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How To Lower Your Cholesterol With Diet And Exercise

Eat A Variety Of Healthy Proteins

How weight loss, exercise and diet can lower your cholesterol

The best choices of protein are fish and seafood, legumes , nuts and seeds. You can eat smaller amounts of eggs and lean poultry but limit red meat to 1-3 times a week.

Flavour foods with herbs and spices rather than salt, and avoid processed foods as these contain a lot of salt too. Salt can lead to high blood pressure, which can increase your risk of heart disease.

Dietary Cholesterol Blood Cholesterol And Heart Disease Is There Any Connection

We often portray cholesterol as a villain. But you may be surprised to know that cholesterol is one of the most essential building blocks of our body. Cholesterol is a waxy material that is present in every single cell membrane. We need it every day for multiple physiological functions like making hormones, vitamin D, etc.

When A Doctor Will Recommend Medication

“For some patients who don’t respond well to lifestyle changes, it is necessary to take medication,” says Massachi. This may include those with a family history of high cholesterol, and those who also have cardiovascular diseases or type 2 diabetes.;

In these cases, Massachi says taking cholesterol medication can lower your cholesterol levels, and also help manage other pre-existing conditions. You should talk with your doctor if you think this might be the right option for you.

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Ldl Cholesterol May Not Be Always Bad

LDL comprises 60-70% of the total lipoprotein in the body. VLDL and LDL are considered as bad cholesterol as it has been linked to clogging of arteries and heart disease. LDL carries cholesterol throughout the body.

There are small and large LDL particles in our blood. Study shows that people having more small dense LDL particles are at the bigger risk of developing heart disease compared to those with more large LDL particles. In fact, People having more large LDL, are at lower risk of heart disease.

However, a recent study shows, its more of the number of LDL particles than the size which makes the difference. Its measured as LDL particle number or LDL-P. Higher the number means greater the risk of having heart disease.

As you are already aware that HDL is the good cholesterol as they pick cholesterol particles from the body and takes it to the liver.

Go Nuts For Cardiovascular Health

Normalcholesterol How To Lower Cholesterol Naturally ...

Nuts help to lower cholesterol because they are high in monounsaturated fat. This form of fat lowers LDL “bad” cholesterol while maintaining HDL “good” cholesterol levels. This can lower the risk of heart disease. Only eat a handful, though, because nuts are high in calories, especially if they are coated in sugar or chocolate.

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What About The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is an eating plan that improves cholesterol and lowers your risk of dying early. A big change for most people is to use olive oil instead of other fats and oils. Other parts of the Mediterranean diet include:

  • Eating less red meat, dairy products, eggs, and poultry

  • Eating more fish, tree nuts, vegetables, and whole grains

  • Drinking wine in moderation.

Drugs Used To Help Lower Cholesterol

Medicine is usually prescribed when LDL levels remain high after following a healthy diet for at least 6 to 12 months. However, some people may start drug therapy sooner or right away because of very high cholesterol levels or heart disease. Keep following your diet and exercise plan.

Drugs that lower blood cholesterol work in different ways. Some drugs are more potent than others, and they have different side effects. The choice of medication or combination of medications will depend upon your risk factors, family history, age, other medical conditions and your preferences for treatments. Common choices include:

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Lifestyle Changes To Improve Your Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance in your body. Your body uses it to protect nerves, make cell tissues, and produce certain hormones. Your liver makes all the cholesterol your body needs. But you also get cholesterol directly from food you eat. Common sources include eggs, meats, and dairy products. This can add too much cholesterol into your body. If this happens, you may have high cholesterol. That can have negative effects on your health. Luckily, there are lifestyle changes you can make to improve your cholesterol.

Indian Diet To Reduce Cholesterol & Triglyceride : Tip 7 Relax You Can Have Egg

How To Lower Cholesterol – Diet, Medications, and Exercises

Egg especially egg yolk is always under controversy with its cholesterol content. However recent study suggests dietary cholesterol has hardly any link with blood cholesterol level.

