

Healthy Foods To Lower Your Cholesterol

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Pintrest# 1 Oats and oat bran # 2 Beans and legumes –# 3 Avocados# 4 Nuts # 5 Barley and other grains – # 6 Eggplant and okra –# 7 Fruits # 8 Soy – # 9 Fatty Fish –# 10 Vegetable oil – # 11 Rice bran oil # 12 Tomatoes – # 13 Fenugreek seeds # 14 Lemons # 15 Ginger –# 16 Garlic –# 17 Ispaghula husk # 18 Green Tea –# 19 Coriander –# 20 Cluster beans # 21 Cinnamon # 22 Celery # 23 Broccoli and other vegetables – # 24 Apple cider vinegar weight loss# 25 Brown Rice –

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Did You Know That Ldl Or Bad Cholesterol Is Also Essential For Your Body They Help To Make The Cell Walls Stronger So That Any Foreign Particle Doesn’t Enter Into It

Written by Debjani Arora | Published : September 4, 2018 9:58 AM IST

We hear a lot about cholesterol and how it affects our heart health. But cholesterol is not all that bad there is good cholesterol or HDL cholesterol that is good for your health. The culprit is the bad or LDL cholesterol. While we hear a lot about them but there is very less knowledge dispensed regarding their functions and characteristics apart from the fact that they are categorised as good and bad. So we got talking to Dr Samir Kubba, Principal Consultant, Max Institute of Cardiac Sciences, Max Hospital to know more about them.

What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a compound that is needed by every cell of the body for proper functioning and growth. About one-third of the total cholesterol that we need comes from our dietary sources and two-thirds of it is manufactured by the body in the liver. High levels of LDL or bad cholesterol increase cardiovascular risk whereas that of HDL cholesterol acts as a protective cover for the heart.


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