Therefore having a whole egg in a day is absolutely fine even if you have high cholesterol and triglyceride level. Dont just think of cholesterol when it comes to egg yolk. It also contains a good amount of vitamin A, D, E, and other essential minerals.

So stop throwing the egg yolk and also dont start consuming 3-4 whole eggs every day. Remember, the egg is just a part of your diet along with other foods from the rest 12 categories.

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Dangers Of High Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a naturally occurring substance made by the liver and required by the body for the proper function of cells, nerves and;hormones.

Although your body needs cholesterol, excess cholesterol can build up and form a fatty plaque on the walls of the arteries, decreasing the flow of blood to vital areas of the body. If plaque continues to build long-term, it can significantly increase the risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

So what causes high cholesterol? Believe it or not, the answer goes way beyond a high cholesterol diet.

While cholesterol is normally kept in balance, an unhealthy diet high in hydrogenated fats and refined carbohydrates can disrupt this delicate balance, leading to increased cholesterol levels. This imbalance is manifested in elevated LDL and low HDL , which increases the risk of heart attack or stroke. Other causes can include physical inactivity, diabetes, stress and hypothyroidism.

But keep in mind that not all cholesterol is created equally. LDL cholesterol, also known as bad cholesterol, is the form that can build up on the artery walls and increase your risk of heart disease. HDL cholesterol, on the other hand, is often dubbed good cholesterol because it travels through the bloodstream, removing harmful cholesterol from the arteries to help enhance heart health.

Questions To Ask Your Doctor

  • Am I at risk for heart disease?
  • How often should I get my cholesterol tested?
  • What are my cholesterol levels? What do they mean?
  • What lifestyle changes do I need to make to help improve my cholesterol levels and heart health?
  • Is there a chance that Ill need cholesterol-lowering medicine?
  • What are the risks and benefits of taking this medicine?

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Work In Some More Movement To Your Daily Tasks

Do you need to start running every day? Do you need to join a gym or buy a bunch of home fitness equipment? If you want to, go ahead! But there are many other choices, and finding a routine that works for you is whats most important.

Ideally, you want to aim for at least 2.5 hours of moderate physical activity every week. You can break that up however you like. You might focus on doing something every day, or you could dedicate yourself to just a few days per week. The key is to just get started.

For example, do you usually take the elevator? Take the stairs instead. Do you walk your dog every day? Go a little farther than usual, or walk at a faster pace. Need to go shopping? Park farther away than you normally do. Catching up on your favorite TV series? Try stretching, dumbbells or kettlebells while youre watching rather than just sitting on the couch. Also look for chances to bring motion into your daily life, such as walking while you talk on the phone.

If youre feeling good, work up to more intense physical activity, like lap swimming, jogging or hot yoga. Dont overexert yourself, but remember that regular and consistent exercise has benefits beyond managing your cholesterol. It also helps reduce blood pressure and builds your overall physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Even if you just go a little farther or a little faster than you usually do, that extra activity will be a big step in the right direction for your health.

Eat Less Saturated Fats

How does controlling your diet lower your cholesterol ...

Saturated foods stay solid at room temperature and can lead to increase in the bad fat on the body. Foods that have saturated fats are red meat, port, chicken with skin, butter, cheese, dairy products, cooking oil, etc. Your diet should contain only 5-6% of the saturated fats. Excess consumption of these foods could lead to atherosclerosis. If you do not fall prey to severe health problems, then restrict the consumption of saturated fats in your diet. Make sure you read the package of the foods item in order to find whether they have saturated fats or not.

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Add More Monounsaturated Fats In Your Diet

Nuts, vegetables, and fish, avocados, seeds, vegetable oil such as peanut oil, sesame oil, and sunflower oil are a good source of monounsaturated fats. The foods do not get solid at room temperature. Thus they do not have an adverse effect on your health. Moreover, Avocado and nuts like peanuts, almonds, and Brazil nuts are excellent for the health. Thus, you should definitely incorporate these foods items in your diet. You can get the best of the olive oil and other vegetable oils at the online medical store Pharmeasy. It is a one-stop-shop for all your health needs. While buying from the site, do not forget to use Pharmeasy coupon codes to score an exclusive discount.

Can Exercise Help To Lower Cholesterol

Yes it can. Getting your blood pumping by doing exercise will reduce your cholesterol. Being active helps your body move the bad cholesterol to your liver where it can be removed out of your system.;

You dont have to join a gym or go on long runs if you dont enjoy it, just look for chances to move more every day.;Many people find that being active improves their mood so they make healthier food choices. You could try:

  • taking the stairs instead of the lift
  • a brisk walk instead of a slow walk
  • doing two-minute bursts of jumping jacks several times a day
  • yoga or pilates if you cant get out;
  • our exercises to do if youre stuck at home.

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Indian Diet To Reduce Cholesterol & Triglyceride : Tip 9 Spices Can Be The Game Changer

Indian spices are very powerful to fix your lipid profile. Consider adding bay leaves, black pepper, ajwain, clove, cinnamon, cumin, coriander, garlic, methi, nutmeg, onion in regular cooking. ;These spices help to reduce the blood and liver cholesterol level by enhancing the cholesterol conversion into bile acid.

Dietary And Lifestyle Changes

Diet & Exercise Help : How to Reduce Your Cholesterol Through Diet & Exercise

Dietary and lifestyle changes are key to making lasting changes in cholesterol levels.

Although they do not produce results as quickly as medications do, a person may notice their cholesterol levels drop in just a few weeks or months if they stick to a healthful diet and lifestyle plan.

Increase intake of plant foods

Plant foods are rich in vitamins and nutrients, and they lack cholesterol.

Most plant foods also lack saturated fats, which may increase cholesterol in the body.

A review published in noted that people who ate vegetarian diets had significantly lower cholesterol levels compared with omnivores.

The authors also noted that some targeted diets using plant foods might cause stronger effects.

For example, a diet rich in soluble fiber, plant sterols, and vegetable protein sources, such as soy and nuts, reduced LDL cholesterol by an average of 28.6% in just 4 weeks.

These effects continue over the long term. A review in Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases estimated that this type of diet reduces the 10-year risk of coronary heart disease by about 13%.

People who need to reduce their cholesterol quickly can work with a dietitian to create a targeted diet plan.

Increase fiber intake

While adding plant foods to the diet increases fiber intake naturally, it may also be helpful to take a fiber supplement or over-the-counter fiber drink to support the body.

Fiber keeps the digestive system healthy and may help prevent the body from absorbing cholesterol.

Avoid trans fats

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How Much Exercise Does It Take To Lower Cholesterol

Exactly how much exercise is needed to lower cholesterol has been a matter of some debate. In general, most public health organizations recommend, at a minimum, 30 minutes per day of moderate to vigorous exercise , such as walking, jogging, biking, or gardening.

But a 2002 study by researchers at Duke University Medical Center found that more intense exercise is actually better than moderate exercise for lowering cholesterol. In a study of overweight, sedentary people who did not change their diet, the researchers found that those who got moderate exercise did lower their LDL level somewhat. But the people who did more vigorous exercise lowered it even more.

The people who exercised vigorously also raised their levels of high-density lipoprotein — the “good” kind of lipoprotein that actually helps clear cholesterol from the blood. “We found it requires a good amount of high intensity exercise to significantly change HDL,” saysWilliam Kraus, MD, an assistant professor of medicine at Duke and the lead author on the study. “Just walking is not enough.”

According to Kraus’s findings, however, even though moderate exercise was not as effective in reducing LDL or increasing HDL, it did keep cholesterol levels from rising.

Bottom line? Some exercise is better than none; more exercise is better than some.

Best Ways To Lower Your Cholesterol Level Without Medication

Cholesterol is one of the essential substances that our body has. It is a fat-like substance that the body needs to form hormones, essentials nutrients such as Vitamin D, and substances that contribute to healthy digestion. Besides, it also plays a vital role in cell membrane synthesis. There are two types of cholesterol which are Low-density lipoprotein and high-density lipoprotein .

LDL is known to be a bad fat as it leads to artery-clogging plaque. On the other hand, HDL is the good cholesterol that removes the extra cholesterol from the blood. The ideal range of cholesterol should be 100mg/dl or less. A reading between 200-240 mg/dL is believed to be a high LDL. Read more to know the causes of cholesterol and remedies to lower high cholesterol levels without medicines.

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Path To Improved Health

There are 2 main types of cholesterol:

  • Low-density lipoprotein .This delivers cholesterol to the body. This is called bad cholesterol. You want a low level of this type.
  • High-density lipoprotein .This removes cholesterol from the bloodstream. This is called good cholesterol. You want a high level of this type.

A high level of LDL is bad for your body. Likewise, a low level of HDL is bad for you. If your doctor says you need to improve your cholesterol, youll need to lower your LDL and increase your HDL. Medicines can help with this. But the simplest way to improve your cholesterol is through lifestyle changes.

Work With Your Doctor On A Lower Cholesterol Plan

How Does Exercise Reduce Cholesterol?,highcholesterol what ...

Lowering your cholesterol doesnt mean going it alone. Your primary care doctor is a helpful partner along your journey.

Your doctor can work with you to create an action plan just for you one that combines diet, exercise and other lifestyle changes to help you lower and manage your cholesterol.

For example, losing weight and quitting smoking can be big helpers for lowering cholesterol. Quitting smoking can raise your good HDL cholesterol levels, and losing weight can lower your bad LDL cholesterol levels significantly.

But these two tasks arent easy. Fortunately, your primary care doctor can be a great resource to help you get started and find practical ways to stick with it. Plus, help with quitting smoking and losing weight may already be covered if you have health insurance.

Whether you want to quit smoking, lose weight or just learn more about how your personal health would benefit from lower cholesterol levels, regular check-ins with your doctor are key. They can also perform cholesterol tests the only way to actually measure cholesterol to check your progress and help you make adjustments based on the results.

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Dietary Cholesterol And Blood Cholesterol Are Not Always Related

Having a high cholesterol diet does not always mean you will have high blood cholesterol. Surprised? Yes, it may look like that but the reality is different. Your body strictly regulates blood cholesterol levels by controlling cholesterol production.

When you consume high cholesterol diet, your body reduces cholesterol production. Similarly, if you are taking a low cholesterol diet, the body will increase cholesterol production. For 60% of the population dietary cholesterol does play not much role in regulating blood cholesterol.

However, there are about 40% of people for whom high cholesterol diet increases the blood cholesterol level for some genetic reason. Please note, it has been the seed that high cholesterol diet generally increases the large LDL cholesterol and HDL cholesterol but not the small LDL the actual bad cholesterol.

Organized Sports And Other Activities

Other sports and activities can also be beneficial for lowering cholesterol and improving general health.

The main factors to consider are how much energy the body uses up doing the sport or activity and how often a person engages in it.

The following sports and activities can help:

  • swimming

state that adults should undertake a certain amount of exercise each week to stay healthy. However, they point out that 1 in 4 adults around the world do not meet the global recommended levels of physical activity.

The WHO recommend that adults aim for one of the following:

  • at least 150300 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic physical activity per week
  • at least 75150 minutes of more vigorous intensity aerobic physical activity each week
  • an equivalent combination of moderate and vigorous physical activity throughout the week

Tracking the heart rate during exercise can help a person reach their fitness or weight loss goals. Heart rate is a good indicator of how much effort a person is putting in when exercising.

The AHA recommend that people reach 5085% of their maximum heart rate when exercising.

They explain that a person can calculate their maximum heart rate by subtracting their age from 220 to give them a value in beats per minute .

For example, a 30-year-old would subtract 30 from 220, giving them a maximum heart rate of about 190 bpm.

Scientists measure cholesterol in milligrams per deciliter .

